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  1. We avoid deck 8 because of pool and lido. We try to pick a cabin sandwiched between decks with cabins. We have had connected cabins and only once was there a problem. We were onboard for 42 days and only 7 were a problem with LOUD folks next door. We knew all sbout their marriage problems, their kid ‘s issues, how much they disliked Americans (we are 🤣), what they liked or disliked about the food …. You get the just - they were LOUD. We were very glad when they departed! Just be sure you look above and below - oh and we have never had elevator noises either.
  2. Yes, they are happy to accommodate that as the other posters have stated -But there have been a lot of changes recently so be sure and consult an up to date brochure before purchasing.
  3. I hate it. Already voiced my opinion with HAL. My 30 day voyage is 78 pages and my 35 day voyage is 50 something and will grow as we add activities. I like to print a copy to leave with housesitter, family and for our on use onboard. It’s impossible to do so without buying multiple ink cartridges! Give me the old printable version!!
  4. Occasionally. Especially on early bookings when a cruise first comes out.
  5. It will be on your room key if you have set dining. We always go check ours out.
  6. Champagne - no. Sparking something- yes.
  7. I know they have Tito’s (Texas girl) and Skyy, Stoli and Gray Goose..
  8. The Pinnacle is open everyday for breakfast and will ‘match’ the dinning room hours. Yes, there was a bottle of some bubbly stuff in the ice bucket. It’s definitely not champagne. The hours were always posted but not the same and imo they have always closed too early. The conceirge is generally excellent. But then we’ve had a few that were not…..
  9. They have a small area next to the liquor area. Don’t count in choices and be prepared to pay premium prices. It’s hit or miss.
  10. We do too! Second group bought at much lower rate in 2021.
  11. Yes. I bought mine when it was almost $60. per share…..but every time I cruise I get 100 to 250 OBC.
  12. Yes, Jim is west coast. You will have to speak with a supervisor to get moved but it’s pretty simple. JPicicci@Hollandamerica.com
  13. You should be given an ‘intransit’ card and may leave when the ship is cleared. When reboarding you will need that card and your ship card to reboard- there will be signs that says intransit guests. There will be an all aboard time just like any port and you must be onboard by then. Since it’s less than 30 days, you should not have to do the muster thing again - however last time we did this, we had to let the muster drill info run on tv before it would unlock. Amsterdam is a great city to visit on a turnaround day.
  14. It’s really a port thing. The cruise port and the air port. If the ship is quickly cleared and you walk off with your luggage, get to the train station immediately and get to the airport…. Then there is the security at Schiphol which can be nightmare inducing…. Personally, I wouldn’t do it. But you might make it.
  15. Our PCC was wonderful and we had been with him for years. He left HAL for a year and in that year we had THREE different PCC - like a revolving door. I discovered that Jim Picicci had returned! Called had to speak to a couple of people and got reassigned to Jim. He immediately called me thanking me for seeking him out. I highly recommend him.
  16. 1. It depends… our early booking included Drink Package, WiFi, ShoreExc credit, OBC, Specialty Dining and Tips for 3 cruises but on another it included Shore Exc Credit, Specialty Dining, Drink Package. 2. For that sailing we had an Aft facing cabin and absolutely loved it. We could see the bridge and opera house from our balcony. 3. Absolutely. If you are flying that far, see more!
  17. I am allergic to peanuts. They are fantastic about all allergies in the MDR. I would caution you to be very careful when dining in the Lido and in speciality restaurants. Let the manager know in the Lido every time. And if you go to a speciality restaurant tell everybody. Onetime the info wasn’t passed on to the kitchen and I got peanuts. Not pretty.
  18. No catch. You do have to pay port fees. They go fast.
  19. We have used flight ease many times - almost all international with the flex fare only. We have never had the cost go up and paid at final payment with our cruise fare. The only bad experiences we have had were in London Heathrow and our British Air flight was cancelled due to air controller strike in France. We got ZERO help from HAL’s flight ease. No one answered the ‘emergency’ 24 hour numbers except for a recording giving ‘office hours’ and to call back then. Fortunately, we had AA status and were in the British Air coshare lounge and a very nice gentleman named Kevin helped us rebook. The second time we were late arriving in London so our seats were cancelled on our booked flights - I completely bypassed HAL and rebooked in the lounge. Flight ease pricing can be great - just don’t count on their ‘support’.
  20. They usually have happy hour everyday except embarkation day. Generally between 4 - 5 pm in several bars which will be listed in the daily program and sometimes one of the bars will have a late happy hour around 9 pm and again will be listed in the program on board.
  21. Sadly it has not been available after our TA’s on Rotterdam for the last few years. I thought it might be because of customs but it was not available in FLL even when we went through customs in NYC first. We were really hoping it would be as we love luggage direct and use it whenever available!
  22. We had it on Noordam last year. It was delicious but very messy. The berry dessert was just ok but I was extremely full. No lobster. Salmon, clams, shrimp and crab with potatoes in broth. I don’t think there was corn or if there was, it was not on the cob but maybe in the broth? It was a nice change from MDR.
  23. Volendam is one of HAL’s oldest ships. It is not going to have the most up to date stabilizers. I would not book a long trip on it before ‘trying’ the ship on a short cruise. We prefer at smallest the vista class ships - Noordam, Westerdam, Zuiderdam and Oosterdam but even those do not have the advanced systems that the signature and the newest pinnacle class ships do.
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