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  1. Booked a verandah guarantee on ms Rotterdam and got a spa verandah. Absolutely the same as any other verandah plus a yogamat we didn't use and energy drinks we didn't use. So do the math.
  2. Only ever had indonesian room stewards on HAL. And all were very friendly.
  3. I think that's more the editor who wants to have more than just text and uses stock footage to dress up the article. Looking at other newsreports, including bbc, it happened but there is no photo/video evidence (yet). I am in aviation and those reports have invariably the wrong picture of aircraft.
  4. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/breaking-clown-violent-brawl-cruise-18785703 Somehow I don't think this will ever occur on a Holland America ship.
  5. Last year we did a circumnavigation of the island in middle june with no problem. This year there seems to be more ice even a month later, see the ice chart. Anyone on a current cruise that is supposed to go around Svalbard that can report what is possible or not on the cruise?
  6. They are still around and won't react to this. They just wait for another excuse to start again.
  7. I am speculating now, but it is quite possible that they can still be used in an emergency, just not in a tender role as maybe the hoist system is not working properly.
  8. I think you are all missing the point. It was not weather or sea that caused the no tender situation, rather a technical problem with tendering. Now, two reviewers reported this as is shown by following copy/paste. " Soon after we boarded the ship on May 25th we were informed via a piece of paper stuffed in the “welcome package” that our itinerary had changed. We were no longer going to Flam or Geiranger due to tenders not working. " and " There were two key port downgrades due to tender maintenance issues...completely within HA control, and either an example of poor maintenance or an inadequate PM (Preventative Maintenance) Program."
  9. Thank you. Given what I know and experienced on HAL I have no doubt that they altered course.
  10. Someone is really busy controlling anything about this. HAL's facebook video complaint and official response has now been removed allready.
  11. Actually that lawyer is just reporting it. Someone else made the complaint.
  12. Mmmmm, it seems the video has been taken offline. I think HAL is taking measures. I watched it a couple of hours ago and the maker is very upset in the video when it unfolds.
  13. Agree with all. The video is from the bridge of a pilotboat type, taken perendicular to the course of Eurodam and from a distance. So it is difficult to determine the offset of Eurodam and or wether she alters course. I will try to get some stills from the video.
  14. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/06/articles/cruelty-murder-of-animals/hals-eurodam-ignores-calls-to-reduce-speed-while-approaching-whales/ Article with video of eurodam apparently comming very close to a pod of feeding whales, being warned of it in advance and not slowing or steering away. Anyone currently on her that can comment?
  15. Being a part of Carnival and ships registered in Holland, could HAL redeploy Veendam's homebase to for instance Curacao and do the cuba cruises from there, bypassing the states? Would americans then be allowed to fly there and do the cruise?
  16. I Have the feeling HAL doesn't assemble tables on nationality but rather on language. Hence they mix the english speaking guest but with other languages, mine is dutch, they put them together. Now for me I would not choose a table with all dutch, I see and talk to them every day. When on holliday in another country I want to feel it and it is very strange to me to be far away and still be immersed with my countrymen. There is a distinct difference/vibe with cruises out of Holland, compared to the carribean or Asia or South America.
  17. Same here. They even contacted my TA to admonish them that their client contacted HAL! Now my TA is my daughter , so she told me.
  18. As for the midnight sun. Our room had excellent lightblocking curtains. Take along some clips to close cracks andd the room is dark for the night.
  19. There is no ships dancers and singers anymore, just individual performers interspersed with the occasional movie. We did have three singers who did a good job and performed three times, but I am not sure if they were on the ship for a longer time. We cruise for destinations and quiet cruise life and not bars and or late night life. When walking around at 11 pm it was never very crowded or busy so if you are looking for a party atmosphere, you won't find it I think.
  20. Yes, trivia is very much alive and daily. There is a tennis court as well as table tennis, but I never observed any organised activity. It was a very port intensitive itinerary.
  21. For anyone interested in the investigation of the midair collision in Ketchikan, here is the preliminary report: https://go.usa.gov/xmfmQ
  22. Same, Jan 2008 30 to 40 feet waves from the Falklands to Antarctica across the drake. 4 days later calm sea back to Ushuaia. The ship , Rotterdam, took it wel, but the corridors were mighty quiet. Luckely the movement didn't bother us, and it was quite spectacular riding up and down the waves.
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