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  1. is morningstar beach by the marriott still an option for a nice beach day?
  2. hoping some people will answer your question.... we stop here in nov!
  3. we cruise in nov 2021 and look forward to people posting info on this port!
  4. I am hoping we can use some of our obc in the casino in november on Allure. I will try doing what Ken said. Do you set up the account with your seapass at the machine when you plug seapass in or at guest services or with casino cashier or at boarding? confused about that part.... thanks for any input!
  5. our area has pretty much been back to normal for a long time now......cant remember the last time i wore a mask! Thank goodness. Yes, we have been vaccinated since feb of this year.
  6. i knew they could go in during the day but was not aware they could go in during happy hour- maybe that has changed?
  7. I didnt realize they allowed kids that arent drinking age into the dl/sl during happy hour....... Can the vouchers be used for smoothies at vitality spa?
  8. It has been a while since we cruised and actually enjoyed the dl (its been too crowded the last few) so maybe they dont have a tip jar/ champagne bucket or whatever any more......?? Will hopefully get to see on Allure in November.....fingers crossed!
  9. we would put $ in the tip jar as we left the dl - the last 2 cruises it was so crowded we walked in and walked back out.....
  10. the time I am referring to that the agency would not allow me to use my points for dollars off, i was able to get royal caribbean to do it but royal went to the agency to confirm thats what they would allow me to use my points for and the agency declined.......hope you are successful getting your dollars off! things may have changed from that unfortunate time i had to now- it has been many years ago
  11. I booked thru a big book ta once and they would not allow me to use points for a discount- I switched to a ta friend who will allow me to use the portal to apply my points for dollars off
  12. Thank you all for your input! We booked harmony may 8 2022. I will watch price drops until this sailing runs out of junior suites to price check against 😉
  13. mine says 60% off guest 2 nrd, save more nrd, kicker nrd and fcc ( a little less than 1/2 my fcc has been applied thus far)
  14. when i try a ghost booking, im not given the option to plug in c and a # , state where we live, age or any of those factors.....
  15. wow- i guess it shows im not keeping up with all the changes going on- i have never had issue in the past getting the balcony discount- i plan to call c and a in a day or so to see what they say
  16. i was trying to decide between cruises and i finally chose one- asked the ta to book it the next day and the rate went up $300 between me finding the cruise and booking it like a day later- so i went to check rates a couple days after booking and the rate had dropped back down by $300-
  17. she did not tell me the name of the special- i have never heard of the d+ balcony discount not working with a special rate
  18. My ta booked a 2022 cruise for me this week. Crown and Anchor told her I cant use my diamond plus balcony discount with this rate. Is this a new thing or did my ta just speak to someone who doesnt know what they are talking about? any input greatly appreciated!
  19. i have been looking for a 2022 cruise to use up fcc dollars- over night prices on the 5 or so sailings i was looking at went up $200 a cabin- might want to book now and watch prices for a price drop?
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