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  1. I was interested in this thread as we have booked a suite on the Britannia for a Caribbean cruise in December 2021. One of the reasons is that various family members will also be travelling in inside cabins, and I thought it would be good to have the space where we could meet, and allow my grandson who will be almost two, somewhere to have a little pool and daylight to play around in. We have been on Britannia before (a short cruise), though usually cruise on the premium lines, though not in suites. We liked Britannia and so hope the suite will be a pleasant experience, though like all cruises, it is really what you make of it.
  2. I received a full refund for my 1st April cruise. However for my 21st April one, I am still waiting the refund of my cruise fare, ~£3,500, they have refunded me some money - taxes, on board purchases and pre-paid grats which was a couple of weeks ago now.
  3. The issue is that it depends on who that person is. We know the elderly / people with underlying medical conditions and BAME people are more vulnerable. Like many viruses, people are often contagious before they start displaying symptoms, and the antigen test (if the cruise companies go as far as testing) may not be sufficiently sensitive to detect it.
  4. I thought this article about the Caribbean Islands and the effect of Covid 19 very interesting. It makes you think that it must be a difficult decision between tourism bringing in money and keeping their population safe.
  5. We are booked on the 31st October Mexico cruise! 🤷‍♀️
  6. There were pictures of some UK staff arriving back at Heathrow- Celebrity chartered a plane to bring them home, rather than sail them, which originally was going to be an option. I believe they were taken off in Miami after vigorous testing, then taken straight to the tarmac and onto the plane. Needless to say once back here, the pictures showed them being met and hugged by family, and then able to make their own way home!
  7. On another post on cc, the same point was raised. One person suggested the suites would be filled as that would bring in money! Then the higher paying cabins. As you say it is a fine line for the cruise companies, the cruises need to generate money but if the cruise companies claim that over 55% of people took FCCs, then that is a lot of cabins and a lot of people, that as you say, they would be wise not to upset, but that want to sail using their FCC.
  8. I monitor the one for our sailing but at the moment it is used as a chat room for a few cruisers, and as such for once I have not signed in, despite being usually very involved in the roll calls.
  9. It’s usually the other way round- released on the US site and ours the next day. It is interesting the lack of Bahamas or Australia ones, perhaps they are going to try limited sailings with some?
  10. From what I can see, July sailings affected are for Alaska, Bermuda, Caribbean , Europe, Galapagos.
  11. It is on the U.K. site, with the list of sailings affected.
  12. It seems that for some people on here, the payment is made to the TA, who then pay X. In these case, X would not know the credit card details for that person. This may be the case here, especially as the TA says it may be 90 days after they have received the refund, before they will pass it onto the client. margo2011 - I would suggest that in future you use a TA who pays X directly. You can tell this from your cc statement. If the payment has gone to your TA rather than directly to X (which is generally the case), then you are using one that ‘cashes’ your payment first. If your cc statement shows payment to X, that is what most TAs do, and X will refund back to you although all discussions re payment, still go through thevTA.
  13. Not necessarily, I am still waiting a refund for an April 21st sailing, and applied for my refund on line as soon as I was notified 🤷‍♀️
  14. Possibly collecting crew from the Apex?
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