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  1. +1. We have never had problems getting either half portions or appetizer portions of any requested dish. In the PG, they do have a Princess cut of the prime rib that isn’t on the menu. It’s typically 5-6 Oz. They do not have a 1 or 2 Oz cut however. If the waste bothers you, order something different. The petite filet mignon is maybe 3 Oz.
  2. This question pertains only to the GDR. The rotation is on an appropriate continuous 14 cycle. On Embarkment one never knows which day of that cycle they are on. Really doesn’t matter because for them, it’s Day 1 and they won’t see a repeat for a couple weeks. The Specialties never change the menus. Only variant is an occasional fresh fish. The Terrace has a changing menu with different buffet themes thrown in.
  3. The final product will be interesting. Looking at the brochures many of the common area chairs and couches look as if they are designed for Lord of the Rings Halflings ( Hobbits). I’d have to get on my hands and knees to get in our out of them. This is already an issue with the new Next design on the R ships. Seems to be magnified on the Vista. I’ll find out in June of 23! Hope all those computer graphics aren’t real life.
  4. Here’s a generally accepted fact; with wine, or other alcoholic lubricants, typically comes free spirited conversation with your fellow table mates. The rate of food consumption slows down as the vivacious talk increases. The main focus of dining isn’t how quickly can the meal be consumed. Some of us enjoy that. It sounds as if the OP wants nothing to do with that scenario. Simply said, Eat and get out. I still therefore believe dining alone is their best option for happiness.
  5. It has been repeatedly posted here to DIY Biz Air. That is what we always do. No argument from me on that strategy. We have a cruise, and adjacent land tour, booked on the Vista for next June. Some of you have bookings aboard her as early as next April . Airfare is now purchasable for our cruise and those before us. We have ff miles, but would prefer to save them for a couple Asian rim cruises booked later on. Threads are full of new ships not making delivery due to manpower and supply chain issues. Canceling and changing airfare is a pain with all the rules. So the question is, what are my fellow Vista booked passengers doing? A leap of faith and buying those Biz Class tickets, or waiting and watching for more concrete news from Oceania? If the latter, how long will you wait and what will motivate the action? Your thoughts are appreciated. Current Biz Class airfare isn’t cheap and we hate to move rashly.
  6. Like LHT28, I have never witnessed the scenario you described, but feel from your comments you’d be far happier getting a two top and eating alone.
  7. You can order half portions of whatever you like. We do it frequently in the Specialties.
  8. For Oceania Newbies this is an important lesson. Oceania schedules many of their shore tours to return to ship at 2:00-2:30. Most all of those returning fellow passengers are looking to eat, with many missing the Terrace open hours.This will leave the masses all descending upon Waves thereafter. If one has chosen the self city tour and taken advantage of an O ( or port) shuttle, I recommend a completely different strategy. We will often choose a charming cafe in town so to eat local specialties and imbibe in local adult beverages of choice. This totally avoids the mayhem and situations described in earlier post above, while pleasantly watching people and the world go interestingly bye. Then, just take a later bus back to the ship. Lots of options await you on your cruise. Rushing back to the ship is typically the least preferred by us.
  9. Travel Agents reward their Clients in many fashions.Some like FF only want to sit down and agree upon cash rebates after a Cruise. Some of us are likewise happy when our TA comps our Privee reservations and our Dom Perignon La Reserve evening. Claims that one is better than another is simply a matter of opinion.
  10. I didn’t find it in your earlier posts. At what capacity or with how many other passengers are you cruising? We enjoy the GDR, but on full ships I’ve never seen 1hour dining there.
  11. Old Jet Lag. Part of the problem overall, if you see it as a problem that way. Arrive in port City from the overnight flight, then want to go to bed at 8:00. Awake at 3:30-4:00. Where’s the coffee. Next night back to bed again early, pre 9:00. 4:30, where’s the coffee. Some never change their schedule for the entire cruise. Staying awake for a 9:15 show? Forget about it. Oh! But this absolutely incredible flutist with the golden flute! Forget about it, beddie bye time.
  12. As I said, we as of yet not sailed them. Friends have done both European and Japanese sailings with them and rave. Their past Japanese itineraries have been superior to those of Oceania. That is where we may focus in the future.
