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  1. I’m going to second this. Dual citizen here with 40 years in Canada and 20 in the US. It’s been my experience that Canadians love to feign superiority, particularly now that the States are in such a mess. But...just as the provinces have had varying degrees of response to COVID, (ie: the Maritimes versus....say Quebec) so too have our states (look at the stringent measures taken by New York and NJ). Yes, some have been more successful than others but please don’t flippantly paint the entire country with one brush. It’s insulting. We are a very populous and diverse nation.
  2. Yikes! They knew they had positive cases among the crew and they let the passengers off in port to roam around freely?! Am I reading that correctly?! I suspect this will be a major setback for the resumption of cruising....ports will certainly think twice about reopening to cruise ships. 😳
  3. Yes! I’m getting quite used to them. I saw someone call a particularly pretty mask, a “face accessory” and that’s how I consider them now! 😁 I’m open to cruising with mandatory masks.
  4. The best thing I’ve read on the forum for months! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll be reading every word - enjoy your cruise! 🙂👍🏻👏🏻
  5. w00t w00t!! Happy Canada Day!! (Canadian American here 🇨🇦 🇺🇸)
  6. I was on this cruise also. As we were leaving to debark we passed a female steward in our hall wearing a mask. Startled me a bit since we’d never seen her or anyone else wearing one up to that point. I’m now hoping it was simply because she was using a strong disinfectant in the hall...and not because she or anyone in her cabins was ill. ...and I do wish the staff would serve in the buffet. (I enjoyed my cruise, but not gonna lie - pleased to be off it!)
  7. Ack! Yes! This is a pet peeve of mine! I’m appalled at people who put their feet on anything that isn’t actually intended for feet...couches and chairs are bad enough but tables?!! Ewwwww!!!...and see it all the time.
  8. Okay! Thanks for the info....I’ll leave my wee power strip at home. I do have a few of those multi plug thingies.
  9. No power strips across the board on Celebrity? I was under the impression that small ones were okay if they don’t have surge protectors. (I’m sailing on the Infinity next week and looks to me like that ship only has a couple of outlets in the cabin...yikes!)
  10. I don’t think it’s a silly question at all...some of you guys are harsh. 🙄
  11. We booked a short Caribbean cruise for the end of February on a whim about a week before the Corona virus really hit the news. What is funny, is that we will be in an inside cabin for the first time ever - that was the only category available and we thought “what the heck”? Since it is only five days... Because of that inside cabin, I’m a tad worried about quarantine but also have confidence that the passengers will be well screened and this location is (presently) low risk. All future cruise bookings will be on hold until we see how this current situation unfolds.
  12. Wait...you saw the amount of OBC from your TA on the Celebrity site?! I didn’t think that was possible. Now I’ll wait for an answer with you!
  13. Wonderful news!! I hope everyone who is still going on the cruise has a great time! I adore Bermuda - even when it’s not swimming weather! 👏🏻👍🏻👋🏻
  14. Yikes...I feel for everyone involved and expect you’ll be fairly compensated. On a hopeful note - doesn’t it sound like it is more a matter of fine tuning the new itinerary rather than a concern about a positive test result? Let’s hope!
  15. One further question on that - do I have to go to the cashier to redeem all my little wins (cuz mine are always “little” 😆) or does the ship’s casino have a ticket redemption machine like land casinos? thanks for the help! edit/ just realized the ship is cashless - so I suppose there are no machines. Sorry, that was a stupid question! Ugh!
  16. Thanks for the heads up. I cancelled a tour in Cozumel as it was listed 15% off but when I went to rebook it is now listed as “privateELK” whatever that means - so I didn’t rebook. Not worried about it - wasn’t hell bent on doing that particular excursion - I’ll consider others.
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