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  1. It is not that my opinion matters, it does'nt, and I get the closed loop rules. What I don't understand is the the using of an exceptional clause and subsequent possible troubles enroute, when there is a solution that tops everything: the passport. And I stand by my saying, if you can afford a cruise, you can afford a passport.
  2. Being a non american, I really cannot understand why some would continue to want to use anything other than a passport. It covers all situations and costs only a fraction of a cruise fare. Valid for 10 years, it would amount to something like 13 dollars, or a few beers, per year. I wouldn't hesitate to get a passport asap. The same thing concerning the 6 months validity. Why take the chance of things going awry. Renew prior to that 6 month period and all is well. 6 months would be 7 dollars in monetary value and thats a no brainer. Happy holidays to all.
  3. With my own, small, children it would not be ideal, but reasonable. However. How can you have a nice vacation with four adults in such a small room with no privacy for a week or longer. In an emergency situation no problem. Otherwise never in a million years.
  4. It's got nothing to do with power supply or redundency there of. It is the multitude of alarms comming in at the same time and the difficulty in determening what came first.
  5. All passengers off? I seriously doubt this with 30 passengers per hour that are being lifted off with helicopters. Or are yoy talking about the 9 crew on the freighter?
  6. Correct, we didn't have to either, but that is because it is a small town with a dock.. Anytime you land there in the wildernis with the zodiacs however , disinfection is mandatory.
  7. Thank you. Strange then that the buttons still exists.
  8. This is what I get when trying to send a PM. Does anyone know what to do?
  9. I cannot go to the site where captain albert has his blogs. All that happens is that I get a download message. Anyone else with the same problem?
  10. No question/answer or comments though.
  11. Not just South georgia. All expedition cruises landing passengers ashore in the antarctic have to do this and dissinfect boots after every landing. This is also true for Spitsbergen.
  12. If you are looking for DJ's and disco's, Holland America line is not for you.
  13. I am not doubting your post, but please be aware that a captain (I was one in aviation) will never admit things like grounding etc to a passenger. That is company procedure in case of litigation or public relation policy. Unless it is blatantly obvious it will not happen.
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