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  1. Not going to happen i got great casino offers fromHAL for cruises toAlaska in july ...glad I did not book now obviously moot and were non revundZble no nonrefundables for me anywhere i hope hal changes that policy we need to get big pharma into mass producing vaccines now
  2. But Covid is not under control yet ...ifpeople get sick where will they go .Can hospitals take in a great influxof pax who get the disease What about natives and exposure to virus ?they are very vulnerable covid needs to be tamed a lot more before anyone can travel ifyou can get vaccines to Canada quickly ....do so and Alaska .Yukon . i too would like borders opened but only if very safe
  3. I hope smoking anywhereindoors will be banned esp Casino .Ifindit very difficult to breathe with masks on and my glasses fog up ....sowith smokers I know I could not even stick around i can onlytolerate the mask for short periods of time ...I often need to go outdoors , removeit , to breathe again so shopping with triple layer is definitely a challenge iI would not this on a cruise on vacation
  4. Many NCL staff moved to HAL ...Julian , Errol. Mustafa and others .I did not know Papi did too .His loss is a great one he was a very nice lovable guy he will be missed i just wish this covid misery would end and not hurt anyone else
  5. Papi was the best I got to know him on many cruises and he encouragedme to do the first Transat on EscApe ...which I did .He was a kind, generous lovely person .I.m so sorry to hearofhis passing ...he will be missed .May his fAmily be spared further sorrow
  6. I.m used bto doing 3-5 cruisesperyear .My last one was jan 2020 just before Covid wreaked havoc with our lives .I miss cruising ...a lot ..esp now in the bitter cold I miss myusual Caribbean cruise i hope govt gets the act together and we can get vaccinated all over the world soit can be safe to travel again .So far I.ve gotten great offers but almost immediately after being offered govt restrictions come into play so none have been remotely feasable .....here we are all obeying staying at home and curfew tohelp ...its not easy ... i.mlooking forward to better days ...
  7. Ihave gotten amazing. Casino Offers fromHAL but all are non refundable which in this climate ofuncertainty is not possible and with time constraints rebooking andmpayment ..I find it frustrating ...until borders open and vaccines distributed widely its not possible to plan after i got a series of Alaska offers , got interested , was told no refunds and now closures of border extended ...I wonder why make offers if you think they will not happen here we are way behind in vaccination so no going anywhere till thats done plus we need. Our border. Opened again ...somehow very complica
  8. I went to Greenland Years ago ..wow wow wow ..i loved the massiveicebergs we saw ...amazing ...the whole town came to greet us, we were invitedto a concert and tea and cake ....all ofus on shore it was a unique experience off a very small Princess ship.....it was cold but beautiful
  9. I have 2 storiesre slots on ship i was on Epic ...noticed a 4 screen ladybug machine .From the onset I felt this machine was smilingat me .On second night ...i left my son at a show and headed tothatmachine ...I put 20$ in .presed the button and stopped the screen .The machine started to ringlike crazy ...I knew I had gotten something but I did notknow what ...bingo it appeared 1800$ ..jackpot ...took a while to get paid my second big win happened on Star ...i had a defecrtive machine without sound but nevertheless i played Cleopatra 2 .I was bidding a lot ..but got nothing ...I sw
  10. I got it too but its non refundable so I did not take it ....i will wait till better news of Covid vaccines etc ..less cases , ships in better shape our border is still closed and will be for the next few months ..so no way to get to Florida ......I just hope vaccine is great success ...and our lives come back i miss cruising a lot ...I need my vitamin sea ...Hey HAL give me more cas 21 offers
  11. I gotit too but when I called they saidI hadto pay upfront the whole shebang ..no refunds ....duh no thank you ....whoislured by non refundable not knowing about vaccine availability ? i will not cruise until I get it hopefully afterJanuary by asking for full payment are they not cuttingtheir nose off .??? i was readyto sacrifice a 400$ deposit but not 2400$ they better rething their salespitch
  12. On one of my last cruises , I met a couple who had won their upgrade .They knew I had cruisesd a lot and asked me how much to tip .They made the mistake of askingtheir butler ..who suggested 250$ ...for basically giving treats at end of day ...outrageousbecause he did not do anything special forthem they did notknow upgrading or bidding would costthis much, plus they still needed topay other tips as well to room steward and concierge was expectingonetoo iMO it was not worth it .They had to get cash fromATm to pay him
  13. We are from Montreal where we are now orange colour ...red being the worse .Since they reopened restaurants and bars covid numbers have been going up .Our family has survived the lock down and isolation period by finding places inthe country for family picnics ..Most of the summer we were lucky enough to find a lovely park near water for bbqs .....we wore masks , sanitized hands , kept away from everyone . there are no fun activities available ...no movies , no restaurants ...too risky indoors ..no religious services ...seeing friends is a nono Social distancing is strictly enforced
  14. Just got my refund for my Nov transatcruise on Nieuw Amsterdam .....disappointed its not happening but hope cruising will resume ok after vaccine or remedy thankyou Holland for it lost my great casino bonus ...cruise never happened ..now got offers BUT ...no refunds ...so no go until covid is taken care of i will wait ..I miss cruising ..a lot
  15. On Koningsdam i too got a forwardcabin ...the ship hitting the waves, the noise from wind wtc etc made sleep near impossible .The banging against the hull was veryloud and very scary .forget opening the balcony when sailing ...impossible how the ship survived that banging is nothing short of a miracle ...those hulls must be super sturdy i would neverget a forward cabin again ...I too could not change cBins nor pay for upgrade sometimes bargains offered are not
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