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  1. I expect (certainly hope) medical care is prioritized based on the urgency of the medical issue, not class of cabin. Medical team would likely only go to a passenger if medically necessary. The only difference in service in retreat should be what you paid for - larger cabin, access to Luminae, retreat lounge, etc.
  2. Thanks again all. The ship spends the next 2 days cruising in the Arctic circle, so I guessing there's plenty of time and daylight to wait a bit if we are late.
  3. Thanks all - just very odd that they are scheduling an excursion that they know will result in a late time. I figured most excursions that got back late were due to traffic or some other condition that just occurred during the excursion not something planned in advance😁. Oh well - I guess it is what it is, and we'll just go with the flow.
  4. @TeearaThanks for the detailed write up! I will check out your videos when you post. There is not a similar tour to that right now, but I will check back - maybe they will add some others since we are still almost a year away. As of now, I think we'll do the Panama City + locks. It does not mention lunch, but "snacks on the bus" - so I am picturing a horrible boxed lunch of some sort 🤣
  5. There is also some ointment called Icy Hot - or maybe something similar if you are not in the US. It is a menthol cream that heats up when you use it. THis is the same brand that makes the patches someone else referred to in an earlier post. The patches are nice since they have no scent. You can see the whole range of products here - Our Products | Icy Hot® Pain Relief Products
  6. I just got a notice of a time change for a shore excursion. I have not been on a ship's shore excursion before (usually DIY or do a 3rd party), but in the port we are visiting - that was pretty much the only option. The time of the excursion was moved to 3:30 PM. It is a 3.5 hour excursion. Ship is in port until 7PM. This means the excursion is ending at 7PM. This is also a tender port. I'm just wondering how this is even possible if we are supposed to be back on board 30 minutes before sail away? I tried calling to move to the earlier time for the excursion, which IS available (at 1:15). But, being Celebrity, was told we could only cancel and pay prevailing prices (which is about $200 more). I did ask about the timing and was told it is fine, so guessing it is - just wondering why/how? Maybe there's a schedule change for the ship coming and we are just not informed yet? If anyone has had similar - where the excursion ends at the same time as sail away is set - how did that work? Did they cut down excursion time to align with sail away or was it just done in advance of a port time change? THANKS!
  7. You will have a fantastic trip! Galapagos is such a unique place!!
  8. You could use obc on Flora for a very small gift shop, a glamping experience or a massage. That's it. Very few people did glamping because of the weather, but the ones that did say they liked it. I think it was about $300???? A massage was popular. That was around$75. Gift shop had hats and t shirts. I would say no real benefit to book onboard if there is no discount on deposit or cruise.
  9. Thank you both! @BillB48 and @Turtles06 for the input. I think they may have reversed the order. Here is a description. I think we may do this one. It looks like the bus is 1 hour 15 minutes to get to Panama City, so not too horrible. Watch closely as the rich history, dynamic culture, and engineering prowess of Panama comes alive on a full-day tour that includes a stroll through Panama City and a stop at the world famous Panama Canal. Begin the day with a panoramic drive to bustling Panama City, the first European city established on the Pacific Coast of the Americas. As you pass cosmopolitan cityscapes and old Panamanian ruins, you’ll listen to the region’s expansive history from your guide. Hop off the bus and embark on a walking tour through the Casco Viejo historic district, across narrow cobblestone pathways and past stunning Spanish colonial edifices. Here you’ll admire wrought-iron balconies, roam plazas, view 300-year-old churches, and hear the rhythm of Latin music. Then enjoy an up-close glimpse of the Panama Canal, considered the world’s greatest shortcut. With a visit to the Agua Clara Locks (Expansion Center), you’ll learn the history and construction process behind this feat of engineering.
  10. This last option should actually be I did see one tour that went first on a walking tour of old town Panama City then back to Agua Clara Locks (not Mira Flores). So the walking tour part is appealing, but again, long bus ride - not sure it is worth it?????
