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  1. Whoops sorry. Didn't mean to offend Diamond. It was your last line that I saw humor in. I'm thinking top deck sail away is most certainly enhanced while I am enjoying a Miami Vice so alcohol certainly enhance my cruise. Good day.
  2. I was washing my damn hands to it today lol
  3. John thanks for continuing to post. It's been nice to read something to take my mind off some of our issues.
  4. Hmmm, I'm leery. Remembering you could buy GM stock at a great price before bankruptcy. I'm looking at JC Penney stock but have decided even at bargain bin pricing it's not worth it as they will likely fail.
  5. So you have your own pods? I love being a passenger on your reviews as so many others do. Safe travels brother. In advance, Welcome Home! You may not recognize it.
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