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  1. When you are paying Royal Caribbean, the charge goes through immediately, when it comes to getting a refund, you are lucky if it only takes 30 - 45 days.
  2. Thanks for sharing your cruise with us. How many passengers are onboard? Do you know when I n the morning Walgreens loads the testing appointments? Enjoy the rest.of your cruise
  3. Royal Caribbean is trying to get as many sailings as possible with all persons over 12 years old fully vaccinated. Since the Florida Governor is not allowing businesses to ask for proof of Covid vaccinations (like it or not) the only way around this is to change as many sailings as possible to go to the Bahamas which do not allow ships to dock unless all persons over 12 are fully vaccinated. It is not possible to change every sailing, so some will not be changed. Capacity of the Bahamas will only fit so many ships. We all like to cruise or we would not be on this site. If there are breakouts of Covid on ships, there will be negativity publicity which will result is even less people wanting to cruise, rates will have to fall even lower, it will be a matter of time before the cruise lines go bust or the CDC stops cruising again. Royal Caribbean is just trying to keep Covid off their ships as much as they can so that they can stay in Business.
  4. Thanks. This worked out well. 12:30 was available.
  5. How to you check for an earlier time without the risk of losing the time you already have and getting an even later time? We have 1:00 would like earlier but don't want to loose the 1:00 if earlier is not available.
  6. I ordered my tests on the 8th from Optum through the link on Royal Caribbean website, received an email confirmation that it would arrive in the 9th or 10th. It is now the 11th not received, no shipping information. I called Optum after a 20 minute wait the representative said that it has not been shipped yet, it is in "packing" and does not.know when it will be shipped. Royal Caribbean may want to rethink this partnership
  7. Glad that everything worked out for you. After cancelled past cruises you are finally going on your bucket list cruise. Enjoy! Make many happy memories😀
  8. Please tell us what you did, other people may have a similar problem. Thanks🙂
  9. He and his wife are very pleasant but it seems like an act. They remind me of televangelists
  10. See odd that Royal Caribbean does not want to take money 💰 They are know for not giving it back for months after cruises were cancelled.
  11. Better to give extra tips in cash to the crew member. If you add it to your account there is no way to be sure where it will end up.
  12. Perfect solution: We all have met the friendly crew members when entering the Windjammer asking us to "Washy Washy" They could have a friendly crew member outside of all venues when you would sit down, they can pass these out and say "Wipey Wipey"
  13. I guess when you say you are going to hang out by the pool (or anywhere else), you are really going to "hang out"
  14. Thanks to everyone for all of the information. I downloaded the app and signed in. It is 96 days to the cruise, the basic cruise details are there however I do not see an option or selection in the app for check in. Where in the app do those options appear when check in is available?
  15. For those that have upcoming cruises soon. How and when are you checking in, website or app? if you are using the app, do you have any tips?
  16. Thanks for sharing your quarantine time with us.
  17. You may want to avoid cabin 7110 FBI Probing Baltimore Cruise Ship Death – CBS Baltimore (cbslocal.com)
  18. Chris posted on Twitter on June 12 that he got vaccinated with J&J in port
  19. Thanks for posting. Your videos are always interesting.
  20. Because they are not at a pandemic level and they may not be spreadable to each other
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