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  1. I know a person who tested positive on their return PCR test while in the U.S. They simply went to another test facility and got another test done. They actually got two extra tests done just in case one didn't come back in time for his flight home. He got the negative result 45 minutes before his flight and off he went back to Toronto. The back-up plan was to fly internally to Buffalo and walk across one of the bridges back to Canada. The Canadian border Services cannot refuse a Canadian even with a positive test result. He would have had to quarantine buy at least it would be here. One caveat, if you test positive by a lab at a U.S. airport, apparently you go on a U.S. no fly list for two weeks. After finding this out he didn't get a third test done at the airport the morning of his flight back because it would have screwed up his plan B. All three for his non airport tests were free. The airport rapid PCR test was going to be $250 USD.
  2. Bumped. Since we won't be discussing mixed doses anymore, what do you think about Bill's comments after his cruise to space? https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimclash/2021/10/13/william-shatners-own-words-after-just-having-been-in-space/?sh=48c34e19220b
  3. That's horrible news! 🤬 What the heck will we discuss on this forum now?😱 😇
  4. Don't pass up the customer service desk. Some of the best entertainment you'll ever find on a cruise is there. Just pull up a chair and enjoy!🙂
  5. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/capt-kirks-william-shatner-cusp-135152861.html It looks like it was a cruise to nowhere. And he only rated an inside cabin.
  6. Here's a fact. According to the New York Times, the latest data is that 3.8 billion people on this planet have not even received the first shot of a Covid vaccine yet. Here's my opinion. We Canadians have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to be fully vaccinated. Was the process perfect? No, but when was the last time any of us scored perfect on anything?
  7. That will likely take longer. Remember those travelers will not only be returning Canadians with our rather amateurish vaccination documents but Sue from Alabama with her hand written CDC vaccination card which she bought online and forged. 😉
  8. The CDC is not anti-Canadian. Their job is to serve the U.S. public's interests, not any foreign country's public's interest. And yes, we may be nice and polite neighbours but we are still foreigners to the Americans. (who happen to spell neighbor wrong in their eyes 😉)
  9. So the U.S.'s CDC is not the centre of the universe after all. The U.S. will take the opinion of the WHO into account. WOW! Those folks with mixed vaccines should be jumping for joy at this news. 🥳
  10. Just keep the Herb Tarlek look to a minimum. 😉
  11. But the maladies that come with it are that number squared! 😁
  12. Those private excursion providers were likely able to do that for you because they didn't have any insurance and almost no assets to lose in case you sued them.
  13. Sounds like the bean counters got wind of what was happening and shut it down. I hope the rules change for the better and you will be able to get a 3rd shot, or the cruise lines' change their policies prior to your cruise date.
  14. 🤔 Perhaps those high car insurance premiums could also be because both Max and Colton like to drive really, really fast! And both seem to be getting into some fender benders lately. 🏎️💥
  15. Bottom line is ... getting old sucks. But, it's better than the alternative!
  16. OP. Yes, cruise line Wi-Fi is expensive and the quality is not vert good but you have to ask yourself this question. Is saving the additional expensive of the Wi-Fi worth the whining and grief your teenagers will give you on the ship? 😭 Also, if you pay for your kids' cell phones, do you have a cheap International date package for them? Because I'm pretty sure ( 99.99%) the teens will be on their data as soon as the ship gets in range of a cell tower. Cha Ching!💸
  17. Neither is the ability to get a cruise discount.
  18. But at least you can drown your sorrows with good chicken wings. 😁
  19. My son is in Punta Cana right now. I'll ask how the protocol following was when he gets back.
  20. Agree with the others, 10 months is an eternity in this pandemic. Regulations will likely be changed by next August. BTW, with your timeline, you might want to do the kids back to school shopping before your cruise.
  21. YSJ is too long. DD from TO, will call it BJ. (Brunswick John). I know technically it's in New Brunswick but calling that Province 'New" is like calling an 80 year old, Jr. 😉 The other one will be FJ. 😄
  22. Then it would be $900 for business class to St. John, $250 for the hotel, $500 for the limo ...... 🙂 Still lots of money and hassle just for a cruise. I guess going cold turkey on cruises during the the pandemic has cured me of my cruising affliction.
  23. WOW, flying to St. John just so you can take a cruise. What would that cost? $400 for the flight, $150 for a night in a hotel, $100 for uber/taxis, $100 for food.... 🤯 Seems like a lot of money and hassle to go through just to allow you to hop on a cruise. I think I'd rather cancel the cruise and spend a week in St. John...... before the snow comes.😉
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