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  1. Typically twelve months in advance for the tours arranged. I have seen them add new tours up until six months in advance.
  2. For those numerous posters here that bought and own NCLH stock, how are the current earnings doing? In the red or black?
  3. The volcano is lovely in the background. I remember it well. A group of us did a great private tour there, and we did indeed have a wonderful German style lunch in one of the villages. Very picturesque area. Indeed.
  4. I seem to remember, when we visited there last year, that it got significantly warmer when we went inland to the waterfalls and the big lake. It was only cool on the ocean. It was cloudy and cool all day in port, but inland the sun was shining and a very pleasant day.
  5. +1 Be specific with your TA. I know of O cruisers that were told by their TA they ( the TA) was paying the gratuities.. What it really meant was they were putting significant funds into their account as OBC to cover the gratuities. After blowing through said OBC, the gratuities still had to actually be paid. Understand clearly what has been offered and provided.
  6. The number of required excursions for the discount is dependent upon the total number of port days on your cruise. For example, it’s a different number if you’re on a 7 day cruise as opposed to a 15 day cruise. I always have my TA book my ship excursions.
  7. A lot of it is the “ Eye of the Beholder “ thing. If I report that I had eight (8) really good meals aboard ship, and two (2) mediocre ones; to the Cheerleaders I’d be a complainer; and to others I’d merely be giving a balanced accurate account..
  8. At the breakfast buffet in Barista, they also had bagels and loxes, a selection of meats and cheeses, along with fresh fruit. Also, during early breakfast hours they were baking items. Not sure how long all this continued because we were always gone off on tours as soon as the ship docked. Therefore, those arriving after 8:00-8:30 may have different experiences.
  9. Coffees (without booze) are always free. We loved the Barista on Vista and it’s food selection. I believe the issue, for some, lies with Mauibabes comments above. There were several people that park there for hours; sipping coffee, visiting with friends, surfing the internet, a one group I remember played cards there most every day. What this meant was that people that just wanted a coffee and a quick bite often didn’t have a place to sit. I realize just broaching the question of: Is the Barista actually an appropriate place for the all day Bridge game?, will start a war on people’s perceived personal rights. Just be aware that some camp out there for hours, so you may either be standing and eating, or taking it back to your cabin.
  10. You’re right! Wellington was the port with the big terminal and where the dogs caught the really ignorant guy trying to take bananas ashore from the ship. This was after Carr, our CD, announced repeatedly not to take any food from the ship ashore. The passenger was eat up with stupid, and the authorities had him instantly. Now I can’t remember which NZ port had the long tender in.
  11. On the Ivista, we found Baristas a wonderful place for breakfast. We later heard it became terribly over crowded. Time will tell!
  12. +1 , ok was laughing when he posted it!
  13. The greatest problem and primary cause lies in the fact that Oceania is horrible in corporate communications. Long been the case. Post Covid, and now with Jr, it seems to be getting worse. If their senior team(s) would honestly and quickly communicate changes and situations as soon as they are recognized, I believe the level of complaints would stabilize so to at least equate with other lines.
  14. I believe there isn’t a rule. It depends upon the port and length of tender. In Wellington,NZ we had something like a 40 minute tender on Marina. Other ports, we’ve had 5 minutes tenders. Different circumstances, different rules. Read your Current or check the “ Port of Call” forum here on CC.
  15. On my upcoming April cruise, I believe I have reasonable expectations for food and services based on my past history. I’ll be a very happy customer if Oceania goes to all the ports they advertised and remains in port as published. FWIW, just got notice that Oceania had cancelled one of our few scheduled ship tours. It was the only tour they offered over 4 hours, in that port, and the only one remaining ashore until 4:00 with a currently scheduled 5:00 departure. Why do I have a feeling we’ll be notified, once aboard, of schedule changes? 😤
  16. Not really. Merely a perception based on new age American standards. Do we need to heap praise on someone that merely does their job, or do we save it for those that go above and beyond? Would one heap praise on a Captain that safely got us to port in the midst of a storm, and or like wise on one that did so on a clear calm day? While I may smile and thank my waiter for delivering my meal, others find it necessary to heap praise and salutation on them for the same act. We’re a country with a lot of students making straight A, while they can barely read or write. Some of us still believe in C, D, and F. To each their own.
