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  1. YAY! I think @Despegue maybe right with Stairway by Silk Den.
  2. Probably another wet noodle 😂 but I'm going with Eurodam?
  3. That's what caught my eye was the Tower! 😀
  4. As one Official summed up Cruises resuming "it will not be turning on a light switch but a dimmer switch" and it's going to take time for things to get back to normal. The new Protocols will not be for everyone and that's a personal choice. Many are very anxious to return and will Sail with the new Protocols in place. For those that won't probably best to book in 2022 or beyond. A different viewpoint from many of the comments here. We normally do Private Excursions or DIY's, too, but we are willing to do the Ship Excursions until Cruising gets back to "normal" and understand the reason for it. The Ships will be at 50% - 70% capacity to allow for Social Distancing. When we go out for dinner now we wear a Face Mask to enter, walk to our Table and then put on our Mask to exit. At the Table the Mask comes off. It's actually been very nice as a Customer having the table distance apart since our Restaurants are at 50% and every other table are the ones being sat. When we're Indoors whether it's a store, etc. we are mandated to wear a Face Mask. So, if having to wear the Mask is a requirement to walk the Hallway to our Room, go into an Elevator or walk on Promenade until we sit at a table in a Lounge, etc. for a drink, it's not a deal breaker for us (it's how life is on land for us now). Many hotels on land require Mask to be worn indoors as well. Our Entertainment Theaters have opened and we went to a Show. Every other Row is left empty and four seats in same Row are left empty in between customers. (Very nice not having the one who can't stop talking throughout the Show or the Cougher behind us.) I'm not sure how the Cruise Lines will do it but our Theaters allow for Face Mask to be removed as long as seated. Reading some of the MSC reviews of those who actually cruised under the new Protocols they still very much enjoyed their Cruise even with the new Protocols in place. As I said it's a personal choice and may not be right for everyone but we're willing to give it a try.
  5. Do you know that the Cruise Lines haven't submitted an Action and Response Plan for the Protocols they have outlined? I don't really know what the process is of dealing with the CDC. I know the Cruise Lines have been meeting and holding Roundtables with many Government Agencies who have written letters on their behalf urging the CDC to give the "green" light. Wouldn't it help in getting that "green" light if an Action and Response Plan was submitted now especially since they would like to resume Operations in the next 45 - 60 days? If the CDC wants more info or something changed, they could go back to them on those issues. Appreciate your insight!
  6. I watched an interesting Live from the Port Canaveral Commission Meeting. To sum it up: They are hoping to have Cruises going before the end of the Year. As everyone knows RCL & NCL submitted their Healthy Sail and Carnival Corp. used outside Independent Experts and submitted theirs to the CDC and all are waiting until a Go Ahead and, hopefully, it will come next week. Senators Rubio and Scott have proposed the Set Sail Safely Act and formed a Maritime Task Force and all including the Cruise Lines are working with Government, Health, Local Officials. Yes, sailing at first will be different and some won't Sail until things go back to "Normal" but many are anxious to return and will accept it. Some Protocols that will definitely be implemented: Contactless Boarding. He mentioned No Ticket Agents. If a Passenger is given a Window of a time to Board, for example, 10 a.m. - 10:20 a.m. and is not there at that time, they will not be allowed to Board. This is to ensure Social Distancing and the Testing completed and keep the Boarding Process smooth and efficient. Ventilation Strategies, etc. put in place. Mask required as well as Social Distancing. 50 - 70% Capacity. Ship Excursions Only. There will also be Protocols in place with regards to Debarking. Most of this everyone knew but wanted to share what happened today at the PC Commission Hearing.
  7. I’ve received the Promo Ads as well as Home with HAL emails. Also, received Private Sale offer emails on select Cruises and in July received a Complimentary Oceanview Room on select Carib or Mex Rev Cruises. Booked the Complimentary Offer for February on Nieuw Statendam and hoping Cruises will resume so we can Sail!
  8. From the Announcement I read it said that more will be announced with regards to HAL and Princess. It sounds as if this is Carnival Cruise Lines only. Captains, Staff Captains, Hotel Directors, Guest Service Managers, etc.
  9. We did a Walking Tour with Helga Hausner which was wonderful and very unique with her narrative. She has other type of tours as well.
  10. It is disturbing and can be very stressful and definitely not your fault! They are very good at what they do! We no longer take Public Transportation and opt to take Taxi's compared to years ago when we didn't think twice of it. We were in Barcelona several years ago and six passengers from our Hotel who were on our Cruise had their wallets stolen on Public Transportation. The worst though was last Fall when we were on the Nieuw Statendam TA from Rome. The day we boarded we bumped into a dear Customer/Friend of ours on Lido. We had no idea he was on the same Cruise so quite a pleasant surprise. He was on the Leg before us and told us how he had their Passports and $2000 USD stolen on the train in Rome (they liked using cash in the Casino) . They only went two stops to go to a Restaurant that they liked and had been to on prior trips. He didn't care for the Hotel (first time booking it) and it had no Safe in the room so they felt it was safer to bring it with them. His Wife had it in a Zippered Cross Body bag but these Thieves don't always work alone and will have someone cause a "distraction" which causes people to let down their guard. That's exactly what happened and they discovered it missing at the Restaurant. They didn't get their Wallets just the USD which was tucked with their Passports. We had talked with others on that Cruise that also were victims of Wallets and Passports stolen. They had a private tour booked the next day and lost the money on that because of cancelling and going to the US Embassy for Emergency Passports. He seemed to take it all very well when he was telling us but the fifth night of the Cruise we heard a Medical Response call and he passed away from a Heart Attack. I often wondered if all the stress of the way they started out the trip added to it. He was a very experienced Traveller and would often joke that if we didn't see him, we'd know he was sailing and vice versa.
  11. A friend did have his Wallet stolen out of his front pocket with velcro in Rome several years ago. These thieves are "Professionals" and very talented at what they do!
  12. Love your spirit! Please don’t stop expressing your opinion. We’re also looking forward to Cruises resuming and are willing to roll with whatever protocols are put in place until things get back to “normal”!
  13. We normally do Private Tours with a small group, or just a few friends and sometimes just myself and DH and shy away from Ship Excursions. We have been on a few Small Group Excursions through the Ship though that were very good. Carib Cruises we rarely get off the Ship anymore so it wouldn’t make a difference for us. For other Itineraries if it means having to do Ship Excursions in order to Cruise, yes, we would definitely Cruise.
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