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  1. I just checked a menu and it says extra entrees are charged an additional fee, nothing about limits on sides. That would be annoying, I like to get mushrooms or creamed spinach with mashed potatoes.
  2. Looks like a great dinner Sid. I too would be happy to share the Champagne. I'm a good friend that way 🙂
  3. It's like being a good driver...if I'm a great driver but someone runs a red light and hits me my skills/OCD don't do me much good. If the bathrooms that passengers use are missing soap can only imagine what's going on in the rest of the ship.
  4. Hoping for a speedy recovery for both you and the weather.
  5. I’ll be retiring soon so last minute is my cruising strategy going forward. I want to go everywhere, I have points across various airlines, I can be flexible.
  6. David Letterman used to say a line that reminds me of this...something about being in a restaurant and being offered extra fries because they were burnt.
  7. Gross. Why would you want one of your own pillows touching anything on a plane. Maybe they throw it away after?
  8. I'll join previous posters and say I've been looking forward to this. Firenzia will be in California next year so this will help me plan. Thank-you!!!
  9. Thank-you all, I will try calling again. @orkaren1 I redemmed them for obc.
  10. Hello, On the 6th I transferred $1200 of BA reward points to my RC cruise in April. Denominations were 2 $500, 1 $150, and 1 $50. The two smaller ones were credited to my account w/in a couple of days, the two larger ones still aren't there. I called and was told that sometimes it takes up to two weeks before sail date, (April for me), before they show up. Really irritated as I wanted to use them on drink packages...there is an okay sale now, $66/day and I'm assuming there will be a better one on Black Friday. I could just buy the packages but I shouldn't have to. Has anyone had experience with this? TIA.
  11. @Onlyoneash This, on Panorama at Long Beach. Here is my review from July of 2022, July 9-16 Panorama, special needs https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2868286-july-9-16-panorama-special-needs/
  12. This. I was on QM2 on the 9/22-9/29 TA and I overindulged on both food and drink. As of 10/11 my weight was back to pre-cruise. There is a lot to be said for high quality base ingredients. As Americans we'd be much healthier if we were more stringent on food production and safety.
  13. Never that I've seen. We have a Royal cruise booked for April, I'm really hoping the drink package goes down from the $71/day it currently is.
  14. The enrichment lectures were on food, wine, honey, and forensic science, with one or two lectures discussing the Canadian ports. I was on a TA but the cruise after mine was going to Canada and many of the passengers were doing a BTB. They allowed you to sit with your party or with others, up to you and what you want that particurlar meal.
  15. BTW, Cunard does anytime dining now. The longest we waited for a table was 5 minutes.
  16. Posted September 28 I am absolutely loving my cruise on QM2. This is a sold out voyage but no crowds to be seen. There are four separate banks of elevators so never a wait and many times an elevator with only one or two passengers. I haven’t seen one table of friends or family focusing on their phones instead of each other. Granted, internet isn’t good, Starlink won’t be installed for several weeks. Almost everyone carrying a book or kindle which as a reader I love to see. Many utilizing the promenade deck which is wide and has loads of padded loungers. Lovely people to team up for trivia or to share a table at lunch. The ship is very quiet, any background music is low volume. The captain makes an announcement at noon each day with weather and navigation updates, as well as the history of nautical terms or sayings but that’s about it. The disembark paperwork states that QM2 practices a “silent disembarkation” in other words you’re given a time to leave your cabin and they assume you honor it. I loathe noise so this has been right up my alley. Food has been good to excellent. There has been a lot of lamb and game served, both of which I love. Fish as you can imagine is also good and the Indian food outstanding. Per my sister room service quick, accurate, and the food arrives hot. We have the drink package and there is never an issue with ordering multiple alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks at once. Waiters often just take one card for the table. Nibbles such as potato chips, olives, and cheese straws served with drinks from late afternoon. The ship is well maintained and beds are extremely comfortable. Penhaligans toiletries, including full bottles of lotion. Coffee and tea making supplies along with a kettle in all cabins…they even include simple butter cookies. I realize the cookies are for tea but I’ve been eating them for breakfast. Entertainment is wonderful all day and into the evening. Trivia challenging and fun with a wide range of topics. Many enrichment lectures on a variety of topics. Dress code strict, we did see an older gentleman turned away from the dining room on Black and White Gala Night…he was in dress slacks, shirt, and cardigan. I personally thought grace could have been shown in that instance. I didn’t buy clothes for this cruise and my black knee length dress purchased for board meetings was right in the middle of what other women were wearing. My BIL bought a new tux and that seemed the most popular option for men, but a dark suit would be fine too. Day time clothing is what you’d see on any cruise. I will sail with Cunard again, most likely a TA round trip. DH and DS like a more port oriented cruise so perhaps a Panama Canal cruise as a family. I would sum this up by saying Cunard is for adults who want to behave as adults, not adults wanting to relive spring break. I’m glad both types of cruises exist because that gives all of us options and I’m happy to experience both 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions.
  17. Same excellent experience with Princess. Just off Cunard and they're upgrading to Starlink w/in the next couple of months. DCL needs to do the same. For a company that prides itself on customer service they're not doing well in this regard.
  18. I wouldn't use the term pre-made as much as I'd use bowls made according to a specific recipe. They tasted fresh and hot. TBH I was happy because I'm so indecisive I'd be a basket case trying to figure out what I wanted w/ a full Mongolian Wok option list 🙂
  19. They offered the bowl options in February on Panorama. I really enjoyed them. They were steaming hot, tasted fresh and the combinations were wonderful.
  20. Sky Princess in Norway, June 2023, internet great as Starlink had already been installed.
  21. I think the issue here is being comfortable with YOUR choices and not needing the validation of a crowd.
  22. I don’t remember either but as a possible solution maybe fold-up ballet flats?
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