  13. Doubtful that will be on a luncheon menu.
  14. Let me first agree with you. We were told by the OCA aboard ship in either 2018 or 19, when the Vista was first introduced, that Jacques would not be included and Barrista was going to be reimagined. So far the only thing she may have, tbd, been incorrect on was the reimagining of the PG which probably needs it the most. This change has been in the works for 4 or more years. Oceania is predominately a North American ( U.S. & Canada)line. Many of those prefer their food simple and boardline bland. I have given up the fight. Almost always, the best food we have on a cruise is not aboard ship, but ashore at lunch or dinner during the rare late departures. That’s not a knock on Oceania food, it just means they can’t compete against local specialties prepared with local fresh ingredients and spices. Jacques is very Americanized French, but not nearly as much so Americanized as the other restaurants. One of the things I enjoy most with one of the other lines is their nightly inclusions of local produce, ingredients, and most importantly menus from the countries visited. There are no highly Americanized Indian buffets in the middle of the Baltic or Adriatic. I didn’t pay to sail to Vietnam to eat American Italian food . Others disagree heartedly. A group of us ate in an incredible restaurant in Saigon, also in Hue. I’m guessing that Embers will be just another American restaurant catering to people wanting American food. It will probably be popular. I’ll hopefully see in Jun 2023.
  15. We haven’t sailed them, but friends love Tauck. We don’t choose to pay for the level of service that line provides, but they have wonderful ships, some great itineraries, and impeccable service. A totally different aspect of sailing versus Oceania.
  16. Interesting! 🥂 If accurate, it will be interesting to see what the lunch menu includes. Certainly not the full evening menu. The watermelon salad and a nice sushi or sashimi selection there would make for a fantastic lunch! Then nappy Pooh time! 🥂
  17. Sorry about the confusion, not what I meant. I believe they do require the fee. My intention was to imply that the decision to not book early ( and then pay the required fee) results in fewer and quite regularly poorer options in flight choices.
  18. Therein lies part of your problem. Aboard ship, those passengers in top suites do get special considerations. Outside of that there is no class differentiation on Oceania. Your treatment is exactly the same as others receive outside the cabin. There is no First Class. Trieste is not a large airport, so your claim of walking a half mile away from the airport is questionable. Fwiw, we always use the bathrooms and ensure we have water for personal use before exiting an airport. Hopefully, the bus will have water for passengers, but it’s never guaranteed. Your tour experience is unfortunate. Personally, I would have found shade long before two hours. Things are tough right now in Europe as in the U.S.. This summer, we had a tour bus show up 45 minutes late for our tour. The driver, who was also the branch manager, begged our foregiveness. Seems the assigned driver had called in and quit that morning leaving them jumping through hoops to get the bus out. Things are certainly a mess right now.
  19. Sports jackets are never required. You will find that the majority of us do wear them to La Reserve, Privee, and occasionally at Jacques and the other Specialties. As an example, at our last La Reserve Dom Perignon dinner aboard the Marina, I believe 10 of the twelve gentlemen in attendance wore jackets. Some follow minimum standards and never wear them at all. Others wear them to certain venues. Your call.
  20. It’s to be ticketed. A different set of long rules, but one can be booked but not ticketed. Then , depending upon airline status, one may or may not be able to do things like seat assignments. Also, until ticketed, all itinerary changes go through the booking intermediary ( O) not the passengers. Once one pays in full they can request for the reservations be ticketed.
  21. This is mostly correct, just the beginning is off base. For simplicity and without a 23 step explanation, think of these bulk rate discount tickets the same as Frequent Flyer seats. The availability of seats on a plane for ff awards or bulk rate tickets is fixed by the airlines for any routing. Having available seats and having available ff or bulk rate seats are two different issues. This means there are X number of seats available on that non stop ORD-FCO ( for example) flight. Like ff mileage seats, they are first come. What do think happens when Princess, Carnival, and O all have ships going out of Rome? Those nice non stops go quickly. Add to that if one chooses to not pay the deviation fee and book at 270 days out, and wait until O books at 45-75 days out, you get whatever is leftover and available on whichever planes and routing O can piece together.
  22. My TA booked us in ona Feb 27th sailing on the Marina in S. A. What we have in common is 1. We both have reservations; 2. As FF constantly laments, our TA held our hands and did it for us instead of DIY.
  23. As Lyn has pointed out, Oceania has a long history of poor customer communications. Proof reading of executive communications is also considered optional with them. I see this as no different than with all the DIYers calling 1-800 and getting multiple answers to the same question. It is what is it is. Hopefully one knows a week before the actual cruise. Until then, have a drink and chill. Most people enjoy the food! 🥂
  24. Also it must be added that the requested food must come from the same kitchen. Since PG and Toscana share a kitchen, items from both menus can be requested. RG and Jacques have individual kitchens and requests can not be mixed and matched from those kitchens. What a Butler will do varies quite a bit. I believe one time each on both an O ship and a R, our Butler said they could/would not serve on our PH balcony. He would do set up inside, and we could take whatever we wished out, but he wouldn’t set up or serve there. We never asked again. Don’t know if that universal across all Butlers and suites or just PH. Maybe a gaint OS gets different considerations, or not.
  25. We’ll it depends! As a routine the ship’s band often plays for 30-45 minutes pre show in the Lounge. The music varies. However, I have been on cruises were individuals talked to the CD, and the band played music for ballroom dancing. Some nights a rather large group would be participating. I think the secret is to talk to the CD.
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