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  1. Great write up! The Caribbean Princess is my favorite ship! I cruise solo most of the time. How did you find out about the low single supplement? I've never come across one.
  2. YAY!! I'm going to give it a few more days or so before I call to do the add-on in hopes they have all the questions worked out by then
  3. That is what I was hoping but cruise fares are quoted per person also yet solos have to pay for two so I was dubious.
  4. I've scoured that thread already and asked about how it works for solo travelers (whether they have to pay double or not) but no one has responded and I couldn't find any other mention about how it was handled for solos except your response.
  5. Great news! Did you call Princess directly or work with a TA?
  6. I did read through this entire post and the links but didn't notice anything about singles and the add-ons. I always have to pay double fare, but I wonder if I'd have to pay double for the add-ons too.
  7. As soon as you get on board, go to the pursers desk and ask to get on the list. I did the ship tour on the Crown and loved it!
  8. I send out my day wear items nearly every day of my cruises. I haven't had a problem with any of my clothes shrinking. I also include my lacy VS underwear with no problems. I rarely send my cocktail dresses out but I have a few times for cleaning and pressing with no issues. I send out in the morning and they are usually returned the next evening. There have been a few cruises where they have taken a little longer to return but they usually give you a heads up when that might happen.
  9. I'm a woman who has a cabin to herself most of the time. I never feel unsafe (and I have been on a medallion cruise already). I actually like my name on the door because then I know which cabin is MINE! Most cruises, people are having way too much fun on their own to take time out to try to rob (or worse) any one else. And if they really do want to rob (or worse) someone, removing my name from the door is not going to stop them. Or maybe I'm not arrogant enough to think people really care who I am and what room I'm in. In all my different types of travel, I find cruises the safest, especially as a woman traveling solo. Also, no one can actually tell if a 3rd or 4th name is a child and I don't assume it is either because I have seen 3-4 adults in a cabin (something I would never do but to each their own).
  10. Awesome review! I'll be on the Majestic in February. Did you notice if there was a night club on board? I can't figure it out based on deck plans. I'm used to Club 6 or Skywalker on other ships. I sure hope there is a night club!
  11. Hmmm, I was on the Royal in April and mine was black.
  12. When I've booked a cruise before moving up in status, it remained the status I was in when I booked it. A quick call to customer service changed it immediately, but I did need to make the call. Would it have worked itself out on its own? Maybe, but I didn't want to take the chance.
  13. I had this same thing happen to me from the airport. I ended up taking a taxi. Since then, I only take uber/lyft to the airport not from.
  14. I was on the Royal in April. The bartenders told me they changed the policy for drinks over the $12 so you can now just pay the difference. Say a drink was $15 it would cost one of your 15 daily drinks + $3. I did not test it out nor do I know if other ships are following suit.
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