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  1. Sorry about barging into this thread - And still nothing about the INFINITY, I presume?? As we're rather cut off from news - no real information on the website.... - we're still waiting for information about "Infinity" to be revolutionized or at least renovated. We have been looking at some cruises in 2022 - at quite ambitious prices - but don't want to sail on her in her current condition and don't want to book yet.
  2. I have never considered a cruise with the MeinSchiff fleet, but it was absolutely stunning to read in your blog how well it went and how much fun you had. Just today I read that it is now possible to book cruises of two weeks round the Canary islands on TUI ships similar to what you described , flight included, land tours via cruise line possible. Balcony cabins started at Euros 1500.- which I found quite moderate. The Junior Suite including flights from Germany was 5500 Euros for 2 people. I sincerely hope Celebrity Cruises will be able and willing to offer such a kind of re-start f
  3. Yes, that's the point. Living in Europe we won't find many of the itineraries the big companies offer that exciting any more after having seen and visited them often in our cruise lives. It's the reason why we have started to cruise less often if it' s Europe but choose smaller companies and smaller ships because they'll sail lesser-known areas. I'd perhaps choose Azamara which we love even more than Celebrity - but our FCC is only valid for Celebrity Cruises in 2021. And because of the current situation I might be forgiven that I'm looking for a cruise experience a bit nearer to home than on
  4. Different rules in Europe - no refundable deposits - you'll lose your deposit of 20 % if you cancel. Don't know about the "Lift-and-shift" scheme but I doubt it will be possible to do with the quite substantial FCC we have. But I'll try to find out what Celebrity has to say on the matter even if their answers are not always consistent ...
  5. Itineraries for Europe in 2021 are not that exciting - and those are the only ones I'd consider for 2021. As we have FCCs that expire for booking at the end of 2020 we feel a bit lost. And so far the time line for booking has not been extended for all of us that were dumped from cruises in February and March.
  6. It's a good thing that Tui Cruises are enforcing their safety rules. On the other hand it is not always easy to follow the droning voice of a tour guide walking through a city and forgetting most of the zillion pieces of information your offered. Exploring on your own to us is preferable , but I see the sense in the rules being enforced in these uncertain times to get nearer to cruising more freely again in the future. By the way: when on a tour offered by TUI you are required to ask the tour guide for any snippet of time you need to be away from the group i.e. even for a bathroom break..
  7. Hi! Great to hear from you that you simply couldn't stay away from cruise ships and booked one of the few cruises currently available. The one we would have met you on in March (Asia/ Celebrity Millenium) fell through, our three following cruises to Spain , Greenland and Norway as well. The last time we tried boarding a ship we were turned away an hour before boarding because they had detected CoVid-19 cases on board and had quarantined the ship before we were able to get on it.That was in August... Now we have not yet given up but have turned to river cruising for the rest of the year - but
  8. To answer your question you should perhaps tell us first which cabin category you're interested in - there are staterooms with a large window, balcony cabins and suites. Then it easier to offer help.
  9. On the circumnavigation voyage that didn't happen any more most of the passengers were Norwegian, with a sprinkling of Germans, Austrians and from Switzerland. They were lucky in being denied boarding on their day of departure...
  10. We were supposed to sail today on 15day circumnavigation of Svalbard. 120 passengers denied boarding today were disappointed and deeply unhappy. But it was thd right thing to cancel, of course. But it doesn't bode well for the cruise industry in general because Hurtigruten and Norway with their careful policy concerning the virus were the only ones I was wiiling to trust with a cruise..
  11. As far as I noticed on Hurtigruten's website the Caribbean expedition on Roald Amundsen in autumn has been cancelled whereas the one for sister ship Fridtjof Nansen is still in place. I'm starting to doubt though that the season in South America and Antarctica will go through as planned with the pandemic still raging through Peru and Chile, for example and so many still unable to be accepted on flights to and entry into their destinations.
  12. The situation regarding entry into Norway is so versatile, changing almost too quickly to follow. Right now Belgium has passed the allowed infection rate of 20 and is in danger of becoming a "red" zone for Norway. Austria, France, Switzerland are creeping closer to that magical line, too. We in Germany are getting more cases through young party people and tourists returning , though cases are still low. Norway is well advised to be that cautious.
  13. Yes, I'm happy to see Canadian cruisefriends allowed to enter the EU again. I'm not sure about Norway, though, as they are more restrictive, you'll have to check this, as well as flights. Flights are still scarcer than before, as we found out recently when checking for flights ourselves.
  14. Just a snippet of information to show how quickly the situation changes in these uncertain times: I have just read that Norway has just tightened their restrictions again in regard to Spain where Corona cases have been rising in Barcelona and the coast again (have tripled in Barcelona these last days). Persons arriving now from Spain face a 14-day quarantine again befor being allowed to enter the country because the country is red-listed again.
  15. I'd also recommend taking a look at the Hurtigruten voyages on refurbished ships "Otto Sverdrup" out of Hamburg or " MS Maud" out of Dover. These voyages are a bit longer, I think 12 days or so, but offer more time in the ports visited and as far as I know, many excursions are included, for example the one to the North Cape. Most of the cabins are still as tiny in size as before the refurbishment, but there's lots of public space to enjoy. We splurged on a mini-suite though, a year ago on "Richard With" and were very happy with the quiet time in our spacious surroundings and the views out
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