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  1. Cound not agree more! Almost 50 cruises, and the menories of this particular sailing will stay with me for a very long time. ENTHUSIASM, ENERGY, EXUBERANCE, EXHILARATION, even EUPHORIA (can't think of any other "E" words) all describe the feeling among the staff and pax on the Horizon last week. There were a few "hiccups" during the week, but as far as I was concerned, after not cruising for 16 months, everyone got a free pass. If you kept the thought in the back of your mind that, three weeks ago, we all just wanted to get on a ship... Carnival did a great job with the startup.
  2. Im fairly sure you are talking about Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. This is PortMiami.
  3. Appreciate you taking the time during your vacation to post!
  4. This news came out yesterday. Carnival stock was UP $0.67 (2.44%) today. Carnival corporation's slightly smaller fleet will raise demand, pushing prices higher. I read somewhere that approximately $2 million dollars of OBC were distributed. A small drop in the bucket. Slowly rooling out fleet capacity into 2022 will keep upward pressure on cabin pricing. From a stock standpoint, all will be fine.
  5. Well said. Most don't realize that a "bailout" is NOT a handout, but a low interest loan. So, a couple of points... A)The US government shut down the cruise lines. Wasn't a situation where it was a case of bad management or poor controls of Operational Expenditures took place. And B) Though the vast majority of shipboard employees are non-Americans, the cruise lines do help the US economy in many ways. Shore side personnel, port agents, luggage porters, security and port maintenance are a small sampling of US workers aligned with the cruise industry. Add in all the wholesalers of the materials that the cruise ships use on a weekly basis (meats, produce, alcohol, fuel, etc.) it adds tens of billions of dollars to the US economy. Bottom line is that cruise lines deserve low cost government loans to keep the economy "floating".
  6. Really appreciate the updates on the situation. But, truth be told, I'm boarding RCI's Adventure OTS in the morning, and you guys are killing me!
  7. Need some Craps info... table minimum? Pass line odds behind? Double odds? 3x4x5x? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  8. Just made Platinum ourselves! As you can see (if you expand the signature below) we are certainly not new to cruising, but fairly new to Royal. We're probably going to "bounce around" different lines, as they are certainly more alike than different.
  9. ...This is true. Quads tend to sell out quickly during Spring Break. Also, another reason is that it might be a "themed cruise" (dance/performer/religious) so a travel agency may have blocked a huge amount of cabins in each category.
  10. Just off the Navigator OTS this morning. I can confirm that he was definitely on this sailing. Saw him in his office/cabana and decided to say hello. Shook his hand and chatted for about a minute. He was real cordial and it didn't appear to me as if I was bothering him.
  11. I'm 6'1" and never had a problem with the soap dish. Shower curtain is another story. Said I would prefer dinner first before another intimate encounter.
  12. We were on the ship this past March. Ship was beautiful. We didn't notice (and certainly didn't spend our cruise vacation looking for) anything ripped, bent of broken. The exterior hull did have some rust, but that is certainly expected. There were workers at almost every port with white paint and rollers touching up the hull. The ship is in great condition.
  13. Allure appears to be leaving Port Everglades! https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/
  14. You're absolutely right! I had it backwards. Nice catch!
  15. Not Royal, but on topic... also today, Carnival Conquest and Carnival Magic flipped ports. Carnival Conquest going from Port of Miami To Port Everglades. Carnival Magic going from Port Everglades to Port of Miami.
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