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  1. Yes, 2am ships time. They left little reminder cards at bedtime turndown.
  2. I just did a transatlantic from Florida to Europe and I do concur that the time changes eastbound were pretty annoying. It wasn't so bad for me as I worked rotating shifts for years, but my friend was miserable. It was a slow-motion jetlag torture for her, where every day was "Spring Forward". If the spring time-change kills you, this may be something to consider. I'm greatly looking forward to the westbound TA where I get all that time back. :-)
  3. Thanks! Yeah, it helped that I am already in the Netherlands, having come off the HAL Rotterdam TA cruise which I also booked less than 2 weeks out. :-) I'm fully retired. :-) I woke up to the rejection emails from NCL this morning. I didn't bid much, $75pp for an outside and $150 for a balcony, because on such a port-centered itinerary it really doesn't matter. I guess I just assumed that the emails would go out right at the 48 hrs mark and was surprised when they didn't.
  4. This is my first cruise on NCL since they started this. I booked this cruise about a week ago as an inside guarantee. (All that was available except for the Haven LOL) I sail on Saturday out of Amsterdam. I bid pretty low for both an oceanview and balcony. My question is, shouldn't I have heard something by now? It's inside of 48 hours and I haven't gotten either a rejection or acceptance. Just curious.
  5. A lot depends on how long you leave them in after they should have been removed. I had to wait a week once and it hurt like heck. I won't do that again.
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