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  1. Caribbean Bonus Non-Refundable Deposit Harris Denver, CO
  2. Of note is there is a difference between the "Surf" package, that comes with the Always Included booking,a nd the "Stream" package, which requires an upgrade. I'm reading peimurphy's answer as indicating he had the "Stream" package. Harris
  3. Exactly. In essence you agreed to forfeit your cash refund when you opted to increase it's value by 25%. That decision was your using the cash refund of the first cruise to "purchase" the future cruise certificate with it's increase in value. Now the cancelled cruise has resulted in the return of that credit, not a cash refund, because you did not pay cash for the second cruise, you paid for it (less the $23.00) with the Future Cruise Certificate. Harris Denver, CO
  4. Here's the graphic the Caymanian government issued today (July 8, 2021), which indicates they're not envisioning a return of cruise travel until January 27, 2022. Harris Denver, CO
  5. Alas, this is a very valid point. We have a large classified diving program (For divers with disabilities) at our shop, and we've had to continually re-plan scheduled trips to the Cayman Islands. Consequently I've been paying close attention, and unfortunately November doesn't look good. Our December trip there is currently so tenuous we're advising people not to book air yet,a nd the Cayman government has made statements indicating cruise visits will be later than other forms of tourism to open up. Harris Denver, CO
  6. I'm thrilled I could help. Both Curacao and Aruba will be great places for your first dive trip. With Jeffrey in Aruba, you should be able to dive the Antilla wreck. It's a favorite of mine, but is quite suitable for the new diver, as the bottom there is about 50 feet, so you can enjoy a nice long dive, and really see the whole wreck. It's broken up enough over the decades, that you can see into the ship with no need to do any penetration. There's always lots of sea life there. Curacao you'll like go to the Tugboat/Director's Bay area. This is a great site because you can do as much as you want, and then reverse, so you won't feel like you're having to push things at all. For several years there was an oil drill ship in cold layup there, so it was really unique to be able to dive that close to a large ship. Alas, it's been moved off to the breakers. Nonetheless you'll have great dives, with lots of unique life, and interesting history on the surface as well. I'll be seeing them in October, but please tell Jeffrey and Lisl in Aruba, and Hans and Ken in Curacao I said hello. If you have any questions on your SSI on line materials or anything, please shoot me an email. Harris Denver, CO
  7. You've definitely reached out to the right places for Aruba and Curacao. Jeffrey at Happy Divers can be slow to answer emails sometimes, if you don't hear back from him in a timely fashion, please use the link in my signature to email me, and I'll get him for you. I haven't been to the Dominican Republic, but I'll check who we use for referrals there. I just finished up a class on Monday, and the students are going to the DR for their referral dives, so I should be able to get you a name quickly, followed up by a very current review on their quality within a month or so. Harris Denver, CO
  8. It's not the difficulty or lack thereof. Celebrity is paying the travel agent to act as THEIR agent for all dealings with you the travel agent's customer. They reasonably expect the travel agent to perform all servicing of your booking since they have paid that commission to the agent. The ability to deal directly with the cruise line for every issue is why I forego the various benefits many enjoy by using a travel agent. Harris Denver, CO
  9. Well, send me an email. I’ve got several booked so it’s more likely than you might think. Harris Denver, CO
  10. For Costa Maya, it's easy: Gypsea Divers. You can be assured of a great time, at a very reasonable price, and with people that love what they're doing. Catherine and Abel will make your day in Mahahual memorable. Contact in advance by emailing info@gypseadivers.com. One thing, they don't take credit cards. I find it easy to just PayPal the money a few days before my visit, but you can take cash of course. When you get off the ship, just walk all the way through the port shopping mall, then take a taxi. Tell the cab driver either Gypsea Divers, or the Nacional Beach Club. Tell Catherine that Harris and Rito sent you. She'll probably charge you extra 🙂. Also, Mahahual is still a pretty nice little village. Your wife could sleep in while you dive, then catch up at mid-day. ( http://gypseadivers.com/ ) Belize is an interesting case. If the ship offers an excursion, you may want to do it, because then the dive boat comes to the ship, where you're tendered. It's an unusually long tender ride into Belize City, and then you go back the same way to get to the dive sites. As for Belize City, I had exactly the same thoughts you did, having heard good things about Belize, so I thought Belize City would be nice. It's not. If you don't dive there, please book some excursion. In Cozumel the people I dive with (Aldora) no longer take cruise customers, unless you're a regular customer. There are countless options there, some I like, some I don't. But you should not have any trouble finding something that fits. You definitely wouldn't want to do the ship's excursion there. Use the link in my signature and we can figure out who there would be your best option. In Grand Cayman, I use Off the Wall Divers. Tom there is a great guy. He'll pick-up and return you to the pier (it's a tender port), and typically there are very few on the boat. I hope by November the Cayman Islands are back open, but they've been super-slow to open at all, and even more so to discuss allowing cruise ships to return. ( https://offthewalldiverscayman.com/ ) Harris Denver, CO
  11. I've had to Lift & Shift several cruises, but this was my first time to change to one with a different number of nights. If anything the process was even easier this time. In the past there was a several day wait while the change was processed. This time maybe an hour. Harris Denver, CO
  12. I had to re-book one of the cancelled Infinity sailings, so I used the Lift & Shift. The cruise next year was 14 nights instead of twelve, so when I called they gave me the daily rate, which was added to the current price. It was still significantly less than the advertised price for next year's cruise. Simple and fast. My mother had two of the affected cruises booked. One was the same that I described above, the other was a straight 10-night to 10-night swap. That one was actually less than the cruise she originally had booked, so it was fared at the better price. The whole process was one phone call, and I had all the new confirmations within about an hour. Harris Denver, CO
  13. My experience has been you can order two drinks simultaneously, from the same bar, IF you have both seapass cards. Harris Denver, CO
  14. But then what do you do with your advanced training: 🙂 Harris Denver, CO
  15. I think the reason is they now have to move Millennium to Alaska, as they cannot use Summit there this season. That's why the the first two scheduled canal cruises cancelled, but October 27 is still a "go". Mind you, I agree the Florida law is a problem, but not the problem that created this particular issue. Harris Denver, CO
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