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  1. Depends where you are, Andy! https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/uk-warnings#?date=2020-08-12 There are some nasty looking storms carrying a lot of rain in that amber warning area......
  2. Ghost cruise ships become a summer hit During the coronavirus pandemic, ships that usually spend the summer cruising the Mediterranean and Caribbean islands have instead found themselves lingering, near-empty, in the Channel. They have been anchoring off the coast from Portsmouth to Plymouth, and at night they illuminate the horizon. The arrival of the UK's "ghost ships", as one Twitter user called them, has transformed the view from the coast and fascinated locals and tourists alike. They have now become a tourist attraction in their own right, with people paying to see them up close. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53720419?xtor=ES-208-[34792_NEWS_NLB_ACT_WK34_Wednesday_12_August]-20200812-[bbcnews_newsuk_coronavirus_newsuk]
  3. Anyway, back to topic, and leaving aside the irrelevant and rather strange concerns of a couple of people worried that a writer in the TES should dare to mention that he kissed a girl when he was 16, this seems like a good way to get some of those cruise ships back into operation again if there aren't enough full fare paying passengers to fill them all. These trips were extremely popular in the 1960s, very educational, but a great deal of fun for everyone. Might be difficult now to fit it into tight school curricula, but quite a few pluses.
  4. For what it’s worth, we had a cruise booked for there, cancelled of course, but after doing the research we were really looking forward to it and planned just to spend the day wandering and exploring. We reckoned there was plenty to see and do, but others may disagree. Harry
  5. Not sure why. It’s a complete red herring to the point originally made that the police should be stamping down on street crime. The police resource spent on so-called celebrities is trifling across the country, and I’m sure you’re not suggesting they should be free from enquiry.
  6. That depends how uptight you are about reality, I suppose, and whether you feel that an article about cruise ships in the Times Educational Supplement is putting your daughter at any kind of risk.
  7. He’s pretty robust Avril! He’s just being brought up, quite correctly, in a good Yorkshire household where they call a spade a shovel! 😁
  8. Perfectly fair points, Avril. I’m glad you stop short of guns - I wouldn’t trust them not to overreact, but apart from that, too much risk to themselves.
  9. You said earlier you were butting out. Exactly what IS your problem with this? I’m genuinely puzzled - and I doubt I’m the only one.
  10. Not good news, Graham. I fear you're right. The young are, of course, invincible, but in reality they're highly unlikely to be badly affected by Covid, so they behave accordingly. Quite like the 'Don't kill Granny' campaign though! Our 4 year old grandson takes this pretty seriously - 'Don't come near me, Granny. I don't want to kill you!". Delighted to say we can now meet up with them - at a distance - in the garden.
  11. You have a very strange mind. He's talking about his own younger days on Uganda for goodness sake! Isn't an author or a journalist allowed to do that in your world? That's an awful lot of literature cut out. Lawrence, Hardy, etc etc ad infinitum.
  12. Only to you, I think - he's simply recalling his youth and a voyage on Uganda. Why would anyone regard that as 'pervy'?
  13. “Stephen Petty will never forget the school cruise he joined as boy - maybe, he says, now is the time to bring them back” Sounds like a great idea - and just the boost the industry needs. Anybody travel on SS Uganda at school? https://www.tes.com/news/lets-rekindle-romance-school-cruises
  14. I’m not sure what some people here have got against the police, unless it’s to try to blame the police rather than the government for the funding crisis preventing them from tackling crime effectively. But this started with the suggestion that they should be out their tackling crime on the streets. I agree. I imagine most people agree. But if their manpower and funding has been cut for years by the government, which it has, how can they? And arguing that a very small, in the overall scheme of things, amount which may or may not have misdirected, doesn’t change that.
  15. Et al? Who? How many convictions as against acquittals? And again, are you suggesting that celebrities shouldn't be prosecuted? Why?
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