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  1. The testing continues through the end of November (at least). Just got an email from Celebrity for our Nov. 3 Summit cruise: ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, We look forward to welcoming you aboard for your upcoming Celebrity Cruises vacation. Before we set sail, we have some important information to share regarding our Health and Safety Protocols. Celebrity Cruises has been working closely with health and government authorities, in each country we sail from, to outline a clear path for cruising with new health and safety measures. As we return to service, we are continuously evaluating all requirements from local government and health officials. Out of an abundance of caution, Celebrity Cruises will be enhancing COVID-19 testing requirements for both vaccinated and unvaccinated guests in accordance with the latest Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance. For sailings departing the U.S. through November 30, 2021, all vaccinated guests are required to present a negative COVID-19 test at the time of embarkation. This test may be taken as either as an Antigen or PCR test, conducted within two days of boarding the ship. Each guest is responsible for making their own arrangements with an accredited testing provider as well as covering all associated costs. Unvaccinated children between the ages of two and eleven years old will be required to bring a negative Antigen or PCR test conducted within three days of boarding. These guests will be provided an additional PCR test at the terminal prior to embarkation as well as on the day before disembarkation. A registration link for required testing at the terminal will be sent separately. Should a guest be unable to complete the testing requirements, a 100% refund or Future Cruise Credit will be offered. For your convenience we have partnered with Optum, an authorized medical provider, to offer home-test kits for fully vaccinated guests. The home-test kit option is now available to purchase on the Optum website here and can be delivered to your home within three business days. Please note, at-home Antigen test kits do not meet the CDC’s pre-cruise testing requirement for unvaccinated children. Guests arriving at the terminal without a negative COVID-19 test result may be denied boarding. For details on our current health and safety protocols please visit www.healthyatsea.com. We apologize for any inconvenience. The health and safety of everyone onboard is our number one priority. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Celebrity Cruises at 1-844-418-6824 in North America or (316) 554-5961 worldwide. Sincerely, Celebrity Cruises ©2021 Celebrity Cruises. Ships' Registry: Malta Celebrity Cruises 1050 Caribbean Way Miami, FL 33132 1-800-280-3423
  2. Thanks to all for your feedback, particularly for the notice of the Celebrity website update.
  3. I don't seem to ever get notice of Move Up in my email. I just enter my info into: https://www.celebritycruises.com/bid-on-cruise-room-upgrade
  4. Celebrity changed our Summit Nov 3 itinerary from a Key West stop to Nassau. I'm not particularly thrilled with this (and I doubt any of my shipmates are either) but it is what it is. According to Celebrity at: https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/celebrity-healthy-at-sea-protocols.pdf Western Caribbean Itineraries Excursions provided by Celebrity Cruises are required in: Nassau. Guests can explore the destination on their own in: Roatan, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Belize. ---- Has anyone been to Nassau on Celebrity recently and this still really the case? Or was this just not updated from earlier cruises? Currently they haven't updated the cruise planner shore excursions except to remove Key West. Nassau isn't showing up there at all. It would be nice if I could plan this stop a little ahead of time (3 weeks to go).
  5. Celebrity Summit Nov 3 sailing removed Key West.
  6. It's not 48 hours -- it's 2 days. From an email I got from Celebrity: Pre-arrival COVID-19 Test: • Vaccinated guests 12 and older: will be required to present a negative Antigen or PCR test conducted within two days of boarding the ship. When we went on our Alaska cruise last month, they were checking only the date not the time.
  7. This helped me as well -- Thanks! Hopefully, the request really went through.
  8. Thanks for the great review! Hope you made it home safely.
  9. What were the masking requirements in Sitka? In Icy Straight Point? With the delta variant going around, I'm sure that we'll be masked up most of the time out of the cabin.
  10. Really appreciate your sharing -- very useful for my upcoming cruise... This looked like a great tour, I'm very interested in doing it. I like that you can just walk up to book it. Sorry to barrage you with questions about it... How long was the tour? What was the cost? How long did you need to wait to take it (or what kind of tour schedule did they have)? Was there much walking? How many people were on the tour? What was the transportation like (full-size bus, minibus, van)? How crowded was the Fortress of the Bear and Raptor center? You've included some attachments (movies?) but they couldn't be downloaded.
