Can I use Locker room showers on Triumph

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I remember reading years back that some people use the Spa showers. I did an obligatory search on this today and do see where someone posted that on the newer ships with Cloud 9 spa that the showers are no longer free but the locker room showers still are ?

Sailing on Triumph in July. 4 people in the room so I got to thinking about the whole "4 people trying to get showered" thing and thought I'd see if I'm able to use the spa or locker room showers on the Triumph if I don't have a Spa room.

Would this be an issue? TIA
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Yes for all ships, as a matter of fact my DH and DS regularly use the gym shower/locker room facilities to get ready for dinner each night so I can have the bathroom in the cabin to myself. It is so easy for the boys to go up to the gym locker room to shower and get ready, plenty of room and typically empty. Makes it very nice for me to be able to use the cabin for getting ready each evening and no one has to wait for anyone else.
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Yes, gym locker rooms can be used. If there is a Cloud 9 Spa with separate locker rooms --Dream, Magic, Breeze all come to mind--you do have to purchase a spa pass or have spa cabin privileges in order to use, but these ships also have gym showers. The Vista, on the other hand, does NOT have two separate sets of showers so you do NOT have to purchase a spa pass to use the locker rooms, but be advised, they are very small.
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That's great news! We're way down on Riviera deck, but that's ok. I can send my DH and DS up to use them, or I have no problem taking myself up to gym showers. That's EXCERCISE so I can eat more during my trip right? LOL

Thanks so much for the quick answers!!
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Originally posted by Drazil65
It is so easy for the boys to go up to the gym locker room to shower and get ready, plenty of room and typically empty. Makes it very nice for me to be able to use the cabin for getting ready each evening and no one has to wait for anyone else.
Easy for you.... The locker room is far from what I would call roomy.

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We did this several years ago and it was perfect.

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looking forward to being in spa cabin and hubby has ability to go shower in gym while i shower in the room
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