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  1. i saw a post about this a few weeks ago and never could find it again. Did the Amazon pop up issue ever find a resolution? My iPhone has been doing it now for a few weeks and it's driving me nuts. It's one of those scam looking pop-ups saying you won a gift card and the only option is to press close and it takes you away from cruise critic and you need to start from the beginning again. I'm on my iPhone x and can't rememebr what the last person who posted was on

  2. I've used the same TA for just about all of our cruises now. For our upcoming cruise in March, we booked a junior suite and we received $300 obc from Royal and our TA matched their obc plus an additional $50 obc so we have a total of $650 obc for a cabin we paid barely over $1200 per person on. Typically when we book just a balcony room we get $150-200 obc, prepaid gratuity, and dinner for two in a specialty restaurant from our TA.


    I'll gladly give up a little power for those kinda of perks.

  3. So my wife and I are in our mid 20s and we're 1 cruise away from Diamond. We'll be hitting that after our cruise next year. I've been seeing more and more pm MSC and their new ship coming out in December (msc seaside) looks really awesome. I've seen some bloggers on the Divina and I'm intrigued. I read today they also match other loyalty programs so I'm not sure what emerald would put us at on MSC but I'm kind of considering it for a future cruise.


    With us really enjoying Royal, what would we miss? Has anyone done an msc lately and also love royal? Lately some of the cut backs have been noticeable. We typically only cruise once a year living in northern Wisconsin. In the future, msc seaside in the future??


    Thoughts from others who have considered it or done it!

  4. Thanks for the follow-up, very rarely does that happen. What was your final cost with taxes, fees, tolls, gas, insurance, etc?


    I paid the extra $10 for the toll pass thing just for ease of mind and fuel was $12 after driving around all night so total cost was roughly $65 bucks. I never take the insurance offered by the car rental company. The amount of pickup the camaro ss had made it real fun! 👌

  5. We had three cabins on Navigator two weeks ago and all 3 got the $12.47 charge for the bottles of water that sat on the vanity all week. When I called to get them removed, the rep asked if we drank them and my response was "we had the drink package and I knew those were a charge so we definitely did not drink those ones". All three cabins. Oh well.

  6. It may be easier for you to fly into MCO , explore Disney and what not - go on the cruise - and then fly out of Tampa. My suggestion - southwest or JetBlu. There are always good prices and have many direct flights with minimal - free luggage charges.



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    I was thinking this too. We have free vouchers from southwest so we'll have to do some price checking when the time comes

  7. Um, I thought it was obvious that my post was a tongue-in-cheek reply to Punchy, who wasn't upset about the room service change.


    His posts show he is sailing on Harmony on December 19, 2017 so this would impact him.




    Punchy understood it. ;);p:D




    OH! Lol!! This does sound like something Royal would eventually do!

  8. And here is RCL's reply.


    Effective December 9, 2017, Drink Packages will NOT be honored in the Main Dining Room as well as the following venues onboard Harmony of the Seas: Boot & Bonnet Pub, Boleros, Cafe Promenade,Sorrentos, Rising Tide Bar, Bionic Bar, Schooners, Sky Bar, Trellis Bar, and all specialty restaurants.


    Once onboard, please consult your cruise compass for listing of bars, stocked with bargain basement brands, where your Drink Package will still be honored.


    We are making this change in response to the demand for Drink Packages, to improve and enhance your drinking experience.




    Hey, at least they are giving you more than 2 weeks notice about the change to your drink package.






    This part sucks more than the room service.. You can basically get drinks with your package at like one bar..

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