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  1. End Strife. Lady Arwen wrote the problem in the OP. The most often cause of dissension on the Princess board is the dress question on "formal" nights. Princess must take a stand to end strife. Either make dining casual or a formal requirement like Cunard. But don't put ambiguity on vacationing passengers. Saving seats in the theater or at the pools? Too bad people these days cannot be counted on the do the right thing when asked. This is why we have rules. Princess placates a few jerks and makes the rest unhappy. True, there are not enough seats in the theaters on the newer ships. That
  2. I sincerely hope that your excursion adventure in Mexico was not missed due to the CD's thoughtless comment. It would be interesting to know the context. For example, in context that a woman walking alone off the ship might feel intimidated. You spent a lot of time and money to travel halfway around the world from England and (on some itineraries) make only one stop in Mexico, a rich experience of language, history and culture. Ensenada was a playground of John Wayne and Al Capone, also the birthplace of the Margarita.
  3. No, but you'll want to. Remember that you will have spent 5 sea days sailing back from Hawaii. And it's not like you're just beginning your cruise, filled with anticipation and getting used to the ship. Let's just say you'll have time to pack. Like many west coasters, we've done this cruise several times. Consider taking the Casino, winery and shopping excursion, offered through Princess.
  4. Ombud, I remember you are keeping track of the disposition of older ships. The Satoshi, formerly Regal Princess and Pacific Dawn has left Panama for Malta, then said to be bound for Alang.
  5. The longer the cruise, the fewer kids. You left out which cruise you would be on. Princess lists five on the Sky in that time period. The one 7 day, there will be a good number. The two 14 days not many. The two 21 day, very few if any. Obviously, there is some overlap, but you can look into that. Princess does not market to kids so compared to other lines, less. If kids bother you, consider Saga.
  6. The only rating that matters is the rating you give them. Each cruise line caters to a demographic. Where do you fit in? Which line sails where you want to go, or embarks from a convenient port near your home? Which line's CC posters make you want to have chat with them over dinner? For ratings, find Berlitz's "Cruising and Cruise Ships." There is a 2020 edition.
  7. Happy Birthday Eric. Wishing you a birthday cruise next year.
  8. Had three lost bookings. I'll use the example of the Sun, since it matches your situation. The Sun got sold and our cruise left in the air. Even though the cruise got taken off Princess website, the FCD was still tied to the cruise. I called a couple times, feeling forgotten about, and was reassured it would happen. Tried to book another and was told would have to come up with additional deposit. After roughly three months, I looked at our Princess credit page one day, for some reason, and discovered it had been funded. No notification from Princess. The FCD still showed as linked to th
  9. "Magic Pipe" refers to an oil/water separator bypass on Princess ships 5 years ago that allowed bilge water to go untreated into the ocean. Princess paid a US$40 mil. fine. There's a Wiki page on it if you want more.
  10. Hey CineGraphic. Always enjoy your posts. Hope someone chimes in with direct experience, but no more interiors or aft for us. Vibration in aft cabins, Steward closet noise from 5 AM, and night-time working in space behind the walls can ruin your sleep. Why risk it? We think the bargain on Royal class ships are L101-106 (DW.) Not much more $ than inside on our sailing. Metal instead of glass on the balcony partially obstructs view and it's requested to keep balcony door closed at sea.
  11. Perhaps, but mtnlvr53's question specified an Alaskan cruise. Skywalker's was removed from the Grand years ago. In the chill of Alaska, we found Skywalker's is the place to be for sightseeing. The Grand's One5 was an afterthought with little viewing. To each their own, but the Sapphire's Skywalker lounge would make my choice. As you mention Princess food and service is very consistent ship to ship and not an issue.
  12. Article here dealing with this topic here, but uses RCL for examples. https://cruzely.com/can-i-get-off-a-cruise-early-in-another-port/ Consider this won't be a US Point of departure. There is a name for this request with Princess, but I can't recall it. Give them a ring.
  13. If you read related threads here, posters here consider Princess and Celebrity pretty close. But with the changes over the past year for both lines, and still unknowns to come, our suggestions might be moot. Won't pitch one line or the other, but it would help us if you would help us if you would post what is important to you, food, ports, shows... ? Princess's Hawaii RT is out of San Pedro. Los Angeles International airport is nearby. Princess does not use Miami, but nearby Ft. Lauderdale for the Panama Canal. We have done this cruise on both lines. Princess has more daytime
  14. Saga Cruises will also require completion of the vaccine. Don't know about elsewhere, but here locally, "proof" of vaccination is a white card with handwriting. This could be easily forged. Wonder how this will work?
  15. Read just a few posts on the "Cruising with/without a mask," thread here in the Princess section. Nine pages and 221 posts as of this AM. Not taking sides, but there is a wide disagreement among posters, presumably also loyal Princess customers. Deniers, anti-vaxers, masks, no masks and statistic mis-quoters. These will be your fellow Princess passengers. Will mandated regulations affect much? Only when everyone adheres to them and you know the answer to that. Perhaps overly cynical, but remember back when Norovirus was our biggest concern, we saw too many shun hand sanitizing at the Hori
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