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  1. I buy (Cheers) two sugar free energy drinks each day to have before I leave the room. Once I'm pulled together I leave the room and buy coffee. I prefer coffee makings in the room so that I can make and drink 3-4 cups before getting started with my day but the energy drinks are a decent compromise.
  2. Margaritaville Hilton Head. Very much looking forward to experiencing a different lifestyle.
  3. Great review @ninjacat123 We're moving to SC in the next 12-15 months so I loved the drive posts. I cannot wait to live close to cruise ports!
  4. I'm a net zero packer. I bring enough for each day and that's it. If something happened and I had to send laundry out I'd rather do that then cart around just in case clothing. By the time we pack for home all the dirty clothes are in laundry bags and the only clean clothes are the plane clothes in the closet or drawers. Makes an easy unpack when we get home too...laundry bags to the laundry room, done!
  5. I need that in my life @Slainte57 My cheapo red wine isn't cutting it tonight.
  6. So rude. You get your stuff the second you find your seat and than you stay sat down. If I forget something tough darts for me.
  7. I've been looking forward to this. We're on Quantum in April so interested in hearing your opinion on this class of ship. Yes indeed, you're on a slippery slope 🙂
  8. That sounds like a plan, I love the Panorama and 8 days always better than 7. Like I'd complain if another ship/date was chosen 🙂 Whatever the Tribe decides 🙂
  9. I'm here, I'm wallowing in MO. Is that a thing, missing out by itself? Because it isn't fear of, I AM missing out! During this cruise can someone arrange the next one? I'll be retired by then and no pesky conference to interfer w/ my travel plans. Have a wonderful time all 🙂
  10. This is going gto be a great week, thanks for taking us along Sid.
  11. That is an excellent idea @RenoNanaOz! I’m so wishing I was going along but good thing I cancelled when I did, lots of health woes here. I’ll be following and drinking right along though. Now to convince DH that I’m home but actually on a cruise which means day drinking is expected 🙂 Hoping all of you have the best time ever!!!
  12. We had the Central Park view cabins on deck 9, they were great. I didn't notice any noise and the window seat provided extra seating and a view. I wouldn't hesitate to book this category again.
  13. @TxTeach79 I hope Carnival is paying you and @HelloItsMeB commission because I’m so ready to book a Carnival cruise! I know that isn’t the reason behind the Live but you’ve sold me, Chef’s Table and Teppanyaki too, even though I promised myself never again because too much food! Can I also say I would give anything to sleep like Miss B? Thank-you!!!
  14. Maybe some juice to get her electrolytes balanced and lots of sparkling water for dehydration? I’d suggest an energy drink but if she wants to rest that won’t help.
  15. Okay, definitely need to book a NYE's cruise. We've done one on the Panorama 19-20 and I told myself I didn't need to experience NYE on a cruise again, since I have a lot of experiences on my to-do list. Stupid decision on my part.
  16. Great post. Thank-you OP for starting this thread.
  17. Thank-you for this. We were on the Panorama on her third cruise and tried 3 of the Carnival Kitchen classes. We didn't enjoy them much and I think it was because they weren't very organized, the pacing was off, basically I think too new of a concept. It sounds as if they've fixed those issues, I will look forward to trying the classes on my next Carnival cruise.
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