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  1. Thank you. I use a rollator on a daily basis. I feel secure with it. I know of too many people my age who have fallen and broken hips, legs, etc. I don't want to be one of them.
  2. Thank you. I might go that route and not lose the voucher.
  3. Does anyone know about the Mississippi River embarkation? Is that just a regular ramp, rather than a steep one?
  4. I agree. Every ship I've ever been on has wheelchairs for assistance and motorized scooters. Viking is trying to compete with Oceania and Regent, etc., but if they want to they need to do some serious homework. I cancelled a cruise because of COVID and may well have to eat the voucher if I can't get on a ship. Not sure about the Mississippi River ships, though.
  5. I will admit I did not read fully and just assumed.....I'm elderly and have cruised over 80 times over the years. Just about 2 years ago I realized I needed wheelchair assistance both in the airport and embarking. This has never been a problem with Holland America or Regent, so I assumed it would not be a problem with Viking. I was wrong. I have been told by a few people in Viking that they offer no such service and I probably should have a traveling companion to help me. I am a solo traveler by the way, and pay 200% over the cost as such. There is no way I could maneuver the steep ramp into the ship, even with "a companion." Has anyone experienced this? I have the feeling the elderly aren't their main concern and this saddens me. I almost feel that I have to stay home or sail with HAL again. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. I am most interested in reactions from Iceland Through the Lens. Anyone?
  7. Thank you so much for this. I'm sure you have helped many people. I did Northern Iceland's National Treasures last time I was in Iceland. Probably will skip it now. Zodiaks -- I had my share of them in Antarctica and managed to easily get in and out by rolling myself around. That was then.....now??? No thanks.
  8. Curiously what didn’t you like about the natural wonders?
  9. Thanks. I signed up for the natural wonders now maybe I should rethink it. And definitely I will wear that mask. Few people will understand it but that’s OK
  10. I thought it would be nice to have personal information for we-soon-to-be-cruisers in Iceland on excursions. I know each has likes and dislikes, but it would be fun and informative to get your feel. I've seen a couple of reviews but if I had to go back to re-read them, I'm not sure I'd find them. So maybe they could be included in this thread.
  11. I chose the Waterfalls of the Gods tour because it was shorter, yet covered the waterfall. As long as I can see waterfalls from below, I'm happy. Florida is short on waterfalls. LOL I am bringing a rollator/walker type thing and hope I don't have problems using it on some tours. My joints aren't what they used to be.
  12. How's the weather? Do we still need lightweight down jackets?
  13. Great photos!!! Were any of the waterfall tours less stressful than others? By that I mean, was walking more difficult on some? Thanks.
  14. My mother and I are the only ones born in the US. So obviously I do love those horses and I did see that one in Stockholm also
  15. Darn autocorrect. of course it’s a Dala horse . mine is red,as well as the decal on my car and my garden flag. although I recently heard the color depends on the area of Sweden 🇸🇪. Not sure of that though.
  16. The dollar horse is very very Swedish and everybody in Sweden and every suite in the US owns at least one of them. When I saw that it was on a mask I absolutely had to have it. Yes indeed bring your puffin and mask and your puffin and slippers
  17. My mask. I thought it was very apropos for Iceland but you’d have to be a Scandinavian to appreciate it.
  18. I'm sorry. I was confused. I was looking at the wrong excursion
  19. Really? I was under the impression the last 3 ports were tender ports.
  20. I never liked tenders when I was young and more steady. I'd love to do this tour and view the waterfall from the bottom, but nervous about getting in and out of a tender. Thoughts?
  21. I finally got ahold of them and all is good to go. I still don't have a bar code, but she didn't seem concerned. Sigh.............
  22. I can't seem to get this completed. I've submitted by vaccine info several times and keep getting replies that it' s fine. Then it says to click on a button and they will take care of the rest. When I click on, this is what I get, over and over again. Hi, I think you might have got here by mistake. The QR code in the email should be scanned with the VeriFLY app on iOS or Android. If you haven't already done so, please download the VeriFLY app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store using the links below. Thanks and enjoy your VeriFLY experience. Any advice? I have contacted them, but this keeps coming back to me.
  23. Thank you for this thread. Since everyone needs to be vaccinated to board the ship, I pray it's either a false positive or a very mild case and the passenger will be fine.
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