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  1. 3 hours ago, luv2kroooz said:


    If they were being truthful, the time for working hard and optimizing experiences should happen at the itinerary development stage before the cruise is published and before they collect money from 2,000 guests. It's the typical sell X but deliver Y. NCL has mastered it and they will continue to do it because they can.


    Well, they can do it, that doesn't mean everyone is going to sail with them.  It's a shame since I liked NCL but I'm not paying for a "surprise" cruise.  I was looking at their Asian and African itineraries last night and then thought nope, can't count on any of these stops, need to book with a more reputable company.  

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  2. Very interested to read your impressions of current upgraded drink package and bar service, as well as food and entertainment.  The first time we were on the Bliss the bar service, food, and entertainment were wonderful.  That was 2019 and there were still a couple of decent wines included on the regular package, good food, two stage shows, the Wine Musical, Prohibition, and comedians.... 

    I've upgraded the drink package on every cruise since then since I'm a wine drinker but the upgraded package of today doesn't seem to compare to that in 21 or 22. 


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  3. @Funsince1983 he is a cutie!


    @MeganGC1983 your Skittles project is exactly why I never assigned take home tasks.  The highest grade goes to the most involved parent and how fair is that?  Also, I'm all for family time, not spending the weekend doing something that could be done in class.  I feel bad for kids whose teachers assign homework....who wants to do extra work after you've already put in 6-7 hours?  

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  4. @MeganGC1983 I don't know if you're aware of this but if the drink package goes lower between purchase and cruise you can cancel and buy at the lower price.  Once I was able to save a quite a bit the week before the cruise.


    Ugh, the Kate Middleton news.  I have always really liked her, it is so awful.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Colorado Beach Bum said:

    Should never be tolerated in any era. If we can all just respect each other it would be such an amazing world. And it’s not hard to do so. 

    That would be great but unfortunately I think deep down we're all still in a Valley Of The Dolls world where appearance and weight are huge factors in careers and social acceptance.  


    @dallasdan that takes a lot of willpower.  I've known one person to keep the weight off after weight loss surgery...everyone else went right back to old habits and gained everything back. 

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  6. I'm in Oakland for a WASC visit, fellow educators will know what that means 🙂

    I planned an extra hour for the drive from Sacramento area and due to horrific traffic arrived just in time.  There's a reason we're moving to SC Tribe.  Crazy, crazy, traffic with delays due to nothing but lots of cars...on a Sunday afternoon.  At one point six lanes and we're all stopped.

    Have lots of work this week, probably a good thing @pirate4me2 and @TxTeach79 are done with their excellent  reviews.  I'm thinking both of them need another vacation asap.  


    On another super interesting topic...to me anyway.  Anyone else notice how many people are on Ozempic or something similiar?  I'm a child of the 60s and I've been dieting for over 50 years so I'm all for it but didn't realize how many people besides me were truly done w/ dieting.  I notice it at conferences, on cruise reviews...let's face it, if you're over 40 and you've always been a little chunky you haven't just discovered exercise and fiber.  Admit it and join the happy club. 

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