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  1. That's a popular line in some quarters, John, but it takes no account of the much higher infectivity and mortality of Covid. I'm sure we will get used to living with Covid, but probably not for a while.
  2. I think you and I might have the same concerns, for similar reasons, Kalos. Happy to read all the advice and statistics, but putting them into practice depends very much on your own health, your own view of the risk to it, where you live, and what you do. I'm very comfortable chatting to people outside in the garden, on the patio, distanced, but meeting with those same people in the summerhouse would bother me. For the first time ever (and I've always been dead against them for environmental reasons) we've bought a patio heater. Seems crazy, but if it means we can sti
  3. That’s the report I saw referred to in the US papers. Quite how the Mail managed to translate 1 in 10,000 into 1 in 200,000 escapes me, but they always have their own agenda. It’s a very low risk, based on that evidence, but those same findings are a bit concerning about how long the virus hangs around after an infected person has been in a room.
  4. The lectures were one of the best things about cruising for us, but unfortunately as time went by they became fewer and fewer, and lighter and fluffier, without much of great interest. Some were good, but not remotely as many. The cruises we had with Vard also included a university professor talking about British film history. She was equally good.
  5. Would that have been Kenneth Vard by any chance? He did a lot of absolutely fascinating lectures on Azura and Ventura, doubtless all the others, about the history of liners and cruise ships - unmissable. Lovely chap. Bit of a chocoholic. Managed to polish off a bag of Leonidas chocolates on the shuttle bus from Zeebrugge Also wrote a rather beautiful book, Liners in Art, which we bought after one cruise. A nice reminder of cruising at the moment, and still available on Amazon. This chap:
  6. I fully agree - three weeks to mine. It's AstraZeneca and it would be idiotic not to have it - I'll be there, on the dot! I don't do the lottery - a one in 45 million chance says it all. You're almost five times more likely, statistically, to be struck by lightning!
  7. Just like to take an objective view of the evidence, Avril, which is sometimes different from tabloid headlines and government spin. And the evidence suggests that Pfizer is producing a rather more effective vaccine than AstraZenica. Both in terms of % efficacy and effectiveness against more variants. For the record though, I'll be more than happy to have my second dose and I have no concerns whatsoever about its safety, because of the statistics. Given the choice, though, I'd sooner have the Pfizer. Not so much for its safety, though - purely for its greater effic
  8. As you say - it's the specific wording of the actual policy document that counts, and these vary quite dramatically between companies, and even between dates purchased for the same company. Nothing else - just the policy document.
  9. I imagine we'll all be returning for our second AZ jabs, as most of us are at far greater risk from Covid than the clotting issue, which is a tiny risk - lower than the risk involved in a car journey, I believe. For the under 30s though the risk equation changes, and the other vaccines are, on current knowledge, safer. So it makes perfect sense to give different vaccines to the under 30s. Ross Clark commented today in the Spectator after discussing the efficacy of Pfizer and AZ that: "It will take political courage to admit that the AstraZeneca vaccine is second-best,
  10. It does - exactly that. My wife used to love the dining room, and its aspect, in particular. Frequently, even at a weekend, we'd be the only ones in there!
  11. The Oxford/AZ vaccine is still, statistically speaking, likely to be a very safe vaccine, particularly viewed against the higher Covid risks for older people, but the line the UK is now taking confirms the earlier caution by some European countries. Which does rather give the lie to all that tabloid rubbish about the EU somehow getting revenge on the UK by creating untruths about Oxford/AZ. Let’s hope we can all work together, not just within Europe but outside. While the virus flourishes in places like Brazil the risk to all of us increases with new variants that will
  12. Amazing how popular Chartwell is these days. We used to live in Hayes, near Bromley back in the 70s, and it was an easy Sunday afternoon treat. Never particularly crowded either, even at weekends. We’d just bought National Trust life memberships instead of new carpets - £50 each, including a silver commemorative medal! - and spent all our spare time in all those NT properties the South is so rich in. Probably the best £50 we ever spent.
  13. Hmmmm.........an unvaccinated, imported, low paid workforce. On cruise ships. Sounds a great idea. No wonder P&O are insisting passengers should be vaccinated - but no vaccines are 100% effective.
  14. As reported by the BBC. They've never actually suggested the figure was only 25%.
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