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  1. I agree @kpark895 I love to eat and the food looked great but this is definitely not a ship for me. Sid, glad you had a good time and that you've got more to look forward to.
  2. We had boardwalk balconies on Allure and loved them. My DH and DS loved the people watching in addition to seeing the ocean, and given an Oasis class ship that is what we will book going forward. All of us are walkers, so distance to elevators isn't an issue. I didn't notice any noise that hampered my sleep, and I'm an early to bed, early to rise person.
  3. Looking forward to your review, feeling that I need to book Mardi Gras now. I need another booking like I need another hole in my head, but I have a feeling after following Twangster's review this week, and yours next week, that I will not be able to resist.
  4. I don't see what the big deal is. You get in the car, you sit, and you drive. DH, DS, and I just drove from Sacramento to Phoenix last month for a medical trial. 12 hours one day, hospital visit the next, than 12 hours home. Not especially fun but there are worse things. A couple of years ago we had a bad experience at DFW, so chose to drive home instead of flying. It was a long, long, day and night, but I had a work appointment for the next morning so we did it. Besides, as a previous poster said, flying is miserable right now. I will say it has been miserable for quite awhile. I'm old, I remember when you used to be served meals and snacks, and often the flights weren't full.
  5. If I had my way would never cruise in anything but an interior cabin. DH and DS like balconies and above though. I love the darkness for sleep, and while I can afford higher priced cabins I'd rather spend the money on more cruises, specialty dinners, excursions and the like. The smart traveler books a cabin just as the smart home buyer purchases a house...you buy the cheapest house in the best neighborhood, i.e. the cheapest cabin on the best ship/itinerary. I also purchase two cabins for our family of three for each cruise, which makes a difference in price. Sorry, not doing with one bathroom for more than two people, and not having the mess of beds out during the day. Ick.
  6. This. When we started cruising we went with DCL, which was great for a long time. I got fed up with the Disney entertainment though...not much of a fairytale fan. There was also no drink package available, and as we all know DCL is expensive. Finally, their loyalty program isn't fair. They reward number of cruises vs. cruise days, so someone with 10 3 day cruises has a higher status than my family with 8 cruises, one of which was 14 days, and another which was 10. We looked around and since have tried RCL, CCL, (loved Panorama), MSC, HAL, and NCL. I like all of them for different reasons.
  7. We're booked on Ovation for September, will definitely be shifting funds to another cruise if masking is still required.
  8. I loved this class. My mom,79, went with me and she enjoyed it as well. Well worth the money. Many have said they couldn't possibly eat all the sushi they made...not my experience, I ate it all and enjoyed every bit. I don't have any sushi making skills, and didn't really take the class for that...I suppose had that been my goal I'd have been more focused on learning instead of eating 🙂
  9. Booked on Ovation in September, thank-you to all the positive posts in this thread. Re-read Hoopster's review from 2019, so that helped as well. I booked deck 8 balconies as I thought it would be an easy walk to 270 and the Esplanade. DS is autistic and doesn't like the elevators with a crowd. Now I'm thinking, wondering if I should have booked higher up to be close to WJ and Solarium. Does anyone have experience with deck 8, pros and cons?
  10. I hope this changes by September, because I am done w/ Covid rules and restrictions. My family is vaccinated and no way am I going to be more restricted on a vacation then I am at home...we're from California so just escaped from maskland on Tuesday. Never, ever, ever, want to go there again.
  11. I've been too busy to follow the ATL thread for the past 5-6 weeks, so sorry to hear about the Joy cancellation Sid. I think we're at the end of this mess though, we'll all be cruising shortly.
  12. I've never understood why people resent the well paid. It isn't as if it is taking away from my paycheck.
  13. As someone has already pointed out the cruise lines have a huge financial incentive to start sailing asap. And, to be fair...a little hard to plan ahead when the rules change all the time. Before Wednesday they still had to have test sailings, now they don't, blah, blah, blah. I'm sure they want nothing more than to clarify sailings and get passengers booked and spending money.
  14. I booked a Panoramic Window Suite for three for Thanksgiving week. Refundable deposit was only $72 more.
  15. NCL has my business for the foreseeable future. Gutsy move which I admire.
  16. I won't cruise w/ masks or social distancing. I'm vaccinated but don't care if others are/aren't. Had Adventure booked but since there wasn't any info on masks before final payment date I cancelled.
  17. Yes, hoping all okay, as the rep sent me the confirmation, than put me on hold...I stayed on hold until the line was disconnected. Also, my reservation isn't showing up in the cruise planner...I want to purchase the drink package and probably wifi.
  18. I'm flying in day of w/ Air2Sea...normally I'd never do this but given the price of hotels in Nassau and the time away from home I'm risking it.
  19. Booked an interior, gratuities included for $2070. Now that I see the pricing on balconies I may change that. I had to call in.
  20. Thank-you OurusualBeach, sounds like a plan to me. Also, thank-you for keeping us updated.
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