Belize - scuba is back on Carnival website

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Breckenridge, CO
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Originally posted by divinmule
They finally offered the Atolls dive on our cruise. Now they do it with a that is new from our previous times. Glad to have it booked.

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The lunch wasn’t much, mostly fresh fruit, but amazing dives none the less!
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Great outfit for Belize diving. You go directly from gangway onto dive boat. No tender! Boat ride is long and can be rough as they waste no time getting you there. Worth the ride. Labor and costs to provide this excursion is intense, hence the price.
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I know this is older, but for future searchers-
We did the Turneffe Atoll excursion off Carnival Magic in Nov. 2017
The dive op used is Aqua Scuba based in San Pedro. They picked up us at the ship and it was about an hour boat ride to the dive site. Of course this varies for each cruise, but we had 13 divers and 3 DMs, a captain and a deck hand.
There were 2 groups of 6 and the one guy who had arranged for his own DM.
We brought our own gear, but the rental gear looked like it was in good shape, the boat was keep tidy and there was plenty of room. We had fruit and water during the SI, and a Belizean lunch of chicken, rice and beans and pasta salad after.
The diving was okay. We didn't see anything spectacular, but they were nice dives. Best dives we've ever done in Belize ( because they are the only ones LOL)
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We also went with Aqua Scuba. The boat was a bit questionable but serviceable.
The boat for the other two Carnival ships was a bit nicer. The guys were great and I appreciate that they handled the less experienced divers in a separate group from the more experienced. We had 45-55 min dives with lots of life. The lobsters were the most fun that day...they were just everywhere. But also lots of eels...even saw a Golden Moray. Too cool.
They are not fancy...But we would definitely dive with them again.

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