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  1. You want a Business to give you a 10% Discount to have some patience and understanding during a National Employment Shortage? Probably best to stay home so you won’t have to deal with it! Did you ask Guest Services either by phone or in person for a printout of your Account? Did they refuse to give you one?
  2. Bon Voyage and will be following along! We were originally booked but switched over to November 10th. Wishing you all a wonderful Cruise! 🛥️🥂🛥️
  3. I'm going with short-Staffed like the rest of the Service Industry since you didn't see any Bell Persons around. We went to Cheesecake Factory in Seattle and they were on a "False Wait". We lucked out and grabbed an empty High Top in the Bar Area and avoided having to wait for a Table. More than half the tables were empty and the wait when we arrived was 25 - 30 minutes to be sat. By the time we left I heard them tell someone they were on a one hour wait. Our Server told us three Cooks short in kitchen and had only half the "normal" amount of Servers they would have had Pre-Covid. She said "No one wants to work anymore".
  4. PCR is also a NAAT and Walgreens does that one, too. They need to ask for the Rapid Diagnostic ID (NAAT) at Walgreens. Appointments scheduled online show both offered and the one to click on is the Rapid Diagnostic ID.
  5. I'm sorry that happened to you and your Dad and the Sheraton handled it differently than the Hilton Conference Center. We had two buses going from the Hotel and they had a Budget Rent A Truck take all the luggage from the Hotel to the Pier.
  6. Bruno, what Hotel did you book through HAL? We had booked the Hilton Conference Center by the Airport. This was a first for us but since it was the first Cruise since Pause we just felt more comfortable doing this with the uncertainties of Embark, etc. since there was no feedback from prior Cruises. There was a letter stating what time to go down to the HAL Desk the morning of the Cruise to "check-in" for the Transfer. The Letter also stated have our luggage ready and placed inside our Room by the Door to be picked up between 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. and no need to be in the Room at the time. A few minutes after my Husband's visit to the "Hal Desk" our luggage was picked up. We met at 10:45 a.m. in the area by the Desk and were loaded onto the bus shortly after. We were able to check-in at the Pier right away. It was easy-peasy! Although it went very well I don't think we'll book Hotel again through HAL because of it being pricier but have to say it was a very smooth, relaxing experience. I
  7. Our Alaska Cruise had 1450 Onboard per the Captain at the "Ask the Captain". My PCC said our November 10th Carib Cruise is at 65% Capacity (as of two weeks ago). JMO, but I think it will depend on Itinerary.
  8. When I booked direct a few times with Big Box I was able to make payments or pay in full in their site. Also, booked Air using HAL’s Flight Ease.
  9. I've done the BinaxNow at home test and watched a Video of the "Monitored" Test. Materials are the same except the liquid in the Video was in a bottle while the BinaxNow at home was in a plastic applicator.
  10. Years ago my Daughter didn't receive her Passport back in time for the Cruise. She brought her D.L., Marriage License and Birth Certificate and had no problems. Since you still have your expired Passports in possession I would bring them, too. Have a wonderful Cruise!
  11. Someone posted on another Site they had their SW flight cancelled but had time enough to drive the 5 - 6 hours to make the Koningsdam. Feel bad for all those who missed their Cruises! @Heartgrove Good to hear with Delta! I'm driving for November Cruise but flying Delta to FLL for December Cruise. 🤞
  12. I agree with the others who mentioned that if you read the "Live" Threads as well as Post-Sailing Reviews which also included contributions from other Cruisers they answer the specifics such as Boarding Process, what's different since Pre-Covid, etc. If you have something else you would like to know that wasn't covered, then ask! What I'm seeing from the "Lives" & Post-Sailing Reviews is that the majority who have Sailed since Cruises resumed feel the same as I do and that they are enjoying their Cruises and are very happy to be back Onboard! If someone wants Cruising right now to be exactly as it was Pre-Covid and can't enjoy their Cruise under the Protocols in place, then they shouldn't Cruise at this time!
  13. We also did it with Dive-In and Pizza while on NA several times! It worked great! There are three green "lines" that basically tell you they received the Order, Working on Order and Order Complete to be picked up.
  14. 100% agree with aliaschief. We cruised on the Nieuw Amsterdam in July and had a wonderful Cruise and were so happy to be back Sailing on a Dam Ship. Right now, we're looking forward to the Rotterdam on November 10th with three more booked after that one.
