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  1. I grew up in Southern Oklahoma where chairs in the shade were considered far more valuable than those in the sun.
  2. We've booked rooms at the Hilton Riverside. I couldn't find any parking deals perhaps because not many cruises sailing now. We're on Breakaway in the Deluxe Owners Suite. Step son and wife have the connecting cabin. We're celebrating out 30th and departure date is our actual anniversary. Any suggestions for dinner? Since two of us have been sleeved, doesn't have to be a lot of food.
  3. One more question: have you ever cruised out of NOLA? We're on Breakaway next March.
  4. Thanks for the information, it answered my questions. I had the sleeve about 18 months ago. My step son and his wife will be travelling with us and she had the sleeve about 10 months ago. I've lost eighty pounds. I'm amazed at how much I used to eat compared to what I eat now. I've found that a dessert plate is about the right size.
  5. Question: How are the serving sizes in the Haven restaurant? I had weight reduction surgery about a year ago. I've found that very small serving sizes are best for me now. A typical dinner entre is about three or four meals for me now.
  6. Very much like the number of people attempting to sneak liquor on board????
  7. That is an explanation of why it is peculiar. I suspect there is more. Think of this way. There is a jar with 4000 red marbles and 1000 blue marbles. What is the probability that one would reach in, take 27 marbles and have only one of them be red. That assumes that any particular has the same chance of being drawn. Close proximity of the crew would affect that. Still, those numbers tell me that cruise lines should focus their efforts heavily on transmissions among the crew and only to a lesser extent upon passenger transmissions. There is another possibility. Where did the crew get their vaccinations? Who did their health testing? How sure are we of that process? For example: when I was in Korea, there was a significant effort to control certain infections in the local areas just off post. Many just bribed the inspectors.
  8. Interestingly, 26 cases were reported in the crew and only one passenger. Also, about 1000 crew and 4000 passengers. I'm too lazy to do the math but there is something peculiar there.
  9. I've two cruises book. Both on NCL and their no-mask an 100% vaccinations are two of the big reasons why I choose NCL.
  10. Sailing at reduced capacity while wearing a mask sounds more like a nightmare than a 'dream'.
  11. How does booking directly give you more control over your reservations?
  12. It's my understanding that whether the lines sail fully vaccinated isn't the issue. The issue is whether the cruise lines can insist on passengers proving their vaccination status.
  13. Good question. First, I get a 'price drop' when I book since my TA discounts the cruise line fare (as published on their website) by 8-10%. Second, if there is a reduction in the published cruise line fare, I can call the TA and she will recalculate the fare. So, I do get both. Or three or however many drops there are. For example: Suppose the cruise line website lists the price of a cruise as $1000. (Nothing particular about that number it's just an easy number to work with. My TA would book that cruise for me at $900. (0.9*$1000). Suppose a price drop happens (my TA doesn't impose a time limit, she will recalculate any time, any number of times prior to Final) and the new published fare is $900 (a $100 drop). My TA would then recalculate the fare as $810 (0.9*$900). In any event, I'm beating the cruise line fare by 10%. I've booked Carnival, Royal, Norwegian, Princess, Celebrity and Holland with the same TA and it's always the same. BTW, there is another reason for using a TA rather than booking direct. Here's an example. I had a Princess cruise and a Celebrity cruises booked both with this TA. I needed to change the bookings, one to Royal and one to Holland. (long story, I don't do this often) If I had booked these cruise directly, I would have to call four cruise lines and spend 'who knows how much time' on hold. All I had to do was place one call to my TA. She cancelled the Princes and the Celebrity cruises and booked the two cruises on Royal and Holland. Took less than 10 minutes and, yes, I received her discount on the two cruises.
  14. My TA would price that cruise at $1162. (eight percent discount).
  15. Why would that be a reason to book direct? Find a TA that discounts. If your TA always ten percent discount/rebate, you've probably received a bigger price reduction than any price drop.
  16. Actually, the perks from using a TA can be significant. My typically discounts/rebates/OBC approximately 9% of the fare charged by the cruise line. My TA is a small, women owned, business who knows her customers. She always returns my calls/emails promptly even when I tell her it's not a priority. I would not use one of the large, online, travel sites to book a cruise. You might as well use the cruise line.
  17. Do you have a brief summary. The Herald doesn't like my ad blocker.
  18. The wearing of masks does bother me to the point that I will not cruise on a ship where masks are required. I am vaccinated.
  19. I can add these. I don't have to wear a mask in my car. I can pack a small goodie bag of snacks, maybe even some coffee and soft drinks. I can get out an stretch my legs as I like. I can stop and eat where I like at any place along the road.
  20. We've driven several times to both Tampa and FLL. It's about fourteen hours to FLL. We drive about ten hours the first day, spend the night, and then drive another four hours to the port. We've done this several times and it works well for us. We have NOLA cruise scheduled which will be about six hours. We also have an Orlando cruise which is about 12 hours. We intend to drive to both. We actually enjoy the time to spend together. It's great to spend the time together just talking. A 14 hour drive is very doable but I would break it up with an over night stay. If you're over eager to get home, you might consider driving home without the overnight which we usually do.
  21. If I had a keurig, I wouldn't have to wait. It would take me all day to eat a triple order of hash browns. I had weight loss surgery about eighteen months ago. I've lost 80 pounds but a single slice of pizza is all I eat now.
  22. Contrary to what you might have read on the internet, they did say that.
  23. My usual routine at home is find my robe, make a cup in my keurig, and turn on the computer. I don't like having to get dressed just to go to Restaurant to fetch coffee. Just throw those expresso coffee makers over board and give me a keurig. I would be quite happy.
  24. Doesn't have to be French Press. I spent 30 years drinking Army Coffee. It doesn't have to be something special. Just regular coffee will do. Having the butler bring the coffee isn't as good a solution as having a Keurig where I can make a fresh cup without waiting on the butler. To be honest, I'll probably just pull on a polo and a pair of shorts and ramble to the Haven Buffet and fetch my own.
  25. The reason given for replacing the test was that the new test was faster and cheaper, not that the old test was somehow deficient.
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