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  1. With you entirely. £300 is £300 and certainly not just a few pounds in my book! What you get depends on the total cruise price plus the deal you negotiate, so maybe some people are better negotiators than others. I can see no possible downside to booking with the right TA, and many, many upsides. Just a matter of personal choice, of course.
  2. You can safely assume that P&O will not want to take any risks with its ships or its passengers. If there are safety issues at the time, it will be rerouted.
  3. Worth going. They exist, obviously, mainly to sell tours, but it's likely you'll get some good ideas from them, and it's a pleasant enough way to spend time if there's not much else going on. They'll be held on sea days at varying times, and they're repeated in a loop on the internal TV system.
  4. I agree with you absolutely. Checking out cabins, availability and locations is an essential preparatory step before phoning an agent to make the booking and negotiate a discount. Phoning an agent without doing this first just doesn’t give you sufficient control. Is this no longer possible on the website?
  5. https://www.pocruises.com/find-a-cruise Seems to be working OK - though if you book online you do, of course, miss out on the discount you can negotiate with a TA.
  6. It depends what you like doing. Eglesbrech has given a good description of what's available, and I'd agree that the lectures can be good - what's missing now, though, is the variety. There used to be two or three series of lectures (I recall one on the history of the British Film Industry from a university lecturer, another on the history of cruise liners (Kenneth Vard) plus one other - all on the same 15 night cruise) but it seems to have been cut back to one now for that length of cruise. Much more could be made of films too, but for whatever reason that now seems to be mainly restricted to the TVs in rooms. I have to admit to being somewhat bored on sea days last time - just one series of lectures, and though he was very good I missed the others that would once have been provided.
  7. Very different, in that there are two fixed dining times with Club, and many different potential dining times with RCI.
  8. Never had any problems on Ventura or Azura, or even had to use a pager. Always in pretty quickly. Just two of us though, happy to sit anywhere except on a table for 10, so that probably makes a difference.
  9. In a word, yes. Subject to their terms and conditions, though even then they can't rely on them if they're 'unfair'. However, persuading P&O to meet its legal obligations is frequently problematic, and you may need some knowledge of the law, and considerable perseverance, to succeed.
  10. I've seen the same suggestions, and I think it's highly likely. Fixed times for dining are an old-fashioned concept reminiscent of old-style post-war holiday camps, and the younger cruisers P&O are now courting just can't see why when everything else is so free and easy they should be tied down like this. And I'm very much with them on that. We took to Freedom Dining as soon as it came in, and if it weren't available I'd look elsewhere. Formal nights will probably go the same way, for the same reasons - it doesn't fit with the new generation of cruisers.
  11. No reason why you shouldn't, and if the deposit's small you could make a big saving, depending obviously on when you booked and what's happened to prices since then. Take great care, though, as to what you'll not be getting if you go Saver - sometimes the price difference is small and more than covered by OBC, port shuttle bus charges etc..
  12. The funny thing is that the people who are snobby about clothes usually have the least to be snobby about. All fur coat and.........😉
  13. Different people have different ideas as to what that means. It's not so much clothes that bother me - general manners, courtesy and behaviour are more important.
  14. This might help: https://www.pocruises.com/what-to-wear You’ll be fine at certain times, but maybe not others. Formal nights could be a challenge though!
  15. Just to give an example of what I meant above, recently we cruised on Azura. I commented positively on several things, including the food and the staff. I also commented though on the fact that there were no TV channels for more than half the cruise, and that the suite was in a pretty poor state, with an unpleasant odour in the bathroom, furnishings that needed replacing, a shower that wouldn’t drain, and flickering lights. There was also the smell of sewage on the Promenade Deck, a problem which had existed for some time and probably still does. We’d paid a fair bit for that cruise, and these issues, all unfixable, were simply unacceptable. A refusal by Reception to allow customers to talk to the Customer Service Manager was equally unacceptable, as was the deliberate misinformation onscreen about the reason for the TV failure - it was nothing whatever to do with satellite reception. It took an email to the Carnival CEO to get anywhere because it was impossible onboard to get beyond Reception. For those negative comments, all entirely factual, I’ve received nothing but abuse from certain members of this forum, and that still continues even now, with frequent snide comments. I have no problem with that. I’m pretty tough skinned. But others are probably put off by this kind of bullying, and it’s unhelpful if the forum is genuinely to represent all views, positive and negative.
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