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  1. We've been using them since before Covid and while they HAVE had some issues, not the least of which is a sale/change of management and poor planning by the City of Galveston that ripped up all the streets around them for months to upgrade the storm drainage system. They let me rollover paid parking for 9 cruises during Covid without making me pay a cancel/rebook penalty. Been very happy with them and the website gets better every time I visit. Actually got a promo code email this week for 10% off if you book in April (APRIL10). As far as being trapped, at least their building is ABOVE the flood line, so you car might be trapped high and dry and NOT submerged like it can be in the garages closer to the terminals.
  2. Order as many as you want, but they'll come out one at a time.
  3. We heard last year when we ate there that it most likely would be going away during her next major refurbishment. DON'T know if this is the one that covered that.
  4. Ultra high dive for aqua theatre?
  5. YMMV, but 3 cruises were $355/9 nights (39.45) $342/7 nights (48.85) $318/5 nights (63.60) All out of Galveston, all the "Transportable" 3 wheel scooter. Also, they fit OK in a NON-ACCESSIBLE room. We do have to move the "coffee" table out sometimes.
  6. I think Allure will be fresh out of her Amplification in April 2026 as well, which will mean more expensive 😞
  7. Just checked my pedometer and on our last cruise I logged 3-4000 steps every day and that was mostly getting to meals and main evening shows. As someone else mentioned, it's nice to know she can go unassisted if there are things (like trivia in DW's case) that you don't care much for.
  8. Go here - https://www.royalcaribbean.com/resources/guest-special-needs Recommend a scooter - scootaround.com is who we use and they also do wheelchairs. RCI and Port staff will get you through the terminal and onto/off the ship, but onboard you're on your own to bring your own or use a rental.
  9. Just the 11 night part. We'll be on Mariner with you. I'm looking at FLL for next year, since NOTHING looks good out of Galveston.
  10. Actually NOT a Group rate, just talked to some people we know and on here that confirmed they got the same reduction we got. That's for a "standard" balcony, not a suite. Saw it flash "something" about a 10+ night AND 6 month advance promo applied that I never saw anywhere again during the process.
  11. It's the "one of a kind" 11 night Southern Caribbean out of Galveston that runs over Thanksgiving. Was over nearly $8K when I booked it.
  12. Several of us are booked on a November 2024 cruise and got reductions of $2400 this week. Just call and they'll take care of it.
  13. Back in the day SOME of the major airline sites could be accessed from the onboard computers in the Business Center/Library/whatever WITHOUT buying internet. MIGHT still work, don't know, haven't tried. By "in the day" I'm talking "Cyber-Cabin" days and if you're not old enough to remember that then "never mind" πŸ™‚
  14. If it's like the old promos, you get points and can redeem them for OBC. Never seen actual OBC awarded since you have to have an active reservation to apply it to. Points are "generic"
  15. Looks like there's a "10+ night, Over 6 months in future" promo that just kicked in, so maybe limited number of folks that can get it. "RCI Math" made the actual change $2370 reduction.
  16. Just checked our November 11 night and price dropped $2400.00 in a mock booking. Not asking why, just calling first thing this morning to see what REALLY happens.
  17. We HATE flying, but looking at Galveston schedules into 2026 it looks like we have no choice but to depart from Florida to get anywhere different. 😞 Which of the four (FLL, PCN, MIA, TPA) is the easiest to travel through coming from DFW area? DW has mobility issues, so availability of wheelchair assistance at terminal(s) and on-board scooter rental/pickup/dropoff are important factors. I'd like to pick one as our "Second Home port" since we only cruise once or twice a year and like having a "routine" pre/post cruise. Given the travel required, most likely only looking at 7+ night itineraries.
  18. And always turn the deadbolt when you're in the roomπŸ€ͺ
  19. Well, the "new" ones are available now and all that's "new" is Allure replacing Harmony in March 2026 with a couple of additional itineraries to the same old destinations. Guess I'll have to surrender and start flying to FL since the 4th busiest port in the US (Galveston) won't see more destinations next year. Or I guess I can defect to one of the other TX based lines 😞
  20. Pick a nice one in Galveston and start your vacation a night early. πŸ€ͺ
  21. AND, you can have them make a VERY SHORT call just to let you know that YOU need to contact them. THEN, you can get internet to email/message/call (wifi calling, etc) to have a conversation.
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