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  1. Most of our U.K. cruises are vaccinated adults only - passengers though. It seems that some / most are unlikely to be able to have all their crew vaccinated 🤷‍♀️. A few (Celebrity being one) are accepting under 18’s with a negative PCR, since they are not able to receive a vaccination in the U.K.
  2. MSC accept a negative PCR and do not require vaccinations I believe.
  3. Viking and RCI (not sure if all ships) have PCR testing facilities on board now.
  4. I remember that one well, we were also on that cruise. We certainly made the best of it 👍😂
  5. If you need medical treatment on board, you need insurance to cover this. The assumption is that U.K. travel is on land and therefore medical treatment is done by the NHS but on board a cruise ship you will be charged for any medical services on board.
  6. Thank you for sharing this information across the various forums, I find it very helpful.
  7. You would be surprised just how little space a biological safety cabinet and a set of PCR machines takes up! It all depends on how the cruise companies view the issue. For example transatlantic crossings could not take place as a test needs to be within 72 hours. This would impact the very popular sailings from Southampton to the Caribbean. As you say, it will most likely boil down to finances, but the revenue lost from that one sailing will more than equip and staff a lab across a number of ships.
  8. Ships can do PCR testing on board, one of the cruise companies has already set it up but can’t remember which one 🤦‍♀️. Just googled - it is Viking that has this on board facility testing saliva. Also looks like RCI can too
  9. Not Celebrity, but apparently Princess had their second busiest booking day in the U.K. when the Seacation cruises opened for booking. It would be interesting to see how Celebrity fare in the U.K. at present.
  10. That’s a good point about the ship going into port rather than someone be helicoptered off. Having visited a ships doctor because of a bad ear after snorkelling once, my bill came to almost £150 for the consultation and 7 days antibiotics. I dread to think of the cost of serious medical attention.
  11. If you are taken ill whilst on holiday in the U.K. (on land), the NHS will take care of you. Most policies, annual and single do not cover you for medical treatment on board ship. This is the issue at present. It seems an airlift off a ship appears to be ‘OK’ in that the coast guard or whoever is carrying out the airlift, is not an issue as these are usually done free of charge.
  12. That is ok for ships that are currently in that area of the world and will then be sailing over to the U.K.,e.g. Celebrity Apex and Silhouette will be sailing over from Barbados. I thought all the P&O ships were in British waters and so the crew would have to join them here. It could be that other Carnival ships currently overseas could bring crew over for those ships here. I’m not sure where the Regal and Sky Princess are at present.
  13. I presumed the crew would mostly join the ship in Barbados. Apex and Silhouette are there now, but I am not sure where Millenium is.
  14. I wondered this, but also thought that the ship would most likely have to document it’s sailing manifest in advance. I wonder how much leeway they have in deciding where to cruise. Diverting due to bad weather makes sense and does happen, so deviations can be done but whether allowed ‘to follow the sun’ is another matter 🤷‍♀️. Following the sun departing from the U.K. would almost invariably mean travelling south to get the really warm weather. Or does it mean just moving around the U.K. coastline to where it is sunniest?
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