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  1. We went to St. Petersburg in August of 2009 on =X= Century. It was our very first cruise in Europe and really started something! We did a 2-day ship tour so saw the Hermitage, Catherine's palace, Peterhof, all the usual suspects. Lunch was included both days and when we sat down there was a glass/shot of vodka at every place setting as well as Champagne/sparkling wine on the tables -- what a way to lunch 😉. Years ago, when my daughter was young, we got a black cat with a white spot down low on his belly. We had just gotten a pool table so the cat's name was "8 Ball". 🎱 (I'm sure the vet shook his head over that one!)
  2. @cat shepard I moved my arm a lot after my booster (think throwing a punch 😆) and it was fine the next day, maybe a little sore when touched. Nothing like the first 2 shots.
  3. @erewhon Thank you, it was a very good day! Kay
  4. OK, just got all caught up. @ger_77 @cunnorl @mamaofami @ipdaily @JAM37 @jimgev @Overhead Fred @Cruising-along @Seasick Sailor @AncientWanderer @JazzyV @Quartzsite Cruiser and @bennybear Thank you for the birthday wishes. Also, @ipdaily, welcome to CC and The Daily. Kay
  5. @rafinmd @cat shepard @puppycanducruise @kazu @smitty34877 @garlictown @dfish @grapau27 @StLouisCruisers Thank you for the birthday wishes. Heading out shortly for a "Kay day" will catch up when we get home. Kay
  6. @HBCcruiser Thank you for posting the bar menu! Is there more?
  7. Good Sunday morning! Thank you, everyone, for The Daily; cheers to those celebrating and hugs to all on the care list. We have only been to Santorini one time - November 27, 2009, =X= Solstice and our very first Med cruise to be followed by a TA. We went up to town and hired a guy with a van and had a nice tour including a winery stop for a tasting. It was a good day. First glimpse There are two ways to get up to the town Solstice anchored in the caldera The shot everyone takes -- our ship wouldn't cooperate and swing into full view Some local "wildlife" Street scene Local beer right beside the donkey station Good bye, Santorini! Kay
  8. @HBCcruiser Thank you for this thread. Can’t hardly wait to board the Regal on 12/4! I have started a thread on the Princess boards, 2021 Bar Menus, and would love it if someone could post them from the Grand. @HaveDogWillTravel graciously posted the menus from the Majestic, but so far we don't have any from the ships that have the more "traditional" Princess bars (think Crooners 😉). Here is a link to the 2021 Bar Menus thread https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2805836-2021-bar-menus/ TYIA 🥂
  9. Good Morning, all! Thanks to all who contribute here. Hugs to those on the care list and cheers to those on the celebratory list. We have embarked, disembarked, "turnarounded", and just plain called upon Barcelona (12 different times). It is one our favorite cities despite the fact that during our first trip there DH was almost pickpocketed -- the old squirt something on his back and try to wipe it off -- I stepped in and pushed the guy away. We had read about this tactic and DH had his wallet in his front pocket which was zippered. Our first time was in December, 2007 - the beginning of a TA on =X= Century and the last time was October, 2019, during our 32 day Holy Land and TA on Rotterdam VI. Since there are already many pictures posted, I won't repeat. However, we do have one tradition we must do when in Barcelona -- have a plate of fried Padron peppers and some Jamon Iberico sometimes accompanied by a plate of patatas bravas or pan con tomate. First time - peppers and patatas bravas 3rd time - peppers, Jamon Iberico & Manchego cheese 8th time - Jamon Iberico and pan con tomate Our last time in Barcelona -- Jamon Iberico Pan con tomate Padron peppers Kay
  10. Yumm, love those frizzled onions -- always get a side order of them, too 😍
  11. @ger_77 Gerry....great minds! I snapped this in Villefranche at the back door of a restaurant. Mine is only a paltry 10Lt where yours is a humungous 20Lt 👍 Kay 🥂
  12. Yes, they were two very long days. The first day we went to the Cognac region and the second was touring wineries in Bordeaux. Sadly, didn’t get to spend any time in the city ☹️
  13. @St Pete Cruiser and @kazu We docked (and overnighted) at LeVerdon-sur-Mer when =X= Millennium did her “Immersive Wine Cruise” in 2011.
  14. @kazu Jacqui -- Thank you so much for the pictures of Tarragona. Have been to Barcelona many, many times and love it, but now HAVE to go to Tarragona the next time! 😍
  15. @Seasick Sailor and @SusieKIslandGirl 🎉 BEST WISHES FOR A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂
  16. Sandi, Thanks. You win the prize (nada) 😀. Yikes 😱 that sounds sooo old — 3/4 of a century!! Kay
  17. WOW! All you youngsters on here -- here's a little test for y'all to see if you are reading everything today. I am 10 years and 1 day older than @grapau27. 😉😆
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