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  1. For the February 21th cruise out of Miami, the hotel will be the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables. Was hoping for the RItz Carlton but oh well. At least it appears to be close to the airport and the cruise terminal...
  2. After looking over the list of new cruises (everything looked to be either on the Explorer or Voyager), we decided to book the "Rum, Roseau & Relaxation" (who comes up with these names?...) cruise headed in and out of Miami on the Explorer starting Feb 21st. It won't take the place of our cancelled Tokyo to Tokyo cruise but still can't wait to get back out!
  3. Thanks all for your input/ideas! I definitely have some decisions to make. But I have a question for you GOARMY: I will be staying in Concierge class so will be flying in a day early (and also will do the post-cruise excursion with Regent.) So if I book my own air, am I still eligible for the Regent transfers? (I didn't think so but it sounded like you we able to take advantage of this even though you booked your own air.) For me this isn't a total deal breaker in that the price of Singapore Air (Business Class no less) is still significantly less expensive than the Regent air credit. (Haven't checked yet but I am pretty sure I can cover the transfers with the savings even if I have to go to Narita rather than Haneda.) And the two experiences I have had flying SQ were pretty amazing. Just need to weigh the pros and cons of possibly getting grounded pre-cruise in LA or stranded in Tokyo. (I can think of worse places to be sure...) 365 days (from today) and counting... RK
  4. Hopefully this is the right place to post this question to the collective wisdom of this board. First, a little background: My wife and I are booked for the Tokyo to Tokyo cruise in March 2022. (It really isn't that far off now; I was informed I could actually start booking shore excursions starting tomorrow so this cruise is starting to get real!) Anyway, Regent offers a $5.5K credit if one books their own air. I live in SoCal so LAX is our gateway of choice and after doing a quick search of the Chase Reserve travel site, it looks like I can get a $4.2K round trip business class flight on Singapore Air. (I double-checked on the Singapore Air site and there is an even cheaper fare if I choose to make the flight non-refundable.) So for those who are experienced using the Regent air service, what are the advantages? But at what price point/savings is Regent air package perhaps not an advantage? And maybe for those who have been to Japan to cruise on Regent (I have not), is it better to fly into Narita (where Singapore Air does) or Haneda (where AA does and what I assume would be the carrier that Regent would use. As a personal preference, for a business class trip, give me Singapore Air over AA any day but this is me.) TIA! RK
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