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  1. We like the trips that call at La Paz and Loreto, prefer those ports to Mazatlan.
  2. I agree, and had not appreciated that Warner’s is now part of the Butlins group!! 🤦‍♀️😂. Off this coming weekend to a 2 night hotel stay and so looking forward to that.
  3. A brief feedback from our weekend stay at Warner’s on the IoW - Bembridge. Most points are covered in post #56. Check in was as you drove in but you then still had to queue up at reception to register your credit card for their cashless system 🤷‍♀️. You prebooked your dining times and we’re then allocated one of the two entertainment ‘sittings’ , we had 9.45pm (evening meal booked for 7.30pm). By the time we went, all bars and restaurants had to close at 10pm, so you could pre-order drinks for after that time, or to take back to your room. Contrary to reports elsewhere, service in the dining room was very good, in fact too fast at times 😂. Didn’t have a problem with food being cold but felt seriously underwhelmed by it - think school dinners. In the bar, drink orders were taken at your table and then promptly brought over from the bar. The entertainment overall was good; the resident group were OK but not great. However the entertainment team were very good and had excellent vocalists, which I felt, as a group, were in fact better than some of the production shows I have encountered on cruises! The Saturday night show, originally due to be a Motown set, was replaced at the last minute by a group, Soul Jam from Liverpool, which again were excellent. In no way could it be compared to a cruise, though it reminded me of a number of things I miss whilst not cruising 😔. It served as a base to explore the island. Would we book again with Warner’s - doubtful unless it happened to be somewhere we wanted to visit and no suitable hotels were available.
  4. Unfortunately BA don’t seem to want to play ball 🤷‍♀️. We have had cruises cancelled and BA refused to offer vouchers since our flights were booked outside of their allowed period - we booked early to get a good deal! We just had to sit it out and wait until BA actually cancelled the flights themselves. Hope you have better luck than we did 🤞.
  5. Yes, the 20 power up points was the email invitation I received, never have seen the 50 point one to participate in the webinar.
  6. Yes we did the quiz too, would love to visit there sometime 🤞
  7. Thanks, I received the newsletter this lunchtime, but from the post above, it looks as if you can't book on the webinar now 🤦‍♀️.
  8. It is not on the UK approved list at present. I am confident about the resort but unless Mexico is on the approved list, the package will be cancelled.
  9. We have a weekend planned on the Isle of Wight - the island that ships pass as they leave Southampton. We have travelled the world but never visited there. We also have a couple of days booked at a lovely hotel in Norfolk. Current regulations dictate that all bars / restaurants are closed by 10pm so no late nights 😂. We also have a week in Mexico planned in a December - a package AI trip, but although looking forward to it immensely, have doubts that it will happen. Next booked (true) cruise is not until September 2021.
  10. Not received the email or September newsletter 🤷‍♀️😔 in addition my Captains Club shows August as being my most recent newsletter! Out of interest, has anyone else in the UK received this?
  11. We were offered that choice, so I decided to take a refund for the cruise itself but the 125% for the bookings. However, I ended up being refunded for both 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️.
  12. We did both in one trip, whilst staying in Porto. I had a look back at both cities to see which was ‘best’. If Braga includes Bom Jesus Sanctuary, then this is a good trip - I am not sure that either place on their own would fill one whole day trip to make it worthwhile.
  13. Fourmenco: there are various ships around the UK at present. The Fred Olsen ships are berthed in the Firth of Forth, Scotland, Cunard ships are seen off the Norfolk coast. Some ships are at Dover -P&O and possibly Viking. There are also ships at Tilbury (CMV which has gone bust) and Portsmouth. This is just from various news reports. As someone said, a maritime app would give you the full picture. The ship, The World, is docked at one of the harbours in Devon, I believe ‘riding’ out Covid. Needless to say, no residents are on board.
  14. It’s amazing what we will do in lieu of cruising. We are looking forward to our stay at Warner’s in Bembridge ( many thanks Britboys for your offer of info), and have a Norfolk hotel booked for a couple of nights. I am sad to say we have ‘succumbed’ to a stay at Butlins - because it is our Grandson’s first holiday 😂. We had other trips with him (and his parents) but all got cancelled because of Covid. Luckily we booked November 2021 as his first cruise (Britannia / Caribbean) so that trip should be OK 🤞
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