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  1. can you explain the card slot? do you need a card in the slot to keep the lights on? we were on the pride last summer and did not. just asking.
  2. it was great for our party of 6 (two teens, two adults in their late 40s and two grandparents)
  3. I check morning / afternoon and evening for FTTF
  4. they use the back grill.
  5. was on the pride last summer and they did a veggie burger- on embarkation day too!!!
  6. hoping for December openings. I check 4 times a day
  7. can. you supply me with cleve's info? foreverrose1897@gmail.com
  8. just booked Breeze yesterday. looking for review. 🙂
  9. we did self disembark. we had breakfast.
  10. I do not remember a curfew . both teens used the O2 club. again, the ship is safe.
  11. family (DD, son, daughter ) download app in advance. IN laws did when the boarded- DO HUB!!!!!!!!!!!!! pay the 5 bucks per person- WORTH IT
  12. yes any magnetic strip works. I carried my Wawa card with my room key on my lanyard. it was a tip someone else shared on CC- read the tips - they are handy
  13. 1. first embarkation 2. customer service priorty 3. first off HMC
  14. we had the hub for my 14 and 16 year old and my in-laws . sometimes it worked better than others to send the "text/chat" notifications . generally it worked well for the family of 6. did not work on HMC. I would suggest it for anyone. you can also see menus for dinner. what shows /activities going on. etc.
  15. our son , with severe nut/fish/sesame allergies made out fine last summer.
  16. So here goes... -The Cheers Package: I know you get a lot of questions on if it's worth it. This is another one of those. We are definitely drinkers. I read that you need 5 drinks to break even. If we do a few beers, lots of bottled water, some soda, frozen rum drinks, and more beer.. it seems like it would work for us? But my concern is the port days. Although we don't have any excursions booked, I know we will get off the ship for a bit. I guess I don't want to be worrying about trying to make the Cheers Package worth it. What do you guys think? Do you rest easier (if you buy the cheers package) and don't have to worry about it? Can I get an alcoholic drink and water at the same time? Is it wrong to take the water back and put in the fridge for port days? we did not have package. so not sure. know in some ports HMC- you can't use the package -The Outlets: I am so confused about this. I keep reading different things. Can I bring a non-surge extra outlet plug-in? I know that there is a Cruise recommended one on Amazon? My husband has a CPAP so we are going to bring an extension cord and keep our fingers crossed. I know it has to be non-surge protected. Having a portable charger in my carryon isn't a problemcorrect? I read that the outlet in the bathroom isn't super strong, but would it be ok for a dryer or curling iron? we brought USB adapters for the outlets so we could charge more items . -Sail Card Accounts: I'm confused about this as well. Does every person need to be linked to a credit card? Can different people be linked to different credit cards? Is it by room? For example, my daughter's boyfriend would have his own credit card. My son is also staying in that room. He( my son) is young so I would want him linked on my credit card. Do the Laundry and arcade use this card or take change/dollars? yes linked to CC. we did not link 16 and 14 year old to sign sail to CC -Gratuities: We prepaid them. So I should be good for most things on board? If I get extra special service, I know I can tip more. But I have read some people still give their stewards a couple of bucks? Does the steward get tips from the prepaid gratuities? Is Room Service part of the prepaid gratuities and is it not included in cruise price anymore? we pre paid. -Food Allergies: My son has food allergies. It is noted as "other" on our reservation. Should I email special needs at Carnival? Wait until I get on the ship to ask? Do they have lists of their restaurants that show if it's dairy free, gluten free, etc? Can I bring snacks in my luggage? my son has severe food allergies (nuts/ fish/ sesame). they were great!!!!! we would get a menu a day ahead to order. you can call / email the ship ahead of time. -Dinner: How Elegant is elegant? Could I wear a nice pair of capris with a top? Could men wear dockers and a polo shirt? Can my son wear cargos and a shirt? Getting him to dress up would be getting him out of his b-ball shorts and t-shirts lol. most dinners capris and a top. elegant- wore a nice dress. hubby suit and tie. NO TUX -Excursions: We are going to Grand Turk, Amber Cove, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico. We are not set if we want excursions ro not. They are pricey so we may do just one. I know in Grand Turk there are the free chairs to the left of the pier and Margaritaville. If we head to the right, is that where Jacks Shack is? Can we get food, drinks, and chairs(rent) there? I read it was rocky but just at the beginning? That would be a good place to snorkel? Amber Cove is where my daughter wants to swim with the dolphins. Has anyone done this? St. Thomas, I am not sure what to really do? We aren't divers or thrill seekers at all. Puerto Rico we are planning to just walk around which is what I imagine most people do. Can we use good ole cash to pay for drinks, food, souvenirs at all these ports? had FTTF for half moon kay. did an excursion in Grand turk- zip lining/ beach. worth it.
  17. loved my magnet hooks and medicine bag. you never know what you might need (cough/cold/etc)
  18. my children were 14 and 16 at time of sailing. they had phones . wifi was turned off. airplane mode turned on and they could only use the carnival hub. walkie talkies are good but not great.
  19. just a warning. get their early if you want a seat and popcorn. just saying. black panther on the pride in June was crazy!!!!
  20. we carried on our soda/ wine and a small carry on. the other suitcases we checked. since we had fttf we had our swimsuits in the small carry on.
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