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  1. @pirate4me2 great review, thank-you. I really want to try Havana but I’m so cheap…you’re pushing me to the dark side 🙂
  2. If you do a search for Carnival Havana bar menus you’ll see them. They include the coffee drinks 🙂
  3. Happy cruise day @pirate4me2 The weather looks beautiful.
  4. I would say never as the staff works very hard for their money. I would definitely speak to Guest Services if your steward or waiter isn't doing their job. Understand that those tips go to many staff that you don't see who are working to make your cruise enjoyable and safe.
  5. Yay, cruise day!!! So sorry about your daughter's flight, what a mess! I never realized about the minimum check-in age for a hotel.
  6. @ceilidh1 I have a question for you, can you send me a message at leslie_gene at yahoo? Thank-you.
  7. Well, they can do it, that doesn't mean everyone is going to sail with them. It's a shame since I liked NCL but I'm not paying for a "surprise" cruise. I was looking at their Asian and African itineraries last night and then thought nope, can't count on any of these stops, need to book with a more reputable company.
  8. @TrqoisWtrs I wouldn't be happy with Cupcake wine either.
  9. @pirate4me2 loved the sign on the intro. Hoping for less drama and just as much or more fun for you, your mom, and B.
  10. Okay, that VIP pass sounds like a definite for us. We've been planning to go to Universal in Orlando and assuming it is available there as well. Thank-you @ceilidh1 for sharing more ways for me to spend vacation money 🙂
  11. Very interested to read your impressions of current upgraded drink package and bar service, as well as food and entertainment. The first time we were on the Bliss the bar service, food, and entertainment were wonderful. That was 2019 and there were still a couple of decent wines included on the regular package, good food, two stage shows, the Wine Musical, Prohibition, and comedians.... I've upgraded the drink package on every cruise since then since I'm a wine drinker but the upgraded package of today doesn't seem to compare to that in 21 or 22.
  12. The dog is a cutie. Okay, for the Venezia cruise I'm hoping no travel mishaps. Who is with me on this?
  13. Thinking positive thoughts for you and grandma @pirate4me2.
  14. When I checked a couple of days ago there was one Havana interior.
  15. Looking forward to this. Would it be a @TxTeach79 live without some possible travel drama? I was on the Sun in 9/22, absolutely loved the ship.
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