QUESTION: How much weight do you gain per day on a cruise?

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Weston, CT
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Last cruise, I lost 4 pounds. Hit the gym every day; swam in the pool and took the stairs. Had dessert each day (my husband and I shared one) but did have cocktails and wine each day. Mostly ate fish. With the exception of the desert, pretty much the same as we do at home but I don't get to exercise every day.
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I'm fairly active, and stick to the "Cooking Light," or Veggie offerings on Norwegian. I do cheat with Ice Cream for dessert. Don't think that I gained weight, because my clothes still fit.
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Ate what I wanted (which was a LOT more than at home--very calorie-conscious when at home) including desserts and drinks, but also hit the gym, NEVER used the elevators onboard ship, had a cabin at far end of ship, and all excursions were very athletic, so I didn't gain anything. Was prepared for the possibility though, and saved my more loose-fitting clothes for end of cruise.
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I know that the past two cruises I had different results.

In 2000 I was really on a health kick, running 30+ miles a week and actually was able to hit that mark on a 7-day cruise. We also tried to be active around the ship and also on our excursions. I was actually 5 lbs lighter when we got home.

Last years cruise I was off to a good start exercising but that ended after the first day. I figure I gained about 5 lbs once we got home and had a few days of exercise.

I have a very slow natural metabolism and an overly health appetite so I need to exercise a lot to keep weight in check.

This next cruise I hope that I will be able to stay motivated and exercise like I had on the cruise in 2000. Figure to hit my 30 miles all I need is about 45 minutes each day. I am back on that health kick but our cruise is 3 months out so we will see.
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We set out not to gain weight on our cruises. We go to the gym religiously or walk laps on the top deck, play basketball, table tennis, putt putt golf, and climb stairs instead of using the elevator. I wear a pedometer and try for fifteen thousand steps a day, but have reached twenty thousand on the Mariner of the Seas, because it is such a long, long ship.

That said, on our ten day cruise to the Panama Canal on Brilliance of the Seas, I did, in fact, gain weight...five pounds. I think the longer you are on the ship, the harder it becomes to resist the ever present food and drink. Even all the activities we tried didn't help. Plus, for some reason, I became exhausted early on the cruise and developed an energy deficit I couldn't erase. I had to nap every day just to drag around.

While our goal is to not gain, it would be hard to actualy LOSE weight on a cruise. I really envy those above who said they did lose weight. It took me six weeks after the Panama cruise to kick off that five pound weight gain.
northern Maine
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When I sail for the first time 10 years ago I gained 5 pounds in a week. When I sail the 2nd time this past Jan. I actually came home 1/2 pound lighter then when I left home. I ate and I ate all that wonderful food, even having more than 1 appetizer every night, BUT the Carnival Glory is a HUGE ship and I walked and walked on it running from one activity to another at different ends of the ship, took shore excursions with lots of walking and quite often we took the stairs instead of the elevators. Elevators were only used when we were going up more than 3 or 4 decks. Believe me I was tired and slept very well at night!

Kathy in Maine
That one particular harbour
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We were on Mariner of the Seas last October and I ate everything in sight. I weighed myself on the same scale before and after getting on the boat, and I put on 5 pounds.

Once I got back home, I dropped those five pounds almost immediately because I quit drinking Coke/Pepsi/soda/pop/cola/whatever-you-call-it-where-you-live the summer before the cruise, drank all the Sprite Royal Caribbean would pour into my cup during the cruise and then quit again once we got home.

You don't think about it, but a 24 oz. bottle of soda has about 300 calories--empty calories at that!--so cutting out the 3 bottles of Pepsi/Sierra Mist/Coke that I used to drink and replacing it with water really helped me drop some pounds without any other changes in my lifestyle or eating habits.

It also helped that I tried to walk two miles around the jogging track every day, I took the steps instead of the elevator whenever possible and did a lot of walking when we were in port.