  11. I'm loving the review as well. How are you finding the internet service?
  12. Thanks! Very helpful for planning of my cruise onboard in 13 days. Could you take another picture of page 4 of the Day 2 Cruise Compass? It was very blurry, unreadable. Keep them coming. Curious to know what your port plans are for today.
  13. Glad you didn't end up in a news story about watching from the pier as the ship (and your luggage) sails away. It would be helpful if RCG told you about the availability of COVID tests near the pier. I suspect they don't do that so they aren't overwhelmed by hundreds of passengers needing last minute tests. We're getting rapid antigen tests from a local CVS (appointments already made). We are lucky to have this in our small city since relatively few CVSs have it available. Enjoy your cruise. This is an excellent backup if something falls through with the CVS testing. One or two backup plans help remove the angst that @Bleueyes44experienced.
  14. I just got this as well for my Serenade cruise coming up in 2 weeks. Very weird. I suspect that it's a glitch, a confusing one.
  15. Thanks for offering answers. I will be on Serenade in 3 weeks. What is the general condition of the ship? When I saw a picture of her in July before her first sailing, she looked rusty on the hull. Were there many kids under 12 onboard? I understand that they would be the only allowed unvaccinated onboard. What did you do at Icy Straight Point and Sitka? Were things open there?
  16. We've done Alaska inner passage 15 years ago and are planning to go again in September. 15 years ago, we did this: Sitka -- wildlife sightseeing boat Juneau -- Helicopter to top of glacier (weather didn't permit this so we when to the foot of one) Ketchikan -- Float plane to Misty Fjord Victoria -- this was skipped due to weather The most memorable was the float plane to Misty Fjord (with landing on lake) -- it was expensive but well worth the money. I'd skip the Juneau helicopter -- too expensive to fly just to end up in a bunch of rocks. In September, I have been doing a lot of research. We are taking my 86 year old father so, it's going to be a mix of easy to do stuff and going off on our own for some hikes. Here's the plans so far: Sitka -- on-our-own bus to Fortress of the Bear, Rapture center, and the totem park. Will probably hike here a little without the old man 🙂 Icy Point Straight -- Zip line, seashore walk into town, father will be taking the shuttle Juneau -- Bus to Mendenhall glacier, hike, Mt. Roberts Tramway Ketchikan -- Misty Fjords and Wilderness Explorer boat tour (https://allenmarinetours.com/ketchikan/fjord-wilderness/ Royal Caribbean chartered this)
  17. Serenade is going on a test cruise on July 7. I'm going to guess that they'll announce Ovation will be doing a test cruise too.
  18. They no longer had that on my Reflection sailing Jan 3-10, wasn't even on the menu -- waitress said it was a supply issue. I loved the ginger white pear iced tea when they had it. They will serve hot tea as iced tea using the same glass containers for the ice and tea. I really liked the raspberry herbal tea over ice.
  19. mac_tic replied while I was typing...but here is my response: You put in your room key into the machine and use a little touch screen on the machine. If I recall correctly, you press the Personal Banker button, log in with your pin (which is MMDD) of your birthday. There is then a Promo $ button you press, then you select between cash amounts that you want to transfer to the machine, like $5, $10, $20. Once you do that, the machine show those credits that you can play with.
  20. And if you order it in the cruise planner, you get an extra 10% promo chips or slot credit.
  21. It's a good thing that you looked over your confirmation email and didn't get a surprise much later. Also, it was a wise thing that you did to get a screenshot of your final booking page. Booking a cruise with 4 perks and not getting them would be very aggravating but at least they let you cancel the cruise without penalty. I always feel a bit uneasy after booking with perks either directly with the cruise line or with a TA for the fear of not getting what was promised. I was short-changed for a couple of cruises with a particular TA and got it cleared up after a couple of visits to the guest relations desk. Something that I don't like to do on a vacation is to quibble about a few dollars.
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