  11. We are on Celebrity Summit April 2025 and will be in Colon the day prior to our full transit of the canal. Really struggling with what to do on that day. I realize there is not much to do in Colon, and have seen that it is not really safe to venture out solo in town. Looks like options are a tour of the locks on land (either Mira Flores and / or Aqua Clara), a Monkey Island tour or a Gatun Lake Eco Tour or an Arial Tram tour. Tram does not get good reviews. Monkey Island or Lake sounds interesting, but wondering how much different the locks are from land versus what we will get on the transit? The thought of being on a bus for 7 hours is not appealing, so if the tour is just a drive by on a bus with a quick stop at the locks visitor center - then that would be a no. Has anyone done both the land based lock tours and one of the lake tour or monkey island tour? (realize you don't actually go to an island, just cruise around in a boat). What would you suggest if you had to do it again / why? I did see one tour that went first on a walking tour of old town Panama City then back to Mira Flores Locks. So the walking tour part is appealing, but again, long bus ride - not sure it is worth it????? Don't want to stay on ship all day
  12. yes, aware I can do this. thanks. guess I should have phrased it better - as in need to figure out which hotel since I am not so familiar with where to stay, and want to avoid being in the midst of a bunch of drunk kids throwing up in hotel hallways 😁
  13. Thanks. I was not aware of the festival. The cruise departs on April 17, which is a Thursday. I think I will go ahead and book something since we may still have some spring breaks that fall a week before Easter. I think there's a hotel called Riverside that seems to be a place spring breakers would avoid. I'm not sure what you mean? I am just wanting to understand if spring break is happening, I will avoid a peak area for the beach? I'm going to book now, and refundable - so not sure what you are asking?
  14. We have a departure out of Port Everglades in mid April 2025. Does spring break run into mid April? I know peak is March. Just trying to think how early I may need to book a hotel, and if that is still spring break for some - I would want to book farther away from the beach areas. Thanks all!
  15. Thanks for taking us skiing in your journey. It has really made me look forward even more to our trip next year. I think the only difference is Mazatlan instead of Puerto Vallarta and departing from Ft Lauderdale instead of Miami. I think I will reserve that Dora your you mentioned. Thanks again!!!
  16. We saved a certificate from an equator crossing. We are doing the Panama canal full transit next April and if we get certificates, I will save them. 😁
  17. This is exactly what I think a lot of people should be doing more of. And I like how you phrase 'complain' in quotes, because often it's not complaining, but pointing out an issue and how it could be resolved to your satisfaction. If staff is not aware of something or not given a chance to correct, they cannot improve. If given a chance and they correct, then yes, reward them
  18. Yes - it is a hike. I think I am the rare minority that likes the distance - I actually really like to walk - but it's always good to point out that it IS a long walk as most people either don't care for it or want to be aware in case it is an issue. It seems especially long if you just forgot one thing in the room. You don't realize how big that ship is until you have to go from one end to the other constantly. 🤣
  19. I would also like to add about the tub / shower combo on sky suites on Apex - for someone that uses a wheelchair - it could be a challenge. It is an actual tub, so be aware of that. It would require stepping up and into the tub. You may want to consider selecting a handicap accessible room if that is available to make it easier. Your butler will bring blankets to use while sitting on the balcony. I've had an aft sky suite on the Apex, and it is a really nice large balcony. Aft is indeed very far from everything if mobility is an issue. I am actually about to go on the Apex in a sky suite on a B2B in the Fjords this July - a 12 night followed by a 7 night. If you would like any specific photos or have something specific I can find out for you, please let me know.
  20. This looks so exciting. We will be doing this next April on the Summit, but it sails out of FLL. Your posts are making me look Forward to it even more! Thanks for sharing!!
  21. If they have a good price I book. I've had awful experience and no problems with them. One thing I like... I can book really early business class and often get a good deal. I can put this on hold and not pay until final payment. I can watch airline until final payment and buy direct from the airlines if I choose and cancel the flight by celebrity one. If I don't get a better deal by final payment, I still have the flight.
  22. Usually the blank spaces are some sort of crew / storage areas / mechanical areas. A great tool is cruise deck plans website, with the deck drag tool. You can use that and see that the cabins you are looking at are actually really below the ocean view cafe not the blank space, but that blank space may be over your balcony??? It is probably some area that is mechanical or something for the cafe. Celebrity Edge Deck-Drag (cruisedeckplans.com)
  23. You are incorrectly assuming that those of us who HAVE had problems do not know what we are doing. Just because you have not had an issue does not mean that those of us who have had issues do not know what we are doing.
  24. Go for it! You will look fantastic, and will likely have many people tell you so! (and who would not want that)
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