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  1. Thank you so much for making me hungry just by looking at the menus just posted... We'll board "Edge" in a few weeks and we're very much looking forward to the experience. Just a quick question: As lobster night is my husband's favourite but we quite often eat dinner in the buffet area: Is lobster included in the buffet fare on those evenings or will we have to book a restaurant for that night? (On HAL ships lobster is also offered at the Lido buffet on the second or third formal evening.) Thank you for your answers.
  2. I sincerely wish that Azamara would follow P&O's example and pull out of cruises out of /to Dubai for the upcoming winter season . In my opinion the situation is getting more and more volatile and dangerous. If Azamara - as they hopefully will - is monitoring the situation there is still enough time right now to find port and cruising alternatives, the earlier, the better and not wait too long and keep their passengers in limbo. I'm afraid I'm prejudiced in a way because we are firmly booked into one of the cruises, complete with flights and hotels and I'm getting less enthusiastic by the day. Cancelling is not really an option at the moment because we'd lose a lot of money, but we'd gladly re-book on another cruise on one of the three Azamara beauties if we'd get that option. I have heard that MSC and AIDA cruises, both heavily engaged in the Emirates this winter season are also considering cancellations of the ports in that area but they are still hesitating because they are heavily committed and lots of cruises would be affected. I don't know about RCL's Jewel otS, but I can imagine that RCL ships might be targeted just as easily, even if they don't have a huge British flag painted on the ship as P&O's Oceana does.
  3. Roald Amundsen now is supposed to arrive in Tromso on July 2nd and to start on her ( shortened) maiden voyage on the 3rd. I don't know how many passengers cancelled. The second option was to fly at no cost to Tromso, flight out of Hamburg and hotel being paid by Hurtigruten.
  4. ...which quite effectively puts us out of the race because final payment for us is 4 weeks prior to cruise. Of course I could pay in full earlier! But not sure I'd want to do that.
  5. Hamburg port has taken the R.A. off its schedule of the 27th. I have also heard that she's still in Floro .
  6. This is incredible news! I have just heard from cruisefriends already in their hotel in Hamburg to explore the city and to board on the 27th that HURTIGRUTEN CANCELLED THIS CRUISE TWO DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE!!!! They obviously still had work going on and the ship is not certified to go, yet. Hurtigruten is trying to ferry passengers still wanting to go on that promised voyage to Tromso via chartered flight to (perhaps?) start on the maiden voyage on July 3rd out of Tromso. Personally I wouldn't count on that... There are so many deeply disappointed - having paid in full, received cruise documents, booked transportation, hotels etc. to be told 2 days before a cruise some had booked 18 months before that they had to find alternatives in the middle of the holiday season or accept a shortened cruise which might or might not happen.Right now everything seems to be in a turmoil and Hurtigruten management does not seem to be really helpful.
  7. First journey starts on June 27th. out of Hamburg, Germany. She should be on her journey out of Norway now to arrive in Hamburg in the morning at 8.oo a.m. on the 27th.
  8. We loved that train journey, especially in winter it's stunning. Just a recommendation: when booking, book Comfort Class - not much more money, nicer seats, free tea and coffee. Sells out quickly.
  9. On our last two cruises on Prinsendam, chocolates etc. were offered after dinner next to the Café right next to the huge globe!
  10. Are you absolutely sure you can't cancel without losing your deposit when you book on board? We usually suffer the same problems in our country due to European laws, but Holland America offers free cancellations IF BOOKED ON BOARD. We had that in writing when we booked on board and it was honoured without problems when we had to cancel one of the two and to re-book the other because of health reasons. The two future cruise credits we had to buy on board to cover the deposit were not lost. We had given the cruises to our travel agency, too, and that was no problem, either.
  11. And - honestly - you are doing a great job! And - as we regularly book with that agency . they DO fight for you, but not always successfully. Azamara is not the one to make it easy for customers, as is Celebrity. Holland America is much easier in regard to customers requests and problems and one of the reasons we cruise with them often.
  12. But that really is the risk of booking a GTY cabin! I was lured to booking a Gty approximately 3 times , perhaps because so many on CC wrote wonderful upgrade stories. And prices were good, too. I admit we avoid doing so, now, because we ALWAYS got one of the worst cabins on the ship: once, on Queen Elizabeth, we paid for the highest balcony cabin category to be assigned the one with the smallest balcony and the least view in the area I specifically didn't want. Once, on Prinsendam, we got the smallest and least attractive " hole" in the bow and could only evade that destiny by being able to pay for an upsell to a balcony after final payment. And once, on Azamara Journey, I paid quite a lot for an OV guarantee and was assigned an OV cat. 8 with a perfect view of orange all around. But here, I was lucky - we were upgraded on board with one of the regular OV cabins - the only one available because of a last-minute cancellation. My, were we happy customers on that day!! And, I have to admit, we enjoyed all three cruises I mentioned very much! But we also weren't able to be assigned a better cabin despite complaining! But we have learned our lesson: we still can't and won't pay the highest premium prices, but if there is a promo or pricing we want to accept, we book the cabin we want in the category we want or can afford. Perhaps you can upgrade for a small fee on board if not - the accessible cabin really will be ok and ENJOY the Azamara experience!
  13. grayjay


    Sometimes it is quite cute to see Germany and German food equated with bratwurst, sauerkraut and an oompah band... I still remember with fondness (and a secret smile) the German buffet evening we once had - and the Filipino and Indonesian service personnel wearing Tyrolian hats and fake leather trousers.But all had lots of fun! I'm very sure watching stereotypes from the outside ( or inside) is interesting for all of us being English, Scottish, Australian or whatever or - as in my case- German !
  14. grayjay

    Checking in

    Strangely enough, when I did the Check-in for that same cruise two days ago, I only got the old version of X-press pass to print out. No photo opportunity in sight!
  15. There will be so many on this board who will follow your comments of Prinsendam's final journey as a HollandAmerica ship. We have cruised 4 times on her, fell in love with her and her lovely crew and will sorely miss her and the many international guests we have met and talked to and enjoyed meeting during these journeys. She will be refitted then , I think quite extensively , for her new owner. We'll be seeing her again then at the beginning of September on a visit at her new port of Bremerhaven, Germany to see how she has changed. It's an opportunity but we're not sure yet if it was a good idea to book that visit because of our memories and the possible changes. (She can be visited for a few hours at special dates for a fee including lunch.)
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