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  1. Bravo Carnival! So glad to hear this news. I have 4 cruises booked on Carnival but may need to switch to these ships.
  2. So sad. Costa Maya was our favorite stop after discovering Steve and Tropicante. We had many good times there and getting to know Steve and Maggie. Wish them and George the best. They gave us many good memories through the years.
  3. Anybody know what has been happening in casinos on ships that have already started sailing? What kinds of restrictions are there? What can we expect when cruises reopen out of US? Haven't seen Princess mention it.
  4. My husband's personalizer shows a recent VIP offer too but we haven't received any email or mail offer about it. The last time I called Princess about similar offer they said they had no record of it and then he got the email offer the next day with dates, details, etc. We just had our May Princess cancelled cruise settled so I'm looking to book again and hoping it will stick. Have had 10 cancelled so far. ROLL TIDE
  5. I want my Patter and I do not want to carry a phone around the ship all the time. I do not wear cargo shorts with a bunch of pockets
  6. We both lost a FCD on a cancelled cruise too. Did not know it would be possible to get back or the OBO. Have since booked 3 more that were cancelled and it is so complicated. My latest settlement doesn't make sense to me. I used FCC, gift cards, and credit card. Will have to contact TA or Princess to explain it to me. I won't book again until I can understand it. Sure wish they would give you an explanation,
  7. What is this $28 my park connect you speak of? We are snowbirds and cruise often out of Tampa. Or rather we used to before COVID
  8. I did phone Princess and casino dept could not see what I saw in Circle Savings acct. She said to call back the next day or day after. Lo and behold I got an email for the offer yesterday. Not much choice in Caribbean cruises but will think about what is available. Also when I was looking online on those available casino prices were not showing. Maybe when Princess closes down tomorrow they will fix things.
  9. No freeplay offered on our Ultra and prices are more than I have ever paid but we are so starved for a cruise that we booked Pride for Nov. Hope we can get some of that cash or prizes to make up for it.
  10. Would never do again. Too many kids and large families. They seem to take over large areas
  11. A VIP offer with freeplay has just appeared in my account. Does anybody have a list of available cruises? We never receive any actual mail about offers for some reason and have not received an email about either. I want to book another Princess cruise to replace another cancelled one but last time I called to get available dates they wouldn't give me the VIP cruises just asked what date I wanted to check for. I am flexible on dates but want a good VIP date cruise. Thanks.
  12. We are booked on her for May 15 cruise. I know it is a long shot but I sure hope we get to sail her. It's been too long on land.
  13. I agree , call Carnival. They can tell you how much FCC they are holding for you. I had similar situation having paid with credit card and gift cards. They gave credit to credit card for deposit and sent a gift card for an odd amount leaving a $500 FCC that only they can see. I had paid in full so all amounts did balance out. By the way we are in FL and gift card was delivered to home up north. My sister found it under our doormat under the snow. I had expected them to refund txs/port fees to the gift card I had originally used.(I had been checking the balance on my used card and it never cha
  14. Did you actually continue the process of booking by adding your wife's info? I did it and both of our FCC amounts showed up on the booking.
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