  17. The only early arrivals I can recall over my last three Oceania Cruises were into the disembarkment port(s). The ship was so glad to be getting rid of most of us fuel conservation wasn’t considered. Full steam ahead! 😂🙄
  18. There are ports and cruise terminals that will not allow entry until the posted time on ones boarding pass. This is controlled by the port authority, not the ship. Meanwhile, for other locations it doesn’t matter. It all depends upon the port in which one is embarking. Those searching for a one size fits all answer will be lead astray. Your question on this issue should be focused on the actual port in which you are embarking, not a blanket question. Details matter. One should say “ I’m embarking in Papette, or in Athens, do our reserved boarding times matter. You will get hugely different answers depending upon which port you queried.
  19. Here’s a real fact that easily discerned that Oceania well knows. Passengers like me are a small minority of the guests. Take a look at the majority, sometimes only, port tours Oceania offers. Predominantly 2-4 hour tours. Far more passengers are upset if they get back after 2:00 from a tour than if they cut port times. They can still get into port at 10:00, instead of 8:00, do their three hour tour, and be back in the Terrace by 1:15, then a nap. Whether the ship departs at 3:00 or 5:30 matters not to them. Do you never talk to passengers that rarely get off the ship, if ever? They don’t care about skipping ports or cutting port times. We were on the Vista in June in the Med. Thirteen days, 1 sea day. People constantly complaining about lounger hogs. That was on port days, forget about the single sea day. Many either rarely got off the ship, or just briefly if they did. Oceania isn’t completely dumb. They know many; probably a large majority, of their guests could care less about this issue. For we minority that do care, we’ll have to decide our own actions going forward. I expect little variation in operations from Oceania.
  20. A bit of pondering: 1. In a couple months, Oceania will release a new set of cruises, the first big release in a couple of years. These wouldn’t be cruises and times they haven’t been able to sell for two years, but new releases. Grab hold of your shorts when you see the new prices. 2. Whether partially rebuilt or not, those on R ships are on 20+ year old vessels, some of which “were rolled hard and put away wet “ by other lines. I’m guessing at least one of them ( probably Regatta) won’t be on that new cruise release. FDR has already said they aren’t going to keep pouring dollars into those ships. Buyer beware when booking a R ship. Oceania will try to keep it going at a price. 3. A friend just yesterday returned from a NCL cruise ( same company as O). They missed half the ports, and were always given lane excuses. He said never again. I believe this slow steaming, skip ports, reduced port times game is turning customers off. Possible new answer, see #1 above and wait for the new pricing.
  21. For those having not gone to Lisbon, the port runs a shuttle bus from the ship to downtown Lisbon. The drop off spot is a half block from the train station where you can easily and cheaply go to Sintra for the day. You don’t need cabs or expensive bus trips to go there. If Sintra isn’t on your list ( it should be), then you are in the heart of Lisbon with plenty of exploring to do.
  22. Yes! Yes! Plus, that 70-80% have all had the opportunity to get an additional booking long before the Newbies board. This isn’t a difficult concept, except for the few. If one is embarking a ship with a high percentage of newly embarked , then their chances of a first night additional reservation in a Specialty may be high. However, if embarking in a minor port with a low percentage of new embarked, the odds diminish significantly.
  23. One never knows who will be aboard. We did a 17 day HK-Bangkok cruise on Nautica back in 17 I think. There were more Germans, Austrians, and Swiss combined than Americans or Brits. According to those passengers, Oceania had done a huge sale in their countries , for a few cruises, to attract more 1st time Oceania customers. The prices they quoted were very impressive and I the sale obviously worked ! We in the States never saw any offers like that. All this to say, one never knows what the passenger mix will be.
  24. Crew has a bar in their break area. I’m guessing they’re limited on how much they can drink on any break.
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