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  1. We also received our FCC and OBC on Thursday for a 4/21 Cruise. We're patiently waiting for the Refund for the Air booked through Flight Ease and Port Fees, Taxes, etc.
  2. I received same email from Princess and no mention of age but mentioned Chronic Underlying Conditions in general. Since CDC has now been including in High Risk those with Heart, Chronic Lung, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Immune Disorders and Overweight it will be interesting to see what criteria will be used by the Cruise Lines as to who Sails. This Group eliminates a large number of Cruisers! Also, is this a temporary restriction for when Cruises resume or a permanent one? I guess it remains to be seen.
  3. We'd be just arriving in Ft. Lauderdale for Zaandam Sailing tomorrow.
  4. We booked our flights for May 2nd from Montreal through HAL but my Daughter’s was booked direct with American. When HAL cancelled the Cruise our flights, of course, were cancelled, too. For weeks leading up to HAL cancelling my Daughter kept getting emails that flight times changed and to call them, etc. When we went into AA they had changed our flight from Philly to home Airport from 3:30 pm on May 2nd to May 3rd at 6:30 a.m. 😱. We held off calling them thinking they’d push her to take a voucher. The day HAL notified us Cruise was cancelled American emailed saying one of our flights was cancelled. We put in for Refund online and it was approved and posted within 5 days. Paid off holding off and being patient.
  5. I booked with Costco for a 4/21 Cruise. I received an email from HAL on 3/30 with Option #1 or Option #2 and a link to choose which Option. The next day, 3/31, received an email from Costco with same info on the Options plus a link. Easy process. We took FCC plus 25%, etc. and was told up to 60 days for Refund on Flights, Port Fees, etc. and 10 days for FCC to be applied to Mariner #. The refunds will understandably take time with all HAL has to deal with now!
  6. Yes, it will automatically cancelled. No need to Cancel on your own.
  7. This is heartbreaking! Prayers for Zaandam and the Captain, Staff, Crew and Passengers as well as all those on the Rotterdam. I can only imagine what everyone is feeling what now! So sad!
  8. If you read HAL's statement, they said that those moved will be quarantined in their Staterooms.
  9. Happened to my Husband several years ago while on a Business trip. Also, knew the next morning when he woke up with bites on his shoulder Area. Checked out immediately that morning and checked into a different hotel. Luckily, he didn’t bring any home with him. Nasty little things!
  10. It sure is a tough time for Businesses. Disney may not resume Operations in April, more Ports may close, etc. We own a Family-owned Restaurant and haven’t seen a change in Sales as of yet. We’re in a Tourist Town but majority of our Customers are Locals. We’re hoping we don’t get hit too hard as this situation continues to get worse! 🤞🤞🤞
  11. Just read that on the Disney Cruises. Heard earlier about Disneyland and Daughter who lives near Orlando told me about Disney World and Universal. 😢
  12. Just heard Canadian PM’s Wife tested positive for Covid-19.
  13. Exactly! Also, if anyone actually watched his Oval Address last night live he said that U.S. Citizens will be screened and allowed home. Some MSM stations have played a portion of his Address and cutting it off where he stated about US Citizens and Cargo Ships. Politics is ugly and and has no place with regards to this Pandemic especially when they are actually lying and playing to an audience that doesn’t hear exactly what was said! Disgusting!
  14. I believe that is what many are doing but try getting through to TA or PCC so many in the meantime are asking others of what their experience is with cancelling!
  15. My Daughter is on the same Cruise as us and booked American. Did they refund you for the balance after Cancellation Fee or issue a Voucher for a future flight? Thanks!
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