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  1. No choice. Next cruise ask the hotel director or deck supervisor. Glad you are a generous tipper.
  2. Everything you leave behind is rubbish. They would get sent home .???
  3. It's the visa waver program....you get in 24 hours.....$20 ................ ??? Not like a green card ???
  4. For US passport holders do not need a visa the can travel on a ETA electronic travel authority.
  5. What they want is money to send back home to their family. They sacrifice so much. 🙏
  6. 🤔 still thinking........🛎 Chef's Table, it's a unique dining experience 😊
  7. Always leave in safe and take photo I'd and cruise card and cash and cc . Anything happens, miss the ship, car accident, robed, kidnapped 🤣 .The ships purser and head of security acess your safe and hands over your passport and belongings to the port authorities with the manifest.
  8. No room service available on disembarkation day MDR or windjammer. Chops if you special 😇 it's all over time to go home. 🤣
  9. There will be a letter in your cabin with what they offer, the best you are on your way to Diamond, something to look forward to and not been Trolled by these ao's , as if they we never Emerald. 😇
  10. Sounds to good to be true to me because there is not enough capacity in the specialty restaurants to cater for all the pac's. 🤷‍♂️
  11. BB is soo no judgemental..I go there and talk to him for hours, he is such a good listener. But no vouchers are accepted. 🙂
  12. Little Ledgen of the seas did some longer b2b cruise's .syd to Singapore Vietnam all the way to Barcelona. 😇
  13. We do not see land for three days so we do midday to midday then same on return 7night to see a lsland better 10 +nights.🙂
  14. Love your scary 🤣 🤣🤣 retired smoke jumper , me
  15. Have you cruised before on Royal on a ship ?crown &anchor platinum and above get copmlmemtry shore tours.
  16. There is a FAQ on the word cruise. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/topics/world-cruise There you go they are offering to ship your luggage to the ship and to store you luggage onboard ,not in your room .😇
  17. There is a FAQ on the word cruise. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/topics/world-cruise We have often left the ship and re joined in the next port overnighting in a hotel. I don't think there would be many families mostly retired or semi retired ,270 days of work !. Post and shipping is available worldwide, ask where you buy do they offer shipping . 😊
  18. Always have ship do laundary and never had any issues. But Always have some dollars put in the bag 😇
  19. At the end of the cruise you will know what was non refundable because you will get no refund 🙄 like others said go to casino during the cruise. B2B cruises are two separate accounts so nothing roll's over.
  20. Yes of course after they re price your cruise .😇
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