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  1. You pay regardless of where you consume with NCL. There is no allowance for a bottle of wine to be brought on for personal consumption like there is with other cruise lines
  2. You are indeed an expert! We were given offer of the 25% OBC of difference. Thanks for the info. My TA was back to me first thing this morning with that offer And FWIW - the BLISS cruise to Mexico Oct 20 and 27 are amazing deals right now for balcony cabins!!
  3. Hello experts, I am using a TA and noticed tonight that there is a significant price drop on my Oct BLISS cruise. We are 3 weeks past final payment. Prior to final I would send my TA a screenshot and she would do the rest. We have saved about $600 What can I expect my TA to accomplish if she contacts NCL now? Will they offer any concessions or just say forget it, too late? any insight??
  4. If you are looking for a fun excursion in costa maya - my family LOVED the Maya, Mayan Lost Kindom waterpatk
  5. Super exciting! Congrats on your great opportunity. 1) I’m pretty sure that for an early dinner you can rock up and expect to get a table for 2 with no problems 2) looks like there’s a $8 service charge for a hot breakfast delivery. Tips can be in cash 3) you can bring wine onboard but you will incur $15 corkage fee for each bottle 4) haven’t sailed on Joy so can’t comment on internet have an awesome time!!
  6. Is there really a surcharge for ocean Blue on the Bliss? With dining package?
  7. No way I could drink 21 bottles of wine in 21 days..... but 7 in 7? I can give that a try for sure
  8. It’s really worth it for the bottles of wine at dinner. And dont get me started on the Veuve! 🍾🥂
  9. I’m on the Bliss Oct 27th sailing and the option of Six does not come up. At all. I did already make reservations for Jersey Boys last week. This is strange, no?
  10. Hooray for you! I love when good things happen. inside to Spa Balcony is awesome!!
  11. Oh MY! What a great price.... but alas we are going on the Bliss on Oct 27... I just don’t think we can do two in one Month!
  12. I thought for sure Ontario Beekeepers Association
  13. I really enjoyed Carnival as well. My husband insists it had the best food and I enjoyed the fun ship aspects but I could NOT get over the tacky decor. Hoping to try out one of their newest ships soon.
  14. What I do is make a cheat sheet on my phone in notes... it lists my cruise, total price and amenities so when I log in to check my booking I can know whether to contact my TA. I take a screen shot and email it to her. In the morning she checks to see if it works with NCL. Then makes the adjustments My Bliss cruise in Oct it has dropped 3 times for a total of $500 and we have added 3 more perks since I booked 6 months ago. Every time I was given the warning I would lose my assigned room ( BA) but they have given it back to me each time. I love the gamble. We are past f
  15. I have also been fortunate enough to do several cruises on the major lines. One of the things that folks rarely talk about - but is very important to me and one of the reasons I truly loved my NCL cruise and we are booked for another - is the aesthetic. Decor and furnishings are very important to me. I prefer new modern decor and modern lighting. Strangely - even the newest ships of the others lines I’ve sailed are more “stately” and slightly overdone traditional. I honestly find the older carnival ships laughable in their decor. I’ve been on 3 Princess ships in the past year
  16. Lol. You mean THAT’S why my family never had much to say when I texted them during my 2 weeks in Greece?
  17. Check the Mediterranean ports forum for Rome. Lots of info there
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