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  1. We did the Princess 50th anniversary sailing on the Pacific Princess which had all the stars of the Loveboat onboard. We also visited most of the ports, except Acapulco. It was a really memorable cruise 😊
  2. We were on the cruise with Lorna. As she said Viking did nothing to celebrate crossing the equator, was not even mentioned over the tannoy system that we were crossing it, nor any certificate. I took this picture on my phone using Google maps.
  3. Hi Lorna We have done the Kkra falls but not with Viking. As others have said, to get the full ‘experience’ it is quite a walk down to the falls but generally easy with broad walks as shown. There are a couple of places where it can be a bit dodgy! The falls are now viewed from a distance, you can no longer paddle/ swim in the water 😞. They are beautiful. Again as has been said, the walk back to the meeting place is shorter in time but involves a lot more short, sharp uphill (steps) than going down. I think you can go back the way you come down but due to time constraints it may not be feasible. Croatia is a beautiful place, there are so many wonderful places to visit.
  4. I have never had an email telling me my points total. I only ever know if I sign into my account.
  5. It differs between Ocean and River cruises.
  6. They have cancelled the Jerusalem pre trip stay for those on the Nile cruises and have rearranged flights direct to Cairo. All cruise ships have rescheduled their Israel ports, when is the first Viking cruise due to visit?
  7. We use Hotel Olimpia which is just by Pizzale Roma very convenient for the train station, Vaporetto station and aerobus for the airport. Only one bridge to cross with luggage. Great places to eat in walking distance and lovely to wander through the streets to St. Marks. We have stayed here 3 times, it is our ‘go to’ hotel. Offer a lovely breakfast which you can eat in the garden behind the hotel or inside.
  8. Yes but some agencies do not pay the cruise companies as soon as you pay the agencies! Some well known ones here in the U.K. ask for the balance ahead of the time when the cruise companies would but then don’t pay them until much nearer the departure date - obviously an agreement they have. However when cruises were being cancelled during Covid, because our balance was being held by the agency we waited far longer to get our money back than we would if we had paid direct to the cruise company.
  9. We live in the U.K. but visited Liverpool a couple of years ago. We stayed at a hotel in the Albert Docks and parked the car in the shopping centre for the 3 days we were there. Worked out about £20 per day. It was ~ 7 min walk from the car park to the hotel.
  10. We were already mixing cruises - Celebrity and other lines. Our last Celebrity cruise was just OK which isn’t good enough for the prices they charge. This was before the new President started implementing her changes. Considering what we can get on other cruise lines, Celebrity is no longer a major player in our eyes. Price is not the only consideration, itinerary is important to us and we have exhausted most of the Celebrity ones that appeal to us, apart from the Galapagos.
  11. We had Damian as our cruise director on our last Viking cruise, I agree he was very talented and an excellent cruise director.
  12. So glad to hear you managed to escape the U.K. on Monday with all the flight problems. Have a great cruise?
  13. You can get a taxi from the terminal building into Bruge. If you get the train, the city itself is ~15 mins walk from Bruge train station. Since the taxis take 4, we asked another couple at the terminal if they wanted to share the taxi into town, so we split the fare
  14. We usually have the SS package but on our last cruise decided against it. We found our bar bill was nowhere near the price of the SS package for the two of us!
  15. Even booking your own flights does not guarantee plain sailing (or flying in this case). We have booked flights ourselves for San Juan using BA, but unfortunately the BA flight out was hit with a flood from the upper deck which could not be repaired. By the time they got another aircraft, we were so delayed we missed our connection in Miami. Give BA their due, when we got to Miami they bussed us to Fort Lauderdale to catch a flight to San Juan, as that one left a lot earlier than the one from Miami. We arrived in San Juan at 4 am instead of 10pm the day before - luckily still with time to spare for our 1pm ship boarding.
  16. We also sail Celebrity but love Viking for the small ship experience - ~900 passengers, nowhere ever fills crowded, can always get a seat virtually anywhere when you want one. Two specialty restaurants included, a shore excursion included ( though beware often a coach sightseeing tour), drinks with lunch and dinner - we have bought a silver silver package on some trips and not on others. Rooms are spacious, free Nordic spa, afternoon tea in the Wintergarden is not to be missed. World cafe (aka the buffet) is very good and has many of the items on offer in the Resturant (lobster is not limited unlike Celebrity 😂). We are doing less Celebrity and more Viking cruises this year and next.
  17. Not a shell door but On Celebrity E class ships you step directly off the Magic Carpet onto the tender, no steps down to the tender.
  18. We have flown LHR to San Juan a few times. No direct flights. This year we picked up a Viking cruise from San Juan and speaking to people there were a variety of flights booked. We did LHR to Dallas Fort Worth, then San Juan, whilst other people were booked LHR to Miami, then San Juan. I vaguely remember there being a direct flight from Dublin. Travelling out wasn’t particularly onerous as it is a daytime flight. I think we had 3-4 hours layover at Dallas Fort Worth. We always choose a minimum of 3 hours in case of delays etc. We boarded the ship at midnight.
  19. Not sure which ships have that contraption 🤷‍♀️, I have only ever been on ones that have a similar set up to Viking
  20. The excursions are priced in sterling for U.K. passengers so no currency conversion for those. Any reminder gets converted to dollars for on board spend.
  21. They had one on our Infinity sailing in April, though cannot remember which Spanish port it was, possibly Valencia.
  22. We could go up to the top deck but the bar was not open until boarding time I think. Food was also provided then on the top deck. They gave us a drink or two whilst we waited in the lounge - orange juice or water. We did leave our luggage on the ship and went up to the port entrance and wandered around the town for a bit. We were wary of doing this but in fact felt fine and not unsafe. The South African couple had a meal in the port terminal which had some shops, bars and restaurants. We were one of the last group to leave Viking and Iberostar were very accommodating of our early arrival.
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