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  1. I will not be booking NCL until I can reasonably expect: 1. Entertainment other than game shows. 2. That the itinerary I book will be the itinerary I sail, barring unforseen weather or mechanical problems. What's up with them dropping the Napali coast cruising on POA? Antartica anyone? 3. That my cabin will be serviced no later than 2 each day AND that I have access to my cabin on embarkation day no later than 1:30. 4. That a drink package in Europe starts at embarkation, not whatever time NCL decides it does...last summer's cruises where NCL blamed local laws for delay...why weren't other cruise lines affected? I really liked NCL since I often cruise solo but their cuts have ruined the product for me.
  2. @Nekosabre the pictures are great. I’ve thought the OV cabins would work for us and your pictures have confirmed it.
  3. I second Garden Inn at Terminal 2. Be careful if you book this though, there is more than one Garden Inn at Heathrow.
  4. I didn’t care for the wines available on the Plus package. If both are wine drinkers I’d definitely upgrade. DH is a rum and coke guy so we stick with Plus, it averages out. I’m too lazy to bring a bottle on board, And I like to try new things on vacation.
  5. @JamieLogical the lunch menu in Cartegna indicated Spanish food to me. In Spain a tortilla is what is called a frittata in other countries. The description of yours looked great, many times they're made with just potatoes, onions, and eggs which is good, but not as good as something with chorizo.
  6. This. We cruised with DCL for the 9th time in late November. This was a specific request by ASD DS or I would never have booked it. No drink package, kids not in the clubs, entertainment with story lines originating from fairy tales, uh no, never again since DS didn't seem to enjoy it either. He was much happier on our Sky Princess cruise last summer. DCL used to be innovative and I felt the high price was worth it, now they just seem tired.
  7. No, just no. I don't want to hear anyone sing, play an instrument etc... unless they're a paid performer w/ hopefully some talent and professional skills. As to the language I use the F word as every part of speech but I don't think I could manage 3x in one sentence. I have a good vocabulary but very few words are as versatile 🙂
  8. @Saint Greg the huevos rancheros didn't look good, was it? I'm used to a saucier version and that looks like a flour tortilla rather than corn.
  9. Agreeing to disagree and moving on would be nice.
  10. We’ve never cruised Spirit class, interested in getting your take. Have fun!!!
  11. Ick. I keep an exceptionally clean house and one thing I love about a cruise is coming back to the cabin with everything just so. I'd be a basket case with the above situation. Lots of precaution, hubbub, and clutter with no guarentee of evading germs.
  12. I would be furious if I was on this cruise. All of us understand changes/eliminations of ports due to weather or unforeseen mechanical problems. This doesn't sound unforseen, more of a bait and switch.
  13. @willdra DH and I have the talk about where we were and now here we are. We were so, so broke in the early days and now here we are comfortable and able to take lovely vacations. It's odd how it happens, one day you're checking over every item in your grocery cart, balancing the bank statements, staying up nights trying to figure out how to pay a bill and then slowly it starts to get better. I still remember going into a gas station in 1996 and buying a soda since I was thirsty. A really big deal as money for something like that was absolutley not available up to that point. Your review has decided me, we need to do another Panorama or Firenzia cruise before we leave California. We're buying in Latitudes Hilton Head so need to take care of our west coast cruises before the move.
  14. That excursion looked fun, we'll have to try it next time we're on Panorama, which with all the recent great reviews will be soon. On another note, how was Latitudes?
  15. @WatermelonSugarHighI’m an early to bed, early to rise person so the the nightlife wouldn’t be a factor for me. Their app also seems to be wonkier than most and their website isn’t particularly user friendly either. Good thing we don’t all want the same thing 🙂
  16. I occassionally come over to this forum to see if I should change my mind about VV. Thank-you for this thread @WatermelonSugarHigh, it reinforced my decision to avoid VV. Too many other cruiselines that are a better fit for me.
  17. What’s up with the wind? Is it time of year, route, ship design or a combo?
  18. DS was a 1 pm nap boy. If he fell asleep in the car before that it was power nap and then Mr. Cranky the rest of the day. I learned early on to schedule our day around that two hour nap. We didn’t cruise in those days, just as well, we’d have been limited to TAs.
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