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  1. Yes they do. They were opened up a couple years ago after all the complaints of not having them.
  2. OH! Another thread on this topic.....how many is that now.....😲
  3. Since it is a 4 day cruise out of Los Angeles, a stop in the Bahamas wouldn't even be possible.....
  4. I'm booked on a 4 day out of LA in December too. Maybe we'll be on the same one! (San Diego is a stop) I'm still hopeful it will happen. If it doesn't, that is ok too but I sure could use a vacation, even a short one!
  5. Did you see my message I posted a couple weeks ago (quoted here)? About the email that asked us if we wanted to continue receiving emails? I clicked yes.
  6. I've received at least 7 emails from Princess since 1 May.
  7. About a month ago, I received an email from Princess saying if I wanted to continue receiving their emails with the same frequency, to click the button. Otherwise, they would limit the emails to about once a month. I clicked and get about 4 or 5 a week.
  8. I've always had to sign for my glasses of wine in the MDR. No where else though.
  9. Yes! I remember seeing them just didnt realize they had recipes on them. I'll definitely inquire. If the cruise happens, it will be on the Caribbean Princess which has my favorite Crooners location and configuration.
  10. I didn't realize those cards had recipes on them. My next cruise is "supposed" to be early June. If it happens, I'll have to see if I can get some!
  11. Love Chairman of the Board! I'm not sure if I've had the new version though.
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