  15. Carnival Cruise Lines just announced an extension of the Vaccine and Mask Mandates through 2/28/22. I would think HAL will be doing the same!
  16. I believe what happened is Carnival Cruise Lines had cases Onboard back in July. They were following the 95%,5% CDC Guidelines and had granted Exemptions to some Adults and Children. Those who were not Vaccinated were supposed to "Mask Up" but Cruisers reported that some weren't doing it. HAL was always 100% Vaccinated and had no Cases (that I'm aware of). Because of the cases Onboard Carnival Ships Carnival Corp. implemented the Mask Mandates and Pre-Testing for all their Lines. IMO, the odds of Vaccinated getting Covid onboard a Fully Vaccinated Ship is very slim whether people are wearing a Mask or not. Recent reports stated that 1 in 5,000 Vaccinated contract the Virus daily but in areas where more people are Vaccinated it becomes 1 in 10,000.
  17. Thank you for taking us along on your Cruise! 😀 Very much enjoyed following along! We were on the July Cruise and also had a wonderful experience!
  18. I have a question for you on the Mariner's Luncheon since we didn't have one on our Alaska Cruise (we also didn't have a Mask Mandate on our Sailing). Did they seat Cruisers with Cruisers they didn't know as they did Pre-Covid? Also, once seated did everyone take their Mask off at the table? Thanks!
  19. Here's a list I received from my PCC. The Rapid Antigen can be done at CVS and Molecular Diagnostic at Walgreens (Rapid Diagnostic ID Test). Results are back usually within 1/2 hour or so. Here are all the tests that would be accepted. The NAAT test is included: Guests must be tested with a medically observed SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) viral test that could be either an antigen test or a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). Antigen tests include:-Rapid antigen test-Viral antigen test-Antigen Chromatographic Digital Immunoassay, -Antigen Chemiluminescence Immunoassay, or -Antigen Lateral Flow FluorescenceNAAT include:-PCR - Polymerase chain reaction-RT-PCR – reverse transcription real time PCR -Quantitative PCR (qPCR)-Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) test-Transcription-mediated amplification (TMA) test-Molecular test or molecular diagnostic test-Isothermal amplification-Droplet Digital PCR or digital droplet PCR (ddPCR)-Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR
  20. Thanks for responding! Right now our CVS’s are scheduling up to two weeks out. I’m planning on scheduling as soon as the date I need opens up but definitely won’t put all my eggs in their basket and will have a Backup! Good Luck! 🤞
  21. This is what's in the Cruise Contract that we signed for our November 10th Cruise on Rotterdam. This is the same Policy that was in our Cruise Contract that we signed for our July Nieuw Amsterdam Cruise and we had no problem boarding with the "allowed" items outlined in this Cruise Contract! Guests agree not to bring alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages on board for consumption or for any other use except as follows: For Guests of legal drinking age, an allowance of two (2) bottles of wine or champagne (750 mL in volume or less) per stateroom may be presented to security during embarkation. For world cruises, or cruises with consecutive voyages, this allowance can be multiplied by the number of segments that comprise the complete sailing. Items for future segments/voyages will be held by the vessel and delivered on the first day of each segment. Guests should present their documentation for any consecutive sailings to security on boarding day. A US $20.00 corkage fee (which is subject to change without notice) will apply to each additional bottle (750 ml in volume or less) beyond the two (2) bottle allowance. Limitations apply. Wine brought in quantities deemed to be excessive by the vessel or security will be refused. Guests are also prohibited from bringing water, sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages on board that are packaged in bottles. A small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., sparkling water, sodas, juice, milk) packaged in cans or cartons may be brought on board on embarkation day, only if carried on in Guests’ hand luggage (not in checked luggage). A small quantity is considered a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12 ounces each or less per person. Guests will be asked to discard open beverages in plastic containers prior to boarding.
  22. How far ahead of your Appointment were you cancelled with CVS? Thanks for heads up and we plan on having a backup appointment scheduled just in case!
  23. Walgreens does a Rapid Diagnostic ID test (NAAT) which is a Molecular Diagnostic Test and on the approved HAL List. They schedule up to 3 days out and results are usually within 1/2 hour. CVS schedules up to two weeks out for the Rapid Antigen. There are Walgreens not far from the Port and, IIRC, CVS is also in Ft. Lauderdale.
  24. I would do it! Sounds fun and Seth is a great guy!
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