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  1. Well, when I called the 844 418 6824 number, the first phone tree gave an option for travel agents. I have no idea if they give them any special consideration, but I assume that policy is to protect the travel agent's stake in the deal. Just another degree of complication. I hope your TA goes to bat for you.
  2. I doubt it--she is only 9 months old and her parents will be providing all of her care once home from the hospital. None of them were booked on the cruise. We are just emotional support and helping out with other kids as needed. I didn't think I would be "in the mood" to cruise worrying about her at home. I'm happy with the 100% FCC (would be a stretch to use 125%)--we are spreading it over 2 cruises as it is. Fingers crossed they will apply our Vacation Protection Plan to those cruises.
  3. So I just wanted to share what I learned today about differences in refunds under the "Cruise with Confidence" program and those when Celebrity cancels the sailing. I called on May 19 to cancel our July 6 sailing on the Reflection out of Dublin (our granddaughter is having open heart surgery on June 30th). I was refunded all charges (excursions, beverage/dining packages, port fees and taxes) to my credit card by May 27 and got our 100% FCC via email on June 16. If I had waited 24 hours, Celebrity cancelled the sailing May 20, and I would have had the option of 125% FCC or 100% refund of the c
  4. We travel with our (now)16 year old son. The last 2 cruises were in an M-class Royal Suite. He generally only came to Luminae for dinner, and of course, there are some nights we opted for included specialty dining (freeing up space in Luminae!). We have 2 future cruises booked, one on the Reflection and one on the Edge. We chose to book a Sky Suite with a connecting cabin for our son, giving us better sleeping privacy for all PLUS an additional full bathroom. He will likely continue to “do his own thing” for most meals BUT I would be sorely disappointed if he could not join us in Luminae for S
  5. We started sailing in suites (Royal) to get a separate sleeping space from our son. Our first 2 were on Disney. Great pampered experience but no separate dining, or club or pool. We, too questioned the value of paying so much more for just a bigger room and Butler. The next Suite was on the Summit, while Luminae was under construction. It was a great price compared to Disney and really not much more than our Concierge on the Reflection in the Med (it was Southern Caribbean route). We weren’t expecting a separate dining room so it was a great perk to be able to dine in any specialty restaurant
  6. Such a shocking reminder that tomorrow is never promised to any of us. I will be forever grateful for her innumerable contributions to this community. Rest In Peace and sincere condolences to her loved ones. She will be sorely missed😢
  7. We travel with our teenage son and have booked a Royal Suite for 3 past cruises. He likes to stay up late, sleep in and usually grabs breakfast/lunch in the buffet. He tolerates dinner in Luminae with us, but always leaves as soon as he’s done. Sharing a smaller suite would have never worked, even a Celebrity Suite. On our next cruise (Reflection) we are in an aft Sky Suite (S1) with connecting (by vestibule) Sunset Verandah that happens to be concierge class. We were assured that his reservation is linked to ours and he can eat in Luminae (when he wants). That’s really the only Suite Class “p
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