I was expecting to put on a little more weight for the cruise, but I'm happy that I stayed about the same.
Brooklyn, NY
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I recently posted that last year I lost two pounds on the 7 day Paradise cruise. Well i just came back form the 7 day Glory western cruise and unfortunately i hd different results: i gained 3 lbs. Amazingly I didn't notice while I was on the cruise, in fact i thought that i was losing weight but when i came home reality hit...i guess all the midnight pizzas got to me after all
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OK - I am on vacation so I eat and drink what I want. I never gained any weight on our cruises but just felt puffy... water retention when I fly. We do so much walking on those excursions and on the ship I think it cancels out the extra calories I consume. I will have to say that we went to Jamaica this year for a 5 day AI resort and I gained about 7 lbs. in 6 days. We just ate, drank and spent all day on the loungers on the beach. No excersize at all. Next cruise I plan on using the gym - I want to look great in the new evening dresses!
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We always eat like pigs every minute of our cruise and our weight breaks even at the end. I keep track of my calories everyday at home but have never done that on a cruise. I'm going to try and track them this time just for fun. It has to be at least twice as many as I would normally have. Maybe my activity is twice as much as well?!?!
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Being that I eat too much bread before ordering my meal, drink way too many frozen sweet drinks, and eat too much dessert and danish, I don't wanna know how many calories I truly consume per day on a cruise. Over 3500? Probably, when all is said and done.

I gain a pound per day on a cruise. I always gain 7 pounds on 7-night cruises. It's the bread, the danish, the desserts, the frozen drinks, etc. that do it to me. I don't eat that way at home. I do exercise though, and still gain the weight!

For me, a cruise is not a time to watch what I eat. I only go every other year or so, and I am enjoying myself to the fullest when I go! I don't deprive myself of anything, and when I get home I just go back to eating healthy and the weight comes right off. My husband, on the other hand, gained 5 pounds on his first cruise with us (5-night cruise). We told him that it would come off within a week of coming home. Well he weighed himself a week later and had gained another 5 pounds! I guess he continued to eat the same amount when he came home! He eventually lost it though, and even some more.
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I gain about 5-7 lbs on a 7 night cruise. I'm back down to 115 lbs. about a week of eating normally after a cruise.

I don't worry about what I eat or drink on a cruise, I just enjoy myself. I normally don't exercise, either. It makes me naseous for some reason. I always take the stairs but thats about it.

I normally track my calories and eat about 1800 a day. On a cruise I don't track cals. but I would estimated as high as 6000-8000 cals. Just think every fruity drink is 300-400 cals and that's not even counting any food.

Also, when I'm at home I run 6-10 miles a day a 4 days a week, step classes, kick box, and lift weights. On a cruise I just relax.
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It's about the only time I lose weight (average of about a pound a day) - The dining room serves appropiate sized portions with a variety of foods. They make it easier to eat fruits and veggies rather than junk food. Don't conciously exercise while on a cruise, but we like sightseeing and tend to walk and hike alot so it evens out.
Ewing, NJ
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Originally posted by BluexMoon
Alcohol also makes one retain much water.
Acohol actually dehydrates the body. (That's one reason people complain of 'cotton mouth' the day after drinking themselves under the table.)
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On both my previous cruises, I lost 1 lb. I think it was mostly all the walking - on ship & off. And while I never deprived myself of what I really wanted to eat either time, I really didn't go overboard & drank LOTS of water. I practically always had a mug of ice water with me wherever I went, & a water bottle each time I left the ship.

1st cruise, I wasn't dieting, but we were on a very tight budget - so no frou-frou drinks - just the occasional beer & split a bottle of wine with tablemates at dinner 2x. Of course the free drinks at the captain's cocktail party.

2nd cruise, I was actively watching my diet & ate small portions of mostly healthier items - but ate EVERYTHING I truly wanted, including a few slices of the "to die for" goat cheese pizza. Drank more, tho - Had about 1 beer per day, + some wine at dinner 2x, + the free drinks & appetizers at both the captain's & the past cruiser's parties. So even though I was more active 2nd cruise (gym 2x, + NEVER the elevators, + walking on beaches & excursions, + "shipwalking" for 30+ min several times +++) I know the added alcohol made a difference, too!

Cruising need not be a feeding frenzy!
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I walk briskly 30 minutes every day. I also eat very little meat, but eat tons of fruit and veg, drinks lots of water and almost never eat dessert. Luckily, I detest chocolate so most desserts would gag me anyway.
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Ewing, NJ
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Originally posted by Bookish Angel
I walk briskly 30 minutes every day. I also eat very little meat, but eat tons of fruit and veg, drinks lots of water and almost never eat dessert. Luckily, I detest chocolate so most desserts would gag me anyway.
Have you been to a doctor about that horrible disease...
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