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  1. No question - Epicurean. Just a personal view of course, but it’s really exceptional. https://carnivaluk.metafaq.com/resources/carnivaluk/life-on-board/New_Epicurean_menu1.pdf
  2. Not again, surely, after all the problems and distrust it caused last time? I haven't ckecked, but last time they pulled this stunt it backfired horribly:
  3. We had all this confusion marketing from P&O a year or two back! I do hope they're not at it again. I've always used a certain well-known TA, well recommended on here, but only until the mods delete the name or clues, and I've never ever paid as much as I would have done through P&O because there's usually, for good customers, an additional discount to be had. With that agent I think it would be impossible to pay more than you'd pay with P&O, whatever the circumstances, because, after all, all the bookings go through the P&O booking system in the end.
  4. Pre-register and book through a good non High Street agent. Far better chance of getting exactly what you want.
  5. Risk assessment and contingency plans should be in place for all ports, and all reasonably foreseeable situations. Any company not having such plans in place, and regularly updated, is taking quite some legal gamble. Most of the time it may pay off, but the risks are potentially very high. I'm thinking, for example, of something like Herald of Free Enterprise.
  6. Whatever colour you like! The more colourful the better, particularly with a distinctive bow tie. Me? Always wear a suit - much more comfortable. And never, ever a white shirt! This will help: https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/life-on-board/dress_code
  7. Probably the best advice would be to pre-register with a good non High Street travel agent if the cruise you’re interested in hasn’t been released for sale yet. The opening prices are rarely bettered. You also get to choose exactly the cabin you want if you opt for Select. If it has, you’re talking fluid pricing and it’s difficult to predict how prices will move. Depends very much on the date, and of course the demand.
  8. Sometimes safety considerations and risk assessments have to outweigh the desirability of tendering altogether in certain locations. Not an ideal situation, but then neither was what happened in Monaco - there was, allegedly, almost a very serious injury to a member of the crew, quite apart from everything else. After all, P&O are still telling passengers that they can't dock in Amsterdam for still unspecified 'operational reasons' - maybe there's a risk assessment we don't know about! 😉
  9. That’s a very useful and interesting post. I think you’ll find that the company will deal with genuine complaints very differently, according to circumstances (perfectly reasonable) and according to how assiduous they perceive the complainant is likely to be in pursuing it. That’s just the way they operate. It keeps their costs down, but enables them to buy off someone who they feel likely to cause them problems, possibly via publicity or legal action. Can’t help thinking though that a more open and generous approach would more than repay the cost, particularly in a situation like this where I really do think they’re on very shaky legal grounds for defending what happened. Not the weather, of course, but the lack of forward planning and quite possibly the absence of an effective risk management process.
  10. There are some indicative prices, but they're specific to particular dates and cabins - I don't think it's possible to draw any conclusions from them. Dynamic pricing makes brochure prices pretty irrelevant these days. I suppose the prices that appear on the website shortly will be fixed for a very short time, though, if pre-registered.
  11. Possibly they're doing a little test marketing to gauge the different impacts of the cheaper and more expensive brochures on different types of customers.
  12. A very nice, tempting full brochure arrived this morning, complete with deck plans. Still thinking about it.......🙂
  13. I’m sure most of that is accurately reported. But, come on, let’s be serious, do you really believe, or have any evidence for the statement that the Prime Minister was involved? Though, to be fair, if he had been his track record indicates that things would have become very substantially worse than they already were!
  14. Precisely. And this is just one of the organisational failures about all this that so many people are missing. It wasn't the weather, it wasn't the captain - it's the P&O back office people that failed here in any forward planning, any emergency planning, and any risk management process.
  15. Not remotely the point that was being made, I'm afraid. Nothing whatever to do with the weather - all to do with lack of forward planning as to what was going on in the port area at the time, and a failure of any risk management. I wonder, in fact, whether there was any risk management process in place - it certainly doesn't look like it!
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