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  1. I'm very sorry for your loss! I understand and if you don't feel comfortable going out, you need to do what you feel is best for you! Stay Safe! 😀
  2. 100% Agree! Yes, Common Sense! If you are ever in MB, let me know and come by and say hello! 😀
  3. We opened a Restaurant 13 years ago when we "semi-retired" from our "career 9 - 5 jobs". My Son-in-Law is a technically trained Chef and opened it up both him and my Daughter. We survived the Recession right after opening and now Covid. The Year has been challenging and so looking forward to being able to Cruise again! Valid question and happy to answer and thank you! We know of four of our regular Customers (two couples) who had Covid and the one couple who ate in did call us. This was in December and I'd be lying if I said we weren't concerned. The Server who to
  4. Great post! Love it! 😀 Cheers, 🍷
  5. This was in response to NY (and some other "Blue" States and reports of the same from the WH until Jen Psaka stated they were not in favor of Vaccine Passports) why DeSantis, Texas, and others came out and opposed the Vaccine Passports. If NY didn't start this, it wouldn't even be an issue but, IMO, I'm glad there was push back. We do not want either a "Red" or a "Blue" State telling us who we can or cannot allow into my Restaurant and agree it should be left up to the Private Businesses. Unlike the majority who are opining on the subject I actually have a Seat at this Table!
  6. Yes, they are and very disturbing! Very sad! @iceman93Great post! 100% Agree!
  7. I remember that Interview and, IIRC, he was actually at the CDC and Redfield and other Health Officials were present. Yes, his preference was to have them Quarantine on the Ship to avoid further spread of the Virus but left it up to the authorities. The Ship was delayed Debarking Passengers and further delayed due to Testing, etc. and Newsom received some bad Press for that. Were either one of them wrong? IMO, no. I remember watching the Daily Reports with David Able on the Diamond Princess. David and his Wife are Brits. The Americans were the first to be evacuated to the Cr
  8. I had heard that today that it wasn’t the Cruise Lines who required it but the Countries. This is why I had noted that I had not seen any statement from the Cruise Lines but saw it by The Points Guy. We can’t always believe what we read (especially today)! Reality is until Carnival Corp. makes an Official Announcement none of us know if they will follow NCL, RCL, etc. and require the Vaccine. It’s a Wait and See! I haven’t seen any recent interviews with Arnold Donald in weeks, I have seen Christine Duffy’s Interview where she said they hadn’t made a decision. Can y
  9. No, you are not the Poster and also not in the Business! If he doesn't want to answer my questions of talking "Shop" that's up to him but my questions were directed from one Restaurant Owner to another. Just want to add that we have been fully booked out and have fit in Walk-ins. It takes some juggling around but worth it if the Customers want to wait for the Table. Happy Customers!
  10. I don't know about the CDC but the Governor addressed this at the Roundtable and also in Interviews that I've seen that they will and are now better prepared for it. What happened with the Zaandam was Florida was just starting to get hit by the Virus itself and there was so much unknown. We've come so far from March, 2020. This is where it's also important that when the Ships resume Cruises from U.S. Ports (or coming from other Countries to U.S. Ports) that it's required both Passengers and Crew be Vaccinated and follow the Protocols of Reduced Capacity, Mask Wearing, Social
  11. Have you been closed the entire time or just for Indoor Dining and what type of Cuisine is your Restaurant? If you have been closed and not doing Take Out/Delivery and Outdoor Dining, why not if other Restaurants in your County were able to do so? Confused by your comment about "reopening"! Also, you mentioned in another Post that you have multiple Restaurants. Are you opening at full capacity in both Restaurants? How many Covers and Turns do you do in a day and what is your Staff Count for each Restaurant? Are you open 7 Days a week? Are your Reps, Vendor Delivery Drivers, et
  12. Why would he Sue Trump? The Vaccine wasn’t given the EUA until December. Trump was out-of-office in January. Much has changed with so many Vaccinated and the Cases going down and it will only get better especially by the time Cruises resume. Either some of you had not heard Trump called DeSantis and urged him to allow the Zaandam to Dock. Why has there been no mention from Biden on Cruises resuming in the U.S.? If I missed it, then please post link of him actually saying it. Has Biden been in touch with DeSantis or Abbot or the CDC? This is coming from the Points
  13. I ordered them on March 4 and received them on the 18th but they weren't In Stock. I had to check my Order to confirm how long and noticed they are in Stock now but the price went up to $11.79. Supply and Demand! lol What I like with these ones are the Resealable Seal and they fit the CDC Card perfectly. Amazon.com : KEYLION 10 Pack Vaccination Card Protector 4x3 in, CDC Immunization Record Vaccine Card Holder, 3x4 Horizontal ID Badge Holder, Clear Vinyl Plastic Sleeve Cover w Waterproof Resealable Zip for Travel : Office Products
  14. I wouldn't be so quick to do the "I told you so" dance just yet. Reread the EO again and how it applies to "everyday life" activities. There is no mention of Cruise Ships in that EO but it does cover certain types of Businesses. What you quoted is what the writers of the NBC article said and not what DeSantis said. If you can post DeSantis saying it, then post it! DeSantis in a Tweet stated the EO is Temporary and will be sent to the State Legislature. In addition, other States have joined Florida in their Ban of Vaccine Passports including Texas who wants the Port of Galve
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