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  1. One good thing is that all the info I have already provided has not disappeared. There is nothing more frustrating than having to fill in all that info over and over again.
  2. I hope that's it! Thanks!
  3. Good morning, Mark, I have tried clicking on "Arrival" with no results, and I have filled out all the check-in info on my laptop. I think I will have to get in touch with Celebrity. I have not had this problem before on any sailing. Just a little frustrating as my husband an I are so happy to be sailing again. LOL
  4. My #8 deals with "Cancellations and Early Disembarking" I have gone over the whole doc twice and cannot find a box to check anywhere. Thank you for trying to help!
  5. I did. I couldn't find one, but I will go back again. Thanks!
  6. Good morning, I am now allowed to check in for our November cruise. 😁 I have filled out all the info for passports, credit cards, and pictures, etc. Unfortunately, I cannot get past the "Contracts" page which includes the "Health Requirement" piece. There is a "Continue" box to click, but it is not activated. Is anyone else having this problem? If not, what am I missing? LOL Thanks so much!
  7. So looking forward to your blog and pictures. Thank you for your generosity!
  8. Reading the text and seeing the pictures is so lovely. Thank you for this treat!
  9. The ship is my destination! 😉 Can't wait for November, with or without ports. I just want someone to make my bed, prepare my meals, shake my martinis, and and say "We are so happy you are here!"
  10. Another thought: Comparing two different classes of ship, even with refurbishments, might be a mistake. The Edge Class is something unto itself. You will probably be blown away by the Edge or Apex even if Reflection were completely updated. I hope you enjoy whichever cruise you choose!
  11. Thank you this post. I knew about the ability to cancel your cruise easily according to the rules set forth, but I did not know about the OBC part. These boards are terrific!
  12. We love Aruba. If we are able to winter there sometime in the future, we will.
  13. I so agree with this post and Brockmom's. We have been fortunate to have sailed the Caribbean several times. Our November 27 Eastern Caribbean cruise goes to two new-to-us islands, but we are not expecting too much. The ship is our destination more than ever this trip. We just want to cruise again, and we will do our best to shop the local markets and vendors on each island we visit.
  14. These folks need a gentle reminder that such problems are "first-world" problems.
  15. We see a huge difference between Med and Caribbean cruises. The Med cruises were definitely dressier. "Evening Chic" nights were very dressy and on other evenings you never saw shorts nor tee shirts in the MDR. We still dress for dinner in the MDR no matter what. DH wears a suit and I wear sundresses, long and short as well as dressy tops and slacks. It's fun!
  16. I completely agree! Thank you for this! We dress well every night - DH wears suits and I wear beautiful clothes - and you know what? The MDR staff love it! They take great care in providing a fine dining experience for us and we believe we should rise to the occasion.
  17. Definitely like the look of "The Last Voyage." Assuming the same will be available on Reflection in November. 🙂
  18. Definitely! As others have mentioned, I also dip the breads in the garlic butter. 😁🐌🧄🧈🥖🧡
  19. Thanks, Robkat. That is what we are assuming, too. We have sailed Celebrity four times in the past five years. We have always had OBC to cover our overages, but we never had to sign anything to keep track of our spending. We are leaning toward buying the upgrade, because signing little pieces of paper will drive my husband out of his mind. 🙂
  20. Here's a question I have not seen addressed. If we order over our Classic limit, do we have sign a receipt each time? Thanks!
  21. I am happy to have looked for this thread, too. I have learned so much! Our October 2021 TA was cancelled so we just booked Celebrity Beyond's 2022 TA. We have never sailed a TA before nor have we sailed on a brand new ship so it is double the fun for us. Can anyone who has sailed Celebrity TAs offer an idea of sea day activities to us? We have sailed Celebrity almost exclusively in the Caribbean and Mediterranean and are familiar with trivia, but that's about it since those sailings are port intensive. Thanks so much!
  22. These are great photos, LouTheGlue! Thank you so much! We just booked a PO on the Beyond for a 12-day TA in October 2022. If we had the choice, we would go with a regular veranda as that is what we like best, but the cost was too steep ($1500+ per cabin). Your pictures help us in knowing we made the right choice. We hope the veranda prices on the EDGE-Class will be more within our desired budget someday! 🙂
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