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  1. Here ya go. Putting a big dent into you saying not going to work on the ship. Walkie talkies! We used them on the last cruise since we had a big family with multiple rooms, and it was awesome! It even worked when part of the group got off the boat and stayed near the port. I was able to chat with them and meet up off the boat when my daughter was done with her nap one of the days. They do work just fine.
  2. Maybe you should tell the cruise line. They sell them in there store on board. Never saw any information via the daily info that walkies are not allowed on shore. Have you?
  3. I do not give anything extra to anyone but maybe the room steward for taking an extra step for our needs. 18% and now many are 20% is enough. I also found out, if you have the drink package. Every time you use it. They still get the 18%. I have always had great service. If any are excellent, I will make sure I get there name and put it on the review. They appreciate that more than a dollar. Positive reviews are greatly appreciated and helps with there advancement. I am not saying do not do it. It is your money and your choice for sure. I am sure the more money you give the better the service. I have no idea how much better it can be than what I receive. As I mentioned. I am very happy with the service as is. Just my thoughts.
  4. A boat is small or a submarine. A yacht is much larger. A ship is what they are. Cruise Ship. However it is a nice big boat:)
  5. One thing I MUST say. Every one of Celebrities employees were nothing but EXCELLENT on the EDGE. I asked a representative that I had a conversation with. I said. I bet they were hand picked for the best of the best. I was assured, that was correct. I believe it.
  6. We stared in 1994. I was in the NAVY and my boss told me to take a weekend off and take a cruise. I told him he was nuts. He finally got me and my wife to go. Did we love it? Well in 2 months we took 3 cruises on the same ship. Now 70 cruises later. We still love it and look forward to each one. So how was that cruise on the original Mardi Gras?
  7. Hopefully that person does not call in sick or quits. I would think there would be a department to handle it.
  8. Agree for sure. However if someone starts talking to my wife, its all over. She has to make friends with everyone that starts talking to her. I just keep on eating. Yum!
  9. A magnifying glass helps. They also gave away onyx. handed me a small zip lock bag. I asked if i can get the onyx. She said it was in there. On further examination, yes it was.
  10. I agree. many seats on that ship are totally uncomfortable. low to the ground and the backs are to far back.
  11. Confused. You say select Princess yet you indicate boring?
  12. Yes, it does look real nice. Wonder if any graphics will be added? About the burgers. The regular burgers and hot dogs have no charge. In the evening they are also available in the buffet. It is the specialty ones they charge for. That is my recollection.
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