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  1. Thank-you for this. We were on the Panorama on her third cruise and tried 3 of the Carnival Kitchen classes. We didn't enjoy them much and I think it was because they weren't very organized, the pacing was off, basically I think too new of a concept. It sounds as if they've fixed those issues, I will look forward to trying the classes on my next Carnival cruise.
  2. My thought too. The first drink on the flight is my signal that vacation has started. Bloody Mary or Vodka Soda, depending on what I'm wearing.
  3. We stayed at Heathrow earlier this year, Hilton Garden Inn, terminals 2 and 3. There is also an Aerohotel in the arrivals hall but the Garden Inn had better reviews. There is an excellent Youtube video showing the walk from customs to the Garden Inn in case you decide on that option. It was very easy, then the Princess transfer the next day. On another cruise I arrived in Southhampton a day early and stayed at the Moxy which is where I'll stay for all future cruises from Southhampton. Clean, great service, one block away from approximately 30 restaurants and a mall. I would never arrive any later than one day early for a European cruise. I cruised twice out of Southhampton this year, both times with a prior day arrival and both times I was very nervous of a possible delay. While everything went as planned the anxiety for me wasn't worth it and going forward I'll plan to arrive at least two days before embarkation.
  4. This. I adore reading but that isn’t the norm. I love a physical book but given the absence of book stores I read on my Kindle/iPad or checkout from the library. People have no idea what they’re missing.
  5. I think I would assume that staff thought the light was broken and put in a request to maintenance to repair. Maintenance followed practice of checking if someone was in the room and given the circumstances entered after knocking twice. Once they realized someone was in the room they left. I don't see this as anything more than a misunderstanding on both parts. Maintenance following procedure but picking an odd time and the OP not deadbolting or placing dnd on the door. TBH I don't use deadbolt or dnd. Of course I don't lock my doors at home either and I live in an urban area. If people really want in they're going to get in and I don't have anything anyone would want anyway.
  6. Great post. No, just no to "surprises". If you're so sure they'll be thrilled to see you let them know in advance so they can anticipate your arrival.
  7. Firenze Havana area is called Terrezzo and doesn't have the pool and hot tubs. Also open to all from 7 pm, like Havana area was at the beginning. Firenze does 7 day itineraries, I've been looking at one over Labor Day.
  8. Great review, I love your suite rationalization 🙂 My cruise math works just about the same.
  9. Princess treated me well on a charge that they were legitimately entitled to. I had to leave the ship early and so was charged the fee, something like $900. I get it, I know there are rules and it was a situation where there wasn't another solution. Lo and behold a year later Princess sent me a refund check, said that they weren't charged the fine therefore wouldn't be keeping my money. Classy.
  10. I have a voucher as well, was booked on the 3/28/25 cruise. I'm really hoping it is just a ship substitution and not a complete cancellation.
  11. That cruise pushed me firmly into the Princess camp. The cruise itself, the activities, and I liked being able order drink package items to my room...well, there were 3 am cheeseburgers as well.
  12. @TxTeach79 We did the Sky Midnight Sun cruise in June, absolutely our best cruise ever. I don't know if you've been to Norway but the best way I can describe it is the little villages at Epcot except they're real and there's fabulous scenery surrounding them.
  13. I thought the same thing. I don’t want Huevos Rancheros made with a dry flour tortilla…looked more like a deconstructed breakfast burrito.
  14. Too bad everyone can’t go home early, hazardous environment and all that.
  15. I really liked the Princess breakfast sandwich, had it delivered to the room a couple of times and bought it from IC as well.
  16. Looking forward to this one. My favorite thing about Plus was the ability to order wine and specialty coffee for room delivery. Granted, you can always order to the room but with other cruise lines you'd be charged for the drinks even if you have a full package. Love that it's an inclusion on Princess.
  17. I'll vote for Moxy as well. As previously stated a great area and breakfast buffet, and exceptionally friendly staff. My sister and brother-in-law picked met me at Heathrow since they had a car and had been driving around England for several weeks. The ride to Southhampton was stressful even with the navigation system in the rental. In addition to driving on the other side there are a lot of traffic circles and two lane roads. I was able to enjoy the scenery but my brother-in-law had to really focus on his driving and my sister had to be vigilant in watching for signs, exits, etc... They both commented the next morning how it felt like a weight had been lifted off their backs once they turned the car in . My brother-in-law really likes to drive too. I really enjoyed Southhampton and the Titanic tour, as well as Stondehenge and Salisbury are easily accessed if you have a couple of days.
  18. @Saint Greg I was reading another Regal review, Blerk one, and there's no alcohol sold until the ship reaches international waters...not even the abreviated menu that RC does. It might be a good idea to take something on board with you, Princess allows one bottle of wine
  19. I’ve never heard of someone other than myself having low sodium. TBH I actually laughed when I was told the results of the blood work…I salt anchovy pizza. Who knew I should be doing something? Thank-you, I’ll look into this.
  20. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Princess.
  21. Traveling as a family we really need connecting rooms. I realize it may not be possible but if you can please change your cabin and open up the possiblity to a family that would prefer/needs that cabin feature.
  22. I just checked a menu and it says extra entrees are charged an additional fee, nothing about limits on sides. That would be annoying, I like to get mushrooms or creamed spinach with mashed potatoes.
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