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  1. Who notified you of the cancellation? Celebrity is still accepting bookings for this sailing, and it would be extremely unusual for them to charter a ship only seven months pre-sailing. On top of that, typically if there's a charter, one can find it by entering the ship and sail date. Nothing comes up. Could it be something else? Harris Denver, CO
  2. The other side of "demand" is always "supply". Celebrity has relatively few ships, compared to other lines. It only makes sense they don't just deploy where there is demand, but where they perceive the greatest demand. The fact that Princess is filling a trip very well could be all the reason Celebrity would need to stay out. I've been cruising long enough to see lines seemingly abandon a market, only to have them all flood in, to meet the "pent-up demand", only to pull back out when the multitude of choices drives prices down for all lines. In fact I saw this cycle repeat at least twice in the Mexican Riviera. Harris Denver, CO
  3. Wow! It's common for two people on the same cruise to have different experiences, and that seems to be the case here. I was also in Luminae, and found the food (overall) to be excellent, and was particularly impressed that beef was served at the requested cooking point every time (I always order medium rare). Similarly, I never had unusual waits like you did for appetizers or different courses; even though there were often tables with larger groups dining when I was. Harris Denver, CO
  4. The Constellation was onthe India/Middle East runs, and it's moving to Tampa, Florida. Harris Denver, CO
  5. I'm going to guess your spouse was on the Millennium from Vancouver to Tokyo, Sept. 6 sailing. Although it's listed as a 15 night cruise, they award 16 nights of Captain's Club points (one gets credit for the "missing" date line day. Nice, huh?). Otherwise, as others have noted, since your accounts are linked, you get the points too. Nothing wrong, not a Celebrity IT problem, not a gift horse, just Celebrity erring on the side of good customer service. Harris Denver, CO
  6. http://cosol-tours.com/tours.htmlhttps://www.westsidescuba.com/I haven't been to Nevis or St. Barts, I have nothing for you there. I would rank the other three as Dominica a STRONG first. Since the hurricane, many great dive operators have closed. However, Nature Island Divers does a great job. They provide port pick-up and return, and are really friendly people. The diving there never disappoints. The dive shop is connected to a sort of restaurant and hotel in Soufriere, which is about a 25 minute drive from the port. I wouldn't say the beach was amazing, but if you want a relaxing day away from the ship's crowd you may want to join your husband. (http://natureislanddive.dm/) Barbados and St. Lucia are both great, but quite different one from the other. I guess I'd call them a tie, although if I had to pick, I'd choose Barbados. In Barbados, you want West Side Scuba Centre. They have the advantage for you of being located at the Boatyard Beach, which has a full service beach resort, so you could easily combine diving and a beach day there. The dives to do in Barbados are several really fun wreck dives, with the crown jewel being the Stavron Ikita. Peter and Heather Grannum as West Side are fantastic people, and again provide port pick-up and return. (https://www.westsidescuba.com/) St. Lucia has excellent reef dives, with quite amazing topography. There are several impressive pinnacles. Another nice thing here is the dive boat picks up at the same dock the cruise ships tie up at, so it's easy-peasy. The boat ride from the port to the dive sites is probably a $100.00 excursion if you book it through the ship 🙂 You get to travel the coast until you're int he shadow of the pinnacles. I've had the best luck with Eastern Caribbean Divers. ( http://www.easterncaribbeandivingstlucia.com/index.html ) If you want a fun land tour in St. Lucia, contact Cosol tours, and book their all day island tour. Pay the relatively small amount extra, and get the private van, you can have up to six people, and it's a much nicer experience. You go literally everywhere, including the volcano and mud baths, and you'll go to the beach, where you can go snorkeling if you like. Ask for Livingston to be your guide. (http://cosol-tours.com/tours.html ) Harris Denver, CO
  7. I think the charging of the 20%, and then issuing a corresponding OBC may simply be a way to do what they've always done, but differently, likely to comply wit an advertising regulation. Here's why: When the beverage package is advertised for sale, it's always listed at a given price. For example the Classic package is listed at $59.00 per day. However, it's not possible to buy it at that price, because there is a 20% gratuity added, bringing the total to $70.80 per day. It strikes me as likely that - perhaps in the EU, where requirements about transparency in pricing advertising are different - it may have become necessary to break out the price and service charge (gratuity amount), even when the perk is being bundled in. Then, to prevent an issue, Celebrity can charge the service charge, then counter it with a corresponding on-board credit, which seems to be what's going on, especially given post 9 on this thread. I'm seeing this as similar to what's long happened on sailings from the UK, where instead of having per drink prices broken down as the price plus a gratuity, they simply raised the price by 20%, and deleted the gratuity. Harris Denver, CO
  8. I read the lyrics to the song. Every word references "Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. Now, I'm not oblivious to the time in which it was written, and was popular. However, there is nothing in the song that is inherently referencing illegal drug use. Like many songs that people associate that way, it is the listener's perception. In this case, it seems clear that Celebrity is looking for the "Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland" fantasy world that Eden is supposed to evoke. I've not yet sailed on Edge, so some (OK most) of this is lost on me. However, it's a HUGE leap to conclude that Celebrity is somehow espousing the use of illegal drugs. However, if this commercial makes someone so uncomfortable they don't want to cruise Celebrity, that's what I would recommend. Harris Denver, CO White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small And the ones that mother gives you, don't do anything at all Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're going to fall Tell 'em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call And call Alice, when she was just small When the men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go And you've just had some kind of mushroom, and your mind is moving low Go ask Alice, I think she'll know When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead And the white knight is talking backwards And the red queen's off with her head Remember what the dormouse said Feed your head, feed your head Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Grace Wing Slick White Rabbit lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
  9. I'll be there. Harris Denver, CO
  10. Take the JR Orange line from Shinjuku to Tokyo Station. Then either the bullet train to Shin Yokohama, then the Yokohama line to Sakuragichō Station, which is the closest to the port. Doing this will require a change of trains at Higashi-Kanagawa. Easier than the above is to take the Orange line to Tokyo Station, then take the outbound Narita Express from Tokyo to Yokohama (Note that Shin Yokohama and Yokohama are two completely different stations). Once you're at Yokohama station, you could either take the train one station to Sakuragichō, but it would be about the same to just take a cab from Yokohama station to the port. Harris Denver, CO
  11. The issue there is that typically conditions are best early in the day, So I'm not sure anyone will be able to help. However, The large shops tend to run big boats, so it's almost certain they won't be able to work with you. I would suggest giving Maui Diving a call at (808) 667-0633. If anyone could help they could, eith directly, or putting you in touch with someone who could. Harris Denver, CO
  12. The flyer for the promo Said it expired on Sept. 2. However, they sold me one for the $50.00 off yesterday, and I suspect that will continue. The best price I could find on Amazon was $309.00, but then one would pay tax, and I don't have any OBC on Amazon 🙂 On Millennium then had only the Hero7 Black, not the Silver, but I wanted the Black anyhow. Harris Denver, CO
  13. While it's not yet available on the Reflection cruise we've been talking about, here is the Excursion I was referring to. The code "CO26" is the easiest way for the staff to find it if you call the Captain's Club by phone pre-trip. Hopefully it will be added to your cruise's excursion selection. Harris Denver, CO Colón, Panama Board a local ferry and venture into the Panama Canal to experience the unforgettable sensation of crossing between two oceans in one day. Cruise through the Culebra Cut, the biggest structural challenge of the canal. Feel the waters slowly rise and fall as your captain navigates the massive lock system. Spend your day inspired by one of the greatest engineering feats in history. CO26 ACTIVITY LEVEL Mild duration 8 hours Activity Type Advisements Most tour departures complement the ship's meal service hours. A meal will be served during this excursion. For guests who use collapsible wheelchairs or scooters. Guests must transfer from their wheelchair or scooter to board the motorcoach, usually 2 or 3 steps. Guests should be self-sufficient. If assistance is required, guests should travel with a companion. Starting From $169 USD ADULT PRICE $119 USD CHILD PRICE Excursion Highlights Navigate through the incredible lock system of the Panama Canal by ferry. Admire Panama's many manmade treasures, including the Bridge of the Americas. Insider Tips Important Notes This tour includes a lunch buffet served onboard the ferry. Guests receive a commemorative certificate for participating on the Panama Canal Transit. The Panama Canal tour and its final duration is subject to change as per confirmation with the Panama Canal Authorities. In case needed, the tour can be operated in a different way by transiting only one of the sets of locks. Please be advised that there may be a substantial delay at the pier while awaiting the required Panama Canal Pilots to arrive. Although the planned arrival time of the pilots is reconfirmed, their actual arrival time may vary and is beyond the control of Celebrity Cruises. Your understanding and patience is appreciated. What To Bring SeaPass card and photo identification Camera Sun protection Cash/credit cards Insect repellent What To Wear Walking shoes Hat and sunglasses
  14. I'm so happy to hear you had a great time. Hopefully "I told you so" doesn't sound bad in this case. 🙂 I forgot to mention the emailed photos from Jeffrey. They are always a nice bonus; doubly so since you now have photos of your first dive. Thanks! Harris Denver, CO
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