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  1. Sorry for the large text in my previous post. I copied and pasted it from a note as I was having issues posting on CC and by the time I realized it was too late to edit.
  2. We too are onboard. Boarding was a breeze even though our Princess.com and Medallion Class accounts are messed up. Upon boarding we went straight to Customer Services as instructed by Security to get a new medallion for my husband. We were helped by the very lovely Marina who remembered us from our Alaska cruise as we had the same medallion issues back in August. While DH was being helped I called the dine line to get on the list for the Chefs Table and am happy to report that there is at least one Chefs Table this sailing and we are on it. DH took the opportunity to ask Marina if there was any chance of an upgrade and lucky for us the request was granted. We went from a standard balcony a mini suite, same deck better location. DH’s medallion has been working fine since getting things sorted at boarding, although we did have a funny incident yesterday. DH had gone out to a hot tub and ordered a beer at the same time I was trying to locate him. His location on the app showed him at customer services, when I got there he wasn’t there but there was a waiter with a beer looking for someone with the same first name of DH. So asked if it was DH he was looking for and of course it was. I was able to eventually get hold of DH via messenger to let him know I had his beer. For some reason there was another new medallion at customer services. We had been told that this sailing has about 1500 guests, Kevin the CD mentioned last night we are at 55% of capacity. We’re in Cabo today and we started the day with latte’s ordered through the app. They were delivered to our cabin in record time. DH had an issue once again with his medallion boarding the tender so we will visit the lovely Marina in customer services later today. Marina was on the tender with us so knows already knows there is an issue.
  3. Almond milk was available at the IC on our Alaska cruise in August.
  4. Sounds just like our evening entertainment. Enjoy your cruise and congratulations on your retirement and 30 years of marriage!
  5. We did the Rapid Antigen test at CVS Minute Clinic for our Alaska cruise. We were not charged, however, they did take our insurance information and it was billed to and covered by our insurance.
  6. Upon completion of our Alaska cruise we purchased the BinaxNOW self tests to take at home for our own peace of mind, one of the two tests in the box did not work which makes me reluctant to purchase the supervised tests unless I buy at least one extra.
  7. Sadly his moose Karen and a younger moose were killed by a male brown bear earlier this year. https://www.chilkatvalleynews.com/story/2021/05/13/news/bear-kills-two-tamed-moose/14891.html
  8. I agree. We were in E409 for our Alaska cruise. The only issue we had were some loud talkers on the Promenade deck while in Glacier Bay.
  9. We had not pre-booked, we tried to book once we were on the ship.
  10. For those asking about masks. You have to wear them while walking around, in the casino, retail stores, while getting food in the buffet, while waiting in line to be seated in a dining room or restaurant, in line at the IC, at the customer service desk, shore excursions desk and while seated in the Princess Theater, Princess Live etc and maybe a couple of other instances that I’m not aware of. If you are seated, eating or drinking in most other locations we have found that you do not need to wear them.
  11. Captain Dino is now on vacation, Captain Tony Draper has taken over.
  12. Ultimate Balcony dinner is not available on these cruises 😢I believe that anyone that pre-booked will get a refund and a complimentary dinner at a specialty restaurant, although I cannot confirm the complimentary part.
  13. We took the rapid antigen test through CVS Minute Clinic, they took a picture of our insurance card. We didn’t pay anything at the time although it wouldn’t surprise me if they bill our insurance. We were called approx 40 minutes after the test with the result. It was also available on CVS My Chart. A text was also received with a link to a pdf which I printed and showed at check-in.
  14. Today is the first day that those of us boarding the beautiful Majestic Princess on Sunday could get a Covid test, so thought it would be a good idea to start this thread now. After the panic subsided when we first found out that a negative test was required to board the ship I was able to get appointments for a Rapid Antigen, medically supervised self test with CVS/Minute Clinic just a couple of miles from home. There was no charge for the test, although I'm sure our insurance will be billed for it. My DH and I both tested negative and received a phone call with the result approximately 40 long minutes after taking it. Now just waiting to receive an email with the result to provide when boarding. I hope that others on our roll call will post their experiences and answer questions where possible.
  15. I'm sorry this happened to your friend, however, it could have been worse had she taken the test today and driven to Seattle. The earliest you can take the test for the Sunday's sailing of the Majestic Princess is tomorrow, Thursday.
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