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  1. If they offer club class on your flights it is worth the splurge!
  2. Air Transit is a Canadian based airline with a separate division that sells fly and cruise packages . ( They don’t sell cruises only). When I booked the package with them for Caribbean cruise the additional luggage was factored in and listed on my edocs. Did your travel agent book cruise directly with Celebrity or Air Transat Vacations?
  3. I have enjoyed roll calls/meet and mingles in the past for the info and organized private tours and a couple of activities on board like a sail away party or slot poll. Different story on my Nov 2018 cruise as there were 2 overly aggressive roll call members who had to do things their way and their opinions were the only ones that mattered . Totally wrecked the nice MSC Divina Meet and Mingle party the staff hosted. I notice ( at least for my Nov roll call) people are signing up for meet and mingle but not participating in the roll call forum. Could be because there is an eager beaver trying to organize literally 3 group activities each day.
  4. Hey Mike- for $11 more you may want to consider Bernard’s Tours. Lots of highlights as well as venturing thru the French side and a stop at Maho Beach to watch the planes fly over. Worth the drive to the French side and Simpson Bay to see the remnants of the hurricane destruction. https://www.bernardstours.com/
  5. Mlbdude- thanks for the update. If the $8 limit still holds I will be calling MSC and cancelling my Classic upgrade for my Nov 29 Divina cruise.Not going to pay $360 ( for 2) for an upgrade of nothing. I was also planning on booking another MSC cruise for 2019 but this half ass beverage package switching incompetent handling means I will sailing with another cruise line
  6. Take a look at post #27 & #29 in this string from "Cruiseguyinorl". Bret is a pretty reliable source. Heis a travel agent and seems to have decent contacts at MSC
  7. Bret, thanks for the update. I am still confused on the “ booked any other drink package will still get that drink package.” I purchased the classic package for my Divina cruise in a couple weeks that had max price points . Ie cocktails under x dollars. The drink prices have now risen above the “x” $. Does that mean my selection is more limited or are they going to ignore the new prices?
  8. Whatever the call center says, I would recommend asking them to send an email to confirm and take the email with you onboard. My experience is the call center agents are not always aligned with Guest Services on policies and Guest Services hands are tied without head office intervening.
  9. MSC website says drink packages can be added or removed (refunded) up to 4 days prior to sailing. If the Classic package is no longer being honoured or the choices have been reduced I will cancel it.
  10. I think the drink package is listed your cabin card so no biggie for bartenders to determine what qualifies. I will find out for sure when I board Divina in a couple weeks.
  11. Easy Package should be renamed the "Measly Package". One kind of draught or bottled beer whoop-de-do. No room mini-bar on premium package either
  12. I think everyone needs to wait and see what MSC officially posts instead of worrying about worse case scenerios. My bet is they will increase the max $ of drink allowed in the package. ie more revenue from non-package customers buying a drink. If it's the worst case scenerio (limit of drinks per day, less selection) just means I will be rethinking which cruise line I go with in 2019. One of the reasons I sailed MSC in the past was because the bev packages costs/selection were reasonable. The 18 bev coupon book was ideal last year as my cabin mate didn't drink. Now we both have to buy the package since the coupon books are gone.
  13. When I sailed Divina last year, half of the casino area was designated non-smoking, however with the air circulation it didn't make that much of a difference. Everything was priced in US dollars. There's no ATM on board . I can't remember being able to use the room card for the slots but maybe they have upgraded the technology.
  14. I thought something was up yesterday when I called MSC and upgraded from Drinks are Us to the Classic Plan for my 10 day Divina cruise later this month. At first I was quoted the $126 and then after he entered it in the system the rep apologized and said "I quoted you the 7 day price and you are sailing 10. It's $18 a day so $180. " Looks like they are moving that model vs charging the same regardless of length of cruise.
  15. Cozumel Taxis- The Cozumel cruiseport where MSC docks has a 2 story mall that you have to walk thru in order to exit the port. There’s signs in the mall and a taxi stand is located at the back exit. They will ask where you are going and direct you to a specific cab. There’s a board at the taxi stand that lists the flat rate to the attractions.
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