Buying vanilla beans in French Polynesia?

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I brought organic vanilla beans vacuum sealed into the US with no problem. I infused them into organic vodka to make vanilla extract. I minced some up very finely and made ice cream with them as well. There was no problem bringing them into the US through California (which has notoriously strict ag laws) and I did of course declare them. I bought two packages with 5-6 whole beans in each for about $20--like I said, they were biologique (organic) so a bit more expensive.

I looked at prices a few places and didn't find much difference. Unless you are buying a huge quantity, the price difference between one place and another will be pennies.
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I know this thread is quite old but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!

Were not going until January 2019 but I like to look up things to buy. When I read about the vanilla beans and where to buy I was quickly making notes in my phone. The Sonoma Vanilla where I live costs about $49.00 a bottle- so I will be buying 1 kilo of the beans. I am sure my sister will want half!! I will also buy the oils and pineapple jams.

Is the plantation name Royal Noni?

I have tried making the vanilla with vanilla beans and vodka (Grey Goose vodka) but it tastes like alcohol with a little vanilla. I put 6 beans in the alcohol. I would not use this in any baking but it might taste good if you flamed it.

Thanks